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  1. 1. 0 (unless the 4 from Penicuik and Brydon were 18 month deals) 2. Left it October
  2. Mind when we secured our league status 7 days ago.
  3. Edinburgh v Berwick

    4-0 City. Close thread
  4. Berwick v Annan

  5. Play like we did for the last 5 minutes and we won’t be 9th for long. Harvey’s Berwick are on the up
  6. League 2 - Golden Boot

    Baffled by the lack of shouts for Aaron Murrell. Scored 26 in the lowland a couple of seasons back and with the right players supporting him I can see him hitting similar figures this year. Could be his breakthrough year.
  7. Released/Signed summer thread

    Stirling Albion thread for this pish IMO.