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  1. I read that today too. And for a one-man clusterfuck that I had zero time for it now seems strangely prescient. Or maybe just his usual luck of if you say enough things eventually one or two of them might come true... Or maybe also that the multimillionaire businessman from S Africa might be cleverer than me. It’s a tough call; I’m torn.
  2. Encouraging. Not sure it’s the specific areas of the pitch that we’re needing reinforcements but nice to see proactive investment. To me there’s a lot of older players making up the core just now (Davis, Arfield, Shagger,etc) where an injury could become a career ender and then theres bound to be interest from some in a couple of the younger guys (Kent, Kamala, Morelos) in the summer and suddenly the squad could be looking fairly thin.
  3. I think the most telling take away from last night (and I can't remember the exact definition, will need to pay more attention) was that Celtic are way out in front of the stats tables when it came to losing goals to set pieces. And, credit where its due, Andy Walker absolutely called it when Livingston won the free kick just inside the halfway line that led to their first goal. For anyone looking to score goals against Celtic its dead balls into their box that seem to work...
  4. Flat last. As the internet mirrors real life, just like my medal entries. 😂
  5. I think this thread could be rather presciently retitled ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’.
  6. Is there some sort of history between Boyd and McFadden? Every time McFadden speaks Boyd looks at him like he’s just started pissing on his chips.
  7. Wee scoot of bleach, top up with boiling water. Leave. You’re welcome.
  8. She’ll no see 58 if she keeps that up. Best compo face too.
  9. It’s workable but not ideal to have brand new fronts and worn out rears. Most 4WD wear evenly so if you’re changing the fronts I’d have a look at the rears too. Arbitrarily I’d say if you were down to about 3mm at the rear then it’d probably be best to replace all four. That said, if it spends 99% of its life in 2WD disregard this pish and carry on as planned.
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