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  1. Nom Nom Nom

    Chicken and chorizo paella
  2. The 'Tremendous' Tales of Tightfistedness Thread

    I think that's fucking hilarious
  3. Have I got Local News For You

    Excellent lol
  4. Rangers bottlers v Killie battlers

    2 away games in 5 days, 4 points gained, a top 6 finish guaranteed, well done! As for sevco, lol, slippy g has gotta deflect because they are a poor team bereft of quality and creativity. Even with that said hes gonna run out of excuses soon and this latest one is only going to be bought by the total simpletons in their support (which is probably a majority). As for us, we're organised, we have a gameplan, playerscwho execute their roles brilliantly and we do it with maximum effort. You only need to see our players at full time the last 2 games to see what a committed group looks like.
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Any massive investment in killie would have to be a gift as there is no return on it. We don't have the fan base, there's not enough tv money or sponsorship so it would be a one way street I'm sad to say.
  6. Rangers bottlers v Killie battlers

    Any other killie fans going to be reliant on public transport for this one?
  7. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    How many bookings tonight will leave Aberdeen players suspended?
  8. The Buddies v The Killie

    If McAleny was a red then so was McAllister on Burke, both had the same amount of intent to play the ball, none!
  9. The Buddies v The Killie

    Horrendous conditions so was never going to be a classic but I did think there was effort from both teams to try keep it on the deck and pass it. Killie were deserving of the win, a lot more intent. Credit to st. Mirren I thought they were organised well and set up to counter decent. Thought Findlay and Power were tremendous for us. Jones never kicked a ball and Brophy struggled as well. Burke again incredible effort for a 47 year old. A good 3 points!
  10. The Buddies v The Killie

    Good chips but leaves a bit of a walk to the ground
  11. Offensive behaviour

    Just bought a seconda watch
  12. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    It's one of the shitey elements of the modern game, agents got a lot to answer for
  13. The Buddies v The Killie

    Best place to park for away fans please?
  14. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Where are you getting 2 goals from? Isn't it just 1, against the mighty Stenhousemuir?
  15. Aberdeen v Accies

    How's the boy Greg Stewart doing?