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  1. This game is the type I hate, farmers take a pumping, managers job on the line, killie "should" win Yeah, not confident
  2. Far too sensible, get off the internet!
  3. More importantly wheres a couple of decent watering holes close to the away end, not driving to this one
  4. Even bobby madden was goading hearts as they stole 15 yards at a throw in and he was waving them further forward and laughing lol
  5. Look forward craig, think about our new standing section when were 1-0 up against them in December, dream like me lol
  6. Enjoyed well's wee group of fannies keeping the ball in the stand when killie won a throw in. I'm confident that will never come back to bite you, ever!
  7. Where would be a good place to park for the away end please?
  8. How big a miss do the saints think watters will be?
  9. Travelling up from ayrshire, can anyone recommend where to park please, sitting in the main stand
  10. Going for 3 nights at the end of the month. Anyone got any travel/safety tips or attractions they would recommend?
  11. Think the club have got this wrong. Season ticket holders by length of years they've had one or even a ballot of them. Either way I wasnt getting a ticket but I accepted that, this seems a bit unfair.
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