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  1. I’m with @bennett on this. Why Rangers supporters in Scotland are getting so exercised about it baffles me. It’s an away trip in November, it’s not going to influence the outcome of any meaningful competition. We’ve got players on chunky wages, why not maximise their work to increase club revenue? The club pisses me off no end with their attempts to monetise every single opportunity with a marketing email trying to sell me something about the most trivial but that, frankly, is where we are if we want to be paying big wages to big players to compete in big competitions. We don’t have a Sky EPL deal. The most tinpot idea is protesting about something that yields a tangible financial benefit while offering up nothing better as an alternative.
  2. Paterson’s of South Alloa. Shite web presence, 2 month lead time, don’t want your business because they’re too busy but there’s a reason they’re busy. My shed came from them 20+ years ago, been painted twice and it’s still better than the shite you get at B&Q.
  3. Each to their own but, notwithstanding the money on offer, I just couldn’t do 30/40 years repetitively fixing peoples teeth. Once you’ve mastered it - realistically a few months/couple of years after qualifying maybe - where do you go? Where’s the next level skill you aim for?
  4. Sadly I think the days of politicians acting as public servants are long gone. Guys like Donald Dewar and John Smith just ain’t involved any more.* And therefore the quality of applicants - across all parties - has gone through the floor. Preferred route to being a politician now seems to be a Politics/Arts degree, act as a volunteer researcher, wait for a paid post, ingratiate with the incumbent, make your face fit, the old pals act kicks in and a seat will be found whether the local constituency likes them or not.
  5. Watched a programme about Dubai earlier in the year that confirmed my prejudice that the whole place was built, and runs, on what is basically slave labour. Shameful that practice, albeit on foreign registered ships, has arrived here.
  6. Staunchness is a quality to be admired.
  7. To quote one of P&Bs favourite bêtes noir, a working man should spend his money on his shoes and his bed. If you’re not in one, you’re in the other. Spend what you have wisely.
  8. Sometimes I do wonder WTF some of you guys do for real life when you’re away from the internet.
  9. I’m quite grateful to Vlad and Zelensky for having diverted my attention from this thread for the last couple of weeks tbh. Then, inevitably, up pops The Insufferable One to attract the focus back to how much she cares about us all. Actually, as a parallel and wholly fanciful departure, how’d you think we’d get on dealing with an invading force with her in charge? Just stay inside is the official advice?
  10. My old boy retired at 62, died before he reached 65. Detail not required here but I put it down largely to a man who had worked all his life and then suddenly found the self enforced idleness not to his liking. In other news, I met a 70-or-so year old client a couple of years ago and he turned up in a spanking new Porsche 911. '"WTF did you buy that for, you daft auld coot?" says I. He says "Well, I'll be off this earth somewhere in the near to medium future and my boy will likely end up buying one with my money once I'm gone. Doing it this way round at least I'm getting a shot of it first". I couldnt argue with his logic.
  11. Remember Rishi’s Eat Out to Help Out? Searching the site when it was on, there wasn’t a single Chinese restaurant within 5 miles of Stirling participating. It seems the trade off between allowing HMRC a 4 week snapshot of actual trade wasn’t worth revealing in return for a few redemption vouchers.
  12. Google Streetview says that’s the place. Whether it was Alpinos back then I cannot recall. Detailed details please As a smart young professional my leather soled shoes were slipping about on the greasy terracotta tiled floor. Accumulated greasy gunk in the grout and in the corners. Old fashioned steel dustbins, some filled with peeled and chipped potatoes in salted water, some just to the brim with chip fat. Trays of tepid fish smelling like it had been a couple of days since they’d left Peterhead. Trays of scrawny looking chooks. More fat, rubbish and empty containers out back at the bins. And don’t start me on the fine specimens of humanity that staffed the place and clearly lived on their fayre every day of every week… In fact everything was coated with a layer of grease. Giving me the grue right now.
  13. STV turning up the zeitgeist with Rocky IV on now if anyone is looking for a baddie to rail against.
  14. Dang. I did mean to tag you. I do hope you’re raking in the overtime.
  15. My first solo inspection (near 30 years ago) as a Surveyor was a chip shop on Cross Arthurlie Street in Barrhead. Doing the job I, of course, had to get behind the counter and into the back shop food storage areas. Genuinely, I have not had a fish supper since.
  16. I get why the various USAF/RAF tankers and surveillance planes would be roaming about. But an RAF Typhoon hanging around just off Odessa?
  17. I disagree. Let him post, let him be challenged.
  18. I know it’s the bun, but: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/8543443/strip-clubs-glasgow-vote-adult-entertainment-scotland/ Existing Glasgow clubs get grandfather rights. Should we merge this thread with the Gang Wars one?
  19. Looking at the trajectory of the gradient on those sand bags, they're only going to protect up to Richelieu's oxters. Having gone to all that effort I expect it'll be a bit of a pisser when he gets his head blown off...
  20. 850 McD’s in Russia to serve a population of 146m. 1400 McD’s in the UK to serve a population of 65m. I am unsure as to who is doing it right….
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