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  1. I would have thought that until there are no restrictions on fans attending matches the 3PM ban won't be reinstated, but once those restrictions are lifted it would be back in place. What would then happen is the matches would still be available just delayed as other clubs have done in the past.
  2. You will need a ticket to get in, but you'll be able to get one on the night. We do as a lot of other clubs and have cashless turnstiles, so you buy a ticket from the ticket office, or get one before you travel as I assume we'll send some down to the club.
  3. Yep - 2 games Alloa and Stirling Albion both away, lost both 2-0 if memory serves. Absolute arsehole of a man as evidenced by the hissy fit forkboy mentions.
  4. We were always going to end up going to someone 3 times. The smart money was on us being sent to Dundee for a third time as this involved the least messing around, but they've obviously taken the view to balance the fixtures between those clubs conceivably involved in the relegation mix - which seems fair enough - for once.
  5. It means I'm likely to get a season ticket again, even though I won't make full use of it, so they'll get more money from me than they would otherwise. Others might feel the same.
  6. 1. Easy one that - League Cup Final. 2. Scottish Cup Final, although I did really enjoy seeing Utd losing at Dens to confirm their relegation.
  7. I'm sure I heard on Sportsound the other week that the SPFL announced that the 1st leg would be brought forward and the 2nd leg pushed out to the following mid-week should either one of the play-off final teams be involved in the cup final.
  8. He was at the game last night sitting beside Murdoch, Boyd and Fox.
  9. We don't do draws at home anymore it seems.
  10. But that's the thing he can be a good footballer, the skill is there, but you'll never see it if he takes the huff/chucks it. I have to admit being very surprised at how he has turned out for you guys. Don't get me wrong I fully expected him to take the huff at some point, just not this quickly. I was concerned when you picked him up as if he'd come out of the traps the way he did for us last season, he'd have done very well. But two early red cards, even if one of them was rescinded, seem to have ended any hopes of the form he showed last season (and even in flashes early this season) reappearing.
  11. He had apparently agreed to extend his contract earlier in the season (before Adams was shown the door if I remember correctly). But lately he'd indicated that he didn't want to stay. He can be a bit moody as the Notts County fans warned us about. He hadn't really been the same player since he went AWOL before the Hearts game last year at the start of the split. I reckon he'll do ok for St Mirren to start off with, but as has been said if he isn't feeling loved, he'll take the huff and then will only occasionally turn in a good performance.
  12. donaldo


    Off to see Rich Robinson tonight at the ABC, can't wait.
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