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  1. Sevilla stuttering a bit. Not sure what‘S happened there
  2. Just finished this and really enjoyed it
  3. Yeah, I’m a patreon. Good guys. Sid in particular is a great listen
  4. Talk of him going to Barca. We are massive time
  5. Matt Targett possibly getting called up for this. Was watched by scouts last night, be a good tierney replacement
  6. Most my game is in decent nick at the moment with the exception of chipping. On each of my first 7 holes today I cost myself a stroke with it. Bump n runs, wedges, the lot! Frustrating when everything else is starting to click
  7. Won the World Cup in the last FM, but the euros this time. A pretty easy run and all games bar belgium and wales were in scotland. Big daddy dykes a legend for life
  8. Never seen that Campbell look even close to good enough for the top league
  9. Great stuff by Mcilroy. Needs to quadruple the first to immediately put himself in the position of chaser from now on imo
  10. Scheffler or Smith into the drink on 12 was 6/1. One of my better impulse bets, seems to always happen
  11. Any reason why Henni hasn’t been there this week? Or have I just missed her? Quite like her interviews
  12. Laura Davies is box material. Ewan murray hopefully not being saved for the finale.
  13. The rolex hour is fkn great
  14. Is it going to be quite short by pga standards? And a relatively easy walk
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