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  1. I moved a job once solely for a bigger wage. Never again and lesson learned. If all else about the post fits, great - do it. But do your homework. If you think you’re being shoehorned in, meh. There is a direct correlation between extra money and expected cunty behaviour. YMMV of course.
  2. This thread man... The only takeaway I can offer is that I admire everyone’s dogged persistence. We’ll be back at the tail end ofJuly. Im looking forward to catching up with you all again then.
  3. Ridiculous. Explain to me how I am condoning ‘anti-Catholic racism ‘ by supporting a football team for 40+years?
  4. Ok. I tend to avoid the PnB pile ons but what has been filmed and circulated about last night was shameful and certainly embarrassing. We undoubtedly have a significant rogue element in our support. It goes nowhere near excusing it but I suspect Nicola’s holding of Glasgow in Tier 3 just as the city was nearing the light at the end of the tunnel did not help and instead set the tinder for the powder keg to be lit. Just read the Coronavirus thread on here - many posters (who are not Rangers fans) openly questioning why there are not any protests or even rioting on the streets of Glasgow. But, like I say, that does not excuse people’s individual responsibilities. Embarrassing to be lumped in with them.
  5. As ever it was gentlemen - it’s always all about The Rangers. Enjoy your night everyone, whoever your God. We are all the same.
  6. Bellend is (I think) wee bit harsh considering we’ve not really interacted. We all know you’re an attention seeker, you win tour 5mins of fame off me tonight, enjoy it as you see fit.
  7. @Baptiste Bourgeois I think you’re trying too hard chief.
  8. Talk me through your thinking to arrive at this conclusion please? I’m intrigued...
  9. Aye. Mind the explosion in the virus transmission the last time it happened!
  10. Take it. Nae danger this is ending 3-0. I could only get 4/6 on Defoe scoring and he was on the bench!
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