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  1. Late to the party here but my first dog was a gamekeeper’s Labrador that couldn’t work out how to retrieve. Not a proper rescue dog but you could tell that as he wasn’t earning his keep he wouldn’t be tolerated for much longer. 7 months old when I got him. Most intelligent chilled out dog I’ve ever had. Every time I threw a ball for him he turned, looked up at me and said ‘Don’t look at me. You threw it ya dafty, you go get it back!’ .
  2. Methinks @virginton has picked the wrong fight when trying to take on @renton . ‘mon the renton! A question for those better ITK than me - the Black Sea Fleet seems to be a big thing for Russia but, if Turkey (I think) controls the straights (can’t remember their proper name) then what’s the point of the land bridge to Crimea if the Russians can’t get anything out to the rest of the world?
  3. If you take the gig do you automatically get the right to use one of those Royal ‘By Appointment to HMQ’ Warrants? Stickers on the side of the van, letterheaded quotations, etc? Should mean you can now charge a tasty premium for all those pesky Monarchists out there. I’d suggest stocking up on the red white and blue paint though.
  4. Ok, I’ll bite. Details? Guess 1: she wants a panelled wall painted in a fetching shade of olive green? Guess 2: she asked you to w**k off His Nonciness?
  5. And when I was winching a young lady in Broughty Ferry 10 or so years ago we used to bump into Rab Douglas in Costa quite regularly. As a chap described his son on the radio at the weekend ‘as bright as 2am’. And a slight stretch but Stephen Thomson (the then DUFC Chairman) would usually call in at The Royal Arch for a couple of pints on his way home of a Friday teatime. Always seemed absorbed in his thoughts.
  6. My mum went and chapped Ally McCoist’s door and he then turned up (late) at my 21st with a signed copy of his autobiography. Alison was a total wid. They were on their way out to dinner at the Killermont Polo Club. I think he was driving… When I started working for myself in 2005, Paul McStay was my office landlord. Very quiet chap, he drove a beaten up Citroen people carrier and very much kept himself to himself. Very wry sense of humour if you could get to it… For after work pints I must’ve bumped into Neil Lennon 1/2doz times. Usually in The Five Ronnies, although once I think in Jinty McGuintys. He likes a Stella and lime or three and was always very good craic.
  7. Disappointing that you’ve allowed yourself 8 weeks to fill yer frillies and not make the flight. A real man books it for that afternoon. And goes. Don’t let us down!! BTW can I also recommend Siam Park?. Not sure about that as a proposition as a single man but nonetheless great fun if you just go get in amongst it. I doubt anyone will care too much.
  8. …and because of the money down there and the (relatively) short commutting distances you can get a wide selection of (what were) very high spec/priced cars that have been well looked after for (relatively) modest money.
  9. Or a wee Peugeot Partner post van. Fastest thing on four wheels on the single tracks up the West Coast.
  10. My £1 says you drive an Isuzu or HiLux pick up.
  11. Ooft that’s a drive. Much easier (I hope) Gatwick and back up the M25/40/6/74 for me. Lived down in that part of the world for a few years. Much more favourable climate and no salt on the roads in winter means the cars tend to last a lot longer without rusting to death. Worth the trip I think.
  12. There must be something in the water. I too have taken a similar plunge. Not particularly looking forward to the 9hr drive back up the road from West Sussex though…
  13. This thread guys. Any chance we can try and keep it relevant to all things topical Rangers and do our best to ignore the Sevcoers? For that sort of sparring there’s at least a couple of other places on PnB where they can get the attention they crave.
  14. …is the right answer. Them and the b*****d crows.
  15. A hard read. If @Hoose Rice can confirm please that he’s not a @Bambino7 alias (been burned once! ) do please get in touch by PM with some details. I’d like to offer some modest support.
  16. There’s an area south of the Clyde (that @throbber will claim as the city centre) that resembles downtown Tripoli. A young man, I think involved in pharmaceutical distribution, ran across the road in front of my car. The toot from my horn caused him such a fright that he dropped his wallet from his back pocket. But still he kept running. I did hand the (cashless, as I found it!) wallet in to the nearest Polis station. Were the 5-0 interested? Naw. Did the chap get it back? No idea. Ken, cool story eh?
  17. At the start of lockdown I witnessed a Sparrowhawk chase a pigeon into our living room window and execute the stunned bird with a scalpel like slash to its neck artery. Caught the gore on video, I’ll see if I can find it… We moved house to a more rural position a month or so ago. The milkman delivers eggs with our milk but someone had ripped open the egg box and helped themselves to three, two of which seemed to be shells and all. What’s that likely to be? An enterprising cat (I doubt it, it never happened at the old place) or a fox or badger?
  18. I usually pre-load a FEX card (Caxton is my choice) for card payments but also take a sheaf of GBP where it seems they are keener to have our notes, for whatever their reasoning.
  19. Started with a T-reg navy 1.6GL. Later on had a silver 2.8injection special. Then, mid life crisis time c.15 years ago, got a Caspian Blue(?) 2.8injection special as a weekend toy. Given I was driving a company Volvo S60 at the time, the Capri just felt really old, slow and the ride (steady now) was rubbish. Great cars in their prime but I’d recommend leaving them as memories. Revisiting your heroes can be really disappointing.
  20. Arrant nonsense over the last couple of pages. Why people give him the oxygen of attention I have no idea.
  21. In my humble opinion: Bassey is off back to the EPL. He has been utterly outstanding at the sharp end of competition. Will be our biggest loss but we can’t argue with the money that we’ll get. I’ll still be sad to see him go though. (As will Mrs a-p) Kent, I think, will attract German attention. They’ve fawned all over him through the Europa League. Goldson will go to a Newcastle or similar that will give him a 3 year deal on wages we can never match. Aribo, I’m in with @8MileBU on this, I don’t see it. If someone wants to give us money for him I’d bite their hand off. Morelos and Hagi have suddenly become injury prone; they’ll be with us another year or so. Id love to see Shagger stay another year and take a step back to a no.2 goalie/coach role. He’s the natural successor to fill the Jimmy Bell ‘Mr Rangers’ void. I’d offer Balogun a new deal (if not he’s away on a free ffs) and Jack and Wright improved terms. Otherwise we actually need to free up some space to let the Academy boys in.
  22. Put the bread in the toaster. Crack the egg into a small sieve. Any of the too runny white falls into the cup below. (Top tip: as well as finding the freshest eggs you can, use small eggs - they come from younger hens that have stronger proteins holding the white together. Big eggs come from older hens that will spread into a foamy white mess in the pan.) Drop the egg(s) into the pan of lightly boiling salted/vinegared water. Do not swirl. Other than making sure they are not sticking to the pan, leave well alone. Start the toaster. Wait. Toaster pops, butter toast. Lift poached eggs with a slotted spoon. They will be perfectly cooked with solid white and runny yolk.
  23. Paging @Jacksgranda - Kenneth Williams gif required in aisle 3.
  24. I have a friend who told me he's seen a wee video of her apparently over in Miami this week.
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