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  1. Used to love & now despise? Or vice versa?
  2. Hate to disagree with Gen Nonces best poster, but Gavin & Stacey is exactly why British comedy is better than US comedy. It didn't try too hard for laughs, certainly in series one.
  3. Just drop the "Great" and replace with "Shite". I think that would work.
  4. Ok, fair enough. Soz. I just can't imagine being a mannequin in a safety wear company is a good career choice.
  5. Whilst I disagree with family killing, in what way is using shite as toothpaste dirty or depraved?
  6. I'm not as good at dancing, although looks are similar tbf.
  7. On the back of that, I'll say. James Corden - Gavin & Stacy was a thing of beauty IMO, he's now just a self important trumped up tit.
  8. Unless you are a mannequin in a shop window, there is surely some point in the day you could have sorted this?
  9. We've learned this week that falling from a great height without a parachute and surviving is possible, sit beside an emergency door & you'll be fine. Oh, and the nets, don't forget the nets all along the flight path, that's important.
  10. No, not fat people who choose to throw their car keys in a bowl. I'm talking about opinion swing, either things you used to like or love that now dislike /despise, or vice versa. I'll kick off with a couple of mine. Hibernian FC- used to dislike them and used to be quite happy to see them getting knocked out the big cup season after season, now I love them and will always look out for their results- Top Boi's. EPL - thought it was great back in the day, now I have no interest and would need to be paid to watch any game now. Broccoli- despised it, hated it growing up, but is now my fave veg but only if it is cooked correctly and not boiled in a pan until all the goodness evaporates. I'm sure I'll think of more, but would like P&Bs biggest swingers to comment.
  11. Wrong sub- forum mate. No room for extra mutants on here.
  12. What is? I'm off MSM, please do tell?
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