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  1. Just a coach John Fallon was no2
  2. I think your spot on cunny it’s a shame as u say a once in a lifetime game for most players but don’t hold your breath on the blazers seeing it that way.what I would say is if your sent off in the semi final for violent conduct or something then tough shit deal with it
  3. Totally agree safa should be taking the bull by the horns and saying all leagues null and void . Think only central Scottish and Stirling are still trying to finish seasons come on boys wake up and smell the coffee
  4. So if leagues are going null and void you then have boys moving on to new teams for the new season how can you possibly play out the Scottish and west . All leagues must come to the same conclusion in these difficult times
  5. Is that shite I smell or is it what s holding your ears apart
  6. Tell mick to open the black rooster wallet and go astro
  7. Is Gary curry next a wee travel companion
  8. 7 out of 7 for the Burgh good young squad who are totally loyal to the manager so the days of neilston arthurlie etc cherry picking best players are over we hope
  9. Took in the annbank Johnstone Burgh game today boy Mckim has built a nice young team there tried to play football on what can only be described as a coup of a park . Some good banter with annbank fans as well but wish the burgh boys would tell the tit who spouts the rule book to the ref the whole game to stay at home was the wife on a Saturday he would give an askit a sore heed 2-6 at annbank a decent score
  10. Basically took a year out back next season
  11. Club has not folded they have took release of fixture for the rest of the season that’s what you were told today
  12. I’m sure billy will get his tea and cake soon
  13. Time for Jim to get ramie and his big brother in wylieboy
  14. Was at Colville game today in the William hill Scottish cup and was surprised to see that not one executive committee member attended to support there member club . Hold your heads in shame central Scottish AFL
  15. Why does a good player have to get paid
  16. Find that hard to believe fans will pay into rival grounds but not there own if that’s the case then not a true fan forget them and move on . Encourage the youngsters and forget the dinosaurs
  17. And what issues would that be
  18. Played with Elgin last season with my nephew and he is done
  19. What a load of shite u talk for the one guy
  20. Your 100% correct on that tug if you cut joe his blood would be blue and white and Andy has been there 50 years hard to let hat go. I would still be there but health issues forced me to give it up I really hope it works for them
  21. Think u will find club will survive tug maybe not be as successful but will survive
  22. I’m sure the boys will turn it round joe and Andy have done it before they were in a worse position before then they brought in big Gerry they won’t give up that’s for sure
  23. After all that was done for the boys over the years it’s a disgrace the way some of the former players have treated the committee who bent over backwards and more for them only ones who went to Darvel and Chrissy Craig showed any respect towards them
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