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  1. ^^^ is right. Don’t just neck the stuff though. Or mix it with anything. Take it neat, sloosh it round and round the affected tooth for as long as you can manage before you finally need to swallow. And repeat. Antiseptic of the alcohol kills the bugs in you mouth, mildly anaesthetic to numb the pain into the bargain and rip roaring pished inside an hour. You’ll be fine.
  2. Mrs a-p and I discussed it in advance and the easy conclusion was that a BMW was far cheaper and potentially far less destructive than shagging a 21 year old. I suspect it might also last a wee bit longer. It’s all in the setting of the context…
  3. Can’t believe @LongTimeLurker biting at @Sergeant Wilson’s stock schtick. Given the apparent interest in all things military I do hope he doesn’t have access to the key cupboard. A badly timed Simpson’s gif and we could all be toast.
  4. Away out and buy a cat. That should do the trick.
  5. Another +1 for never having touched the stuff. a-p jnr was asking about it (apparently he's got a couple of pals who are getting into it) and I said I had no knowledge but the concept scared the shit out of me. If it's as good as some people claim it to be, what happens if you like it? Where do you go from there?
  6. @Mr. Alli first drink now presumably over. Wid/wid not?
  7. Phone/email the hire company. Unless you’re doing ‘000s of miles it’s not your job to be topping up the levels. And if it does go ‘phut’ you’ve already warned them; you’re in the clear. Their problem to solve.
  8. One for future reference but if you’re on a single track road the general principle is the uphill traffic has right of way.
  9. I’ve just spent a fabulous weekend away up the West Coast with the good lady and the dog. The oddity though is that because of a minor health issue and short burst of medication I’ve done it stone cold sober and not a drop of the demon drink has passed my lips. I had rather feared that might have dampened the whole event but actually, quite the contrary, we’ve all had a great time. Probably the first weekend in my adult life that I’ve gone without a drink and, honestly, didn’t miss it. Maybe goes to show just how much of a lazy habit it can be. The (my) world has changed a lot in the last couple of years and I’m nowhere near as often in a pub these days and thinking it might be an idea to use this short hiatus as a springboard to cut out the home drinking too. Dunno, just spitballing an idea. Will see if it gains traction…
  10. Just talking to you in a language you’ll understand old chap.
  11. Ocht away man. The 1970s called - they want their patter back.
  12. Not really macho enough for the Hillwalking Thread but strange the things you do at teatime on a Saturday when you’ve managed to avoid the Sirens call of the beer garden. Who knows, it might even catch on…
  13. Hajar Barbers, traditional Turkish place on Grahams Road, a couple of doors down from The Colonial Inn and just short of the canal. Had cause to drop the car into a garage, had an hour so to kill and the chaps there recommended the place. Zero chat, a bit scary with the cut throat razor but all in a very decent hair cut. £10 i think.
  14. Don’t bother with that. Just get up a 1/2 hour early for work and go get the car warmed up. She’ll find you. HTH.
  15. 6 cylinders, manual box. Doesn’t like being harassed, requires a degree of finesse. A credit to its one previous lady owner, 100k miles and a 2” thick folder of receipts and service history. Magnificent.
  16. How you getting on @Shandön Par? Drove mine back up from West Sussex last week, never missed a beat. Been out n about in it all weekend. Love it, proper old school driving experience Biggest issue is forgetting to put cream on, keep burning ma napper!
  17. Had cause to stay in a Premier Inn last night. (Still here). A dispenser with wee toilet paper squares in the bathroom. WTAF? I bet Lenny Henry doesn’t use them.
  18. Next time we’re having a party I’m getting @SlipperyP in as the remote DJ. Some right #choons there.
  19. ETA: found him in my phone. The last night before the final trip to the vet. 6 years ago now. Time flies, some boy…
  20. . Similar experience related to dog #1 referred to above. West Coast pubs love a good dog. Camping holiday and we’d ended up in Carradale and The Open was on tv. We’d all go for a walk in the afternoon and the wife n wean would finish the last half mile on their own while me and dog#1 would settle in for a couple of hours in front of the golf and a few tasty beverages. ‘What age is yer dug M8?’ enquires one local worthy. ‘9 months’ says I. ‘Fuxake, 9 months??!?, he’s that fkn chilled out I’d have said he was 9 years! Whit ye feedin him, cannabis?!?’
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