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  1. I don’t know the chap but I’m guessing he has some significant ties. If so, I expect he’s been under a wee bit of duress for the last 6 months or so. Cutting him some slack to vent on an anonymous Scottish football forum doesn’t seem the biggest gift.
  2. I think his handle might be a clue as to why…
  3. ^^^ says the man from Tory territory.
  4. Interesting window into the P&B psyche. I see no one leaping in to refute the speculation about scratching baws in jobby catchers on rest days, notwithstanding the sock colour…
  5. Im guessing you’ll predominately wear the black socks to work to pound up and down the carriages but will use the white ones while scratching yer baws in your jobby catchers on rest days; greys get an easy shift somewhere in the middle?
  6. One for PnB’s resident DJ @SlipperyP. An astonishingly good but forgotten track just on Central FM: And as an aside, as a mainstream station, Central does seem to fairly regularly drop the odd nugget of gold.
  7. All dogs like a crisp. Labradors like all crisps. My Labrador won’t eat Skips. Make of that what you will..
  8. The hookers in NI not yet got chip n pin machines it seems.
  9. Not bothered who’d be pumping who 3-0 but I’d give it a go.
  10. I got occasional Greenies from @Marshmallo but I’m not doing well reading the room here. Does this make me OFTW?
  11. Chris's omission wasn't meant as any sort a slight - he's a prolific well informed poster across many subjects. I get the impression he's a bit of a newshound/ (diligent) research type (again, no slight intended!) while the the three chaps I mentioned seem to have what looks like deep and long built knowledge on the topic.
  12. First off, credit to @dorlomin @TxRover and @renton (I am sure there are others but they seem prominent in my reading of this thread) for sharing their collective and clearly credible insight. Makes a refreshing change from other threads to have posters who clearly are/have been itk. My concern though - is this rout of RU something like a wave going out on a beach, only to wash more powerfully back up it when the UA forces are a long way forward of their established lines?
  13. Here’s a dog owner who lives with horses as neighbours. Dogs largely eat - even the very best dry food - reprocessed protein (bits of dead animals that humans won’t with fillers). Horses eat - generally - reprocessed organic matter. Dug shite is foul. Horse shite is digested plant fertiliser. Away, collect an pour Fido’s scat on you rhubarb and report back on how you get on.
  14. Dog walked, three cars washed, grass cut front and back. Stopped for a Lucky Saint, next up fire up the bbq. f**k all on the tv or radio really does do wonders for my productivity.
  15. In other news, Castore recall all staff back to work to immediately start work on the King’s XI strip.
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