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  1. NY Times Dialect Quiz

    kinda all over the place
  2. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Cracking cup tie tonight with betis drawing 2-2 with valencia. Late valencia goal knackered my coupon but have to say I’m absolutely loving spanish football this season, and for all their faults, being able to watch almost every game on eleven sports has been fairly handy
  3. FIFA 19

    Yeah, I’ve relented from Torres but would like him. Enjoy cards like torres getting flashbacks, not sure sturridge/baines/boateng deserved them. Im saving my coins for a robben one
  4. I hope someone is piecing together a Jake Hastie song to the tune of Jenny dont be hasty
  5. FIFA 19

    I’d go Crespo, I had shevchenko last fifa and he was excellent but having used Crespo in a draft I think he has more about him. 4* skills also which is handy
  6. FIFA 19

    17 wins for me, was 4-7 at one point so a good turnaround. Having to pause and make two subs at start of game which I hate but been left with so many untradeables it’s only way I can get s competent side out
  7. FIFA 19

    Played a few games there myself. The guys who pass it about aimlessly are the most frustrating to play against, just so bloody boring. Found today that it feels like everyone else has about 8 players on there box so its so hard to break down but when they come at me I’m wide open. Frustrating.
  8. FIFA 19

    Absolutely hee haw in rewards yet again. Been doing for about 6 weeks and ilicic and militao closest I’ve had to even remotely usable. Team is going to be an absolute shambles this weekend as I have no way of linking players together
  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Similarly, on Netflix if you pause for a reason then go to play, on the screen it has a synopsis (right word?) that says the major parts of the episode
  10. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    Cheers. Bit late but better than nothing I suppose
  11. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    Is there a midweek sportscene this week?
  12. FIFA 19

    I appear to have played right into fifas hands, my once decent amount of coins and players has been decimated by sbc’s and I now am struggling to field a team with anything close to chemistry
  13. Football Manager 2019

    Started one with Girona, won a few games at start but now on a 8 game losing streak. Concede late goals all the time and goals from set pieces regardless of what I do. Really frustrating
  14. FIFA 19

    Don’t buy tagliafico until the sbc for de jong is finished. His price has went up as requires two ajax players
  15. FIFA 19

    Yeah you’re right tbh. Frustrating how everyone has 2/3 icons, potm hazard etc. You must be a helluva player if you’re winning games with mckenna etc! I struggle with all gold players