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  1. If it’s a business enterprise it’ll need PP. Get them philpy’d. Oh……
  2. Ok, I’ll bait the bots. But also a serious question; I like Americano, I am also partial to a large latte. But the near £3 the local bakers take off me (and the glowers from the queue behind as the daft old bint takes 10mins to make it) mean I’m in the market. Just a coffee, home made, not instant, no pfaffing for cleaning etc; Amazon Prime purchase preferred. Any helpers out there please?
  3. Nbh. Accommodating the kids was principal motivation for DiMaggios, never been to Mediterraneo. Please report back!
  4. DiMaggios on Royal Exchange Square is probably your best bet.
  5. ^^^ perfectly appealing club photos thread for this pish.
  6. Stayed over at the Grand Central last night with her ladyship. A load of Eastern European sodjers (in uniform) checking in at teatime and, looking at the size of their bags, I expect they’re going to be camped there for the duration. Chuckled to myself at checkout this morning when some bint was complaining about the all night noise on her floor; I expect it was said sodjers letting off a bit of steam before it got serious today. Also, helicopters all over the city centre this morning. Very environmentally friendly.
  7. I’m torn on this. Scattering too soon seems unduly heartless but if you don’t they very quickly become a fixture in the home that you can’t bear to part with. My old boy bided in the utility room cupboard for a year or so until me and the previous Mrs a-p went our separate ways. At that point he was repatriated to my mother’s new house in the cupboard under the stairs where I expect he will continue to reside until such times as we have to deal with her funeral. Mrs a-p II’s father has similarly taken up permanent residence in the under stair cupboard in her mother’s house. Our first dog’s ashes are halfway up a hill on one of his favourite walks, hellish blizzard when we did it but I was determined he was going before the end of that year and, of course, we had left it to the last possible day. Meant we had the spot to ourselves but equally meant we weren’t for hanging around. We still walk over it every month or so just to check in on him. The second’s are still up on the bookcase but, again, he’s not getting to stay beyond the end of the year. I think over the Christmas holidays he’ll be going in his favourite burn that he always cooled off in after a decent walk.
  8. Out in Glasgow today on a rare midweek day off with Mrs a-p for a wee bit shopping, an afternoon tea (The Ivy, recommended) and a few drinks. Mask wearing uniformly complied with all afternoon in the shops, hit the pubs 4 pm and it started the same but now it’s 7pm and no one bothering a shite and just getting on with having their own decent time. And not one establishment has made any effort on the track and trace. Good. Good luck anyone trying any enforcement on the weegie populace.
  9. Just finished the binge. Won’t spoil it for anyone interested.
  10. Please don’t call me misogynist but that Amanda Staveley looks a right annoying bint who probably knows less about football than Mike Ashley.
  11. For those that prefer the old fashioned art pamphlet rather than looking at their phone, there’s a big spread on Ms Hurley in today’s Sunday Times Magazine. The dug’s been walked and it’s a dreich afternoon. Well worth the £3 on its own I’d say…
  12. I think that’s my difficulty with them currently. With work, 100+miles out and back is easy done a couple of times a week and if I get there and discover the charge point is in use or I’m away from infrastructure? I don’t think I’m quite ready for the leap of faith just yet.
  13. Drive it like ya stole it for a day. All will be fine.
  14. But she fancies you just as much au naturele surely?
  15. We used to have a bread bin. But it was never used because all the stuff just got piled up on top of it - the hatch was blamed as not being particularly user friendly. So we got rid. Two weeks later and that decision was being regretted. So I went and bought another, but this time with a combined lid/breadboard on top so there should be no trouble filling and retrieving it’s contents. Two weeks further on, this is what the new bread bin looks like:
  16. Agreed. Two idiots trying to find who’s the bigger c**t and the worst outcome is the easier goaded one gets hit with points on his license? A win for everybody I think. Well done @Day of the Lords. .
  17. Can I also confirm +1 for paper copies of everything when travelling abroad. Suits my OCD nature. However, for Covid passportery I've a photo of my QR code saved on my phone. If i dont get in somehwere with it, meh, I'll go home. Can't see the resulting ballache being anywhere the same level as being abroad with everything saved to a dud phone.
  18. ^^^ worst ‘I’ve got a big hoose’ post ever.
  19. PLEASE FORGIVE THE CAPS BUT ONLY ON MY PHONE. What does this mean in the context of being a minor part of the UK? I DONT KNOW. DO YOU? Do the SNP have a vision of a bright future for Scotland under UK rule? IVE NOT SEEN IT YET, HAVE YOU? Should we even expect them to? YES!! IF THEY CAN’T, WHATS THE POINT?
  20. Erm…as I laid out? Uk-wide the last 18months has been a shitshow. And when allowed the scope to do things their own way, the SG seemed - unless you can direct me to a fundamental directional difference - to have followed a fairly parallel path to WM but only with added tartan. They either need to get braver - and delivering - on their vision (whatever that may be) or, for the majority of the interested population it seems all we’ll get is Humza and Swinney. (yay!); and they don’t even have the balls to express an off party line opinion. IMHO traditional Scottish conservatism just won’t buy it I’m afraid.
  21. See the below…. Any thinking Independence supporter (and laughably I’d probably put Nicola in with that group) should currently be running a million miles from pushing for a referendum anytime soon. It’d be pissed all over by the electorate. Nicola’s trick, if she can manage it, is to maintain the longevity in the spotlight to still be in post when people have to start selling their first born to pay the leccy bill. Until then, the safety of sticking with the shitshow that we all know and understand is going to win hands down every time. Sorry.
  22. Not guilty here my friend. Even allowing for a decent cuddle after, she'd be back at your door skelly-eyed well within 20 minutes.
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