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  1. Just in from the golf. What’s happened please?
  2. I reckon it’s because icebergs are said to be 90% below the waterline (just ask Capt EJ Smith (deceased)). It’s the 10% above the waterline that melts in that causes all the bother with the rising levels. That 10% above the waterline in your glass (probably less actually, as seawater is more buoyant than your drinking water so your ice cube, made from drinking water and sitting in drinking water, will likely sit lower) will be barely noticeable in such a small vessel. And then there’s evaporation that will happen during the time the ice takes to melt to also take into account that will further mitigate the noticeable rise in level. There’s not much on tv tonight, is there?
  3. Interesting flight of fancy piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times about how reunification wouldn’t be an entirely outlandish idea on Boris’s watch but equally how Dublin really doesn’t want it back. Basic premise was Churchill (Boris’s hero) tried to give Ulster away to Dublin a couple of times but couldn’t persuade them to take it. It now costs £11bn to run for 1.5m people who have no strategic or economic benefit to the wider U.K. and who are overwhelmingly anti-Brexit. No real upsides for Westminster in working hard to keep it. And the pesky Irish Sea border problem with the EU would also be solved because there actually would become a border in the Irish Sea. But then, from the Irish perspective, it’d mean each southern taxpayer having to fork out an extra £1700 a skull in taxes just to maintain the status quo in the Province when the south have far more pressing issues to deal with in their public finances. And then what would they do with all those unruly Protestants who would feel that they had been sold out and likely cause a fair old kerfuffle? Conclusion seemed to be the Province is currently a bit of a nobody’s child.
  4. I think we’ve got bigger fish to fry right now but I agree; most likely he’s got pictures of someone.
  5. Hiya Romeo, hiya pal! In truth I have nothing to add to Traynorgate. Much like the majority of my learned colleagues on here I think we treat him with the disdain he deserves. It seems it’s the fans of the other teams who keep him in post by feeding him the oxygen of attention.
  6. And that, sad to say it, is the nub of the problem with the vast majority of landlords in the rental market - they don’t. You don’t fancy it, fair enough. Another victim will be along soon enough, particularly in the more fashionable areas of the big cities.
  7. Tbf I am tangentially involved in the industry and I could quite easily spend my working week doing viewings to accommodate all sorts of tyre kickers who will walk in the front door and instantly say wrong address/too small/too expensive/too greasy a cooker. Sum total of which earns me/my work naff all. Guess where my motivation goes? And as always it is the minority that have spoiled it for the whole. I’d say do your homework in your free time, narrow it down to a very short list and aim to kill it in a (half/) day off work. it’s the landlord that owns and should clean the flat. The agent can only deal with the product they’ve been delivered. if you demand recompense on the way in for what looks like a shit tip any decent agent will most likely accommodate that.
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/derek-mackay-undergoing-medical-assessment-21508788 another £1200 trousered while doing naff all for his constituents. ..
  9. With 20/20 hindsight I can see it. However shocking and raw as it may be. Predicting it before the end of last year, notwithstanding the news, seems, I dunno... actually no, I still can’t work it out.
  10. ‘mon then. Explain the logic behind the pick please?
  11. Ooft. That’s wild. Suspect there’s more of a story yet to come. First time in this game I’ve actually felt genuinely sad for someone. Brace face but deeply troubled? I dunno...
  12. Off site airport car park, Linwood, c.1995. The olden days when we would park and then retrieve customers cars from the back end of the 15 acres for them returning from their holidays. Despite what they told you, no cars were locked and all the keys were lodged above the sun visors. Day shift tended to park the cars, night shift recovered them. Don’t tell anybody but we’d rotate customers cars as a 4man taxi, giving it an extra lap of the park to save us having to retrieve and walk, retrieve and walk. Recycle and continue. 1 extra mile on the car saved us 10mins a time. Anyway, we managed to drop a man (Kenny) at a car, he climbed in the back seat and lay down. Bear in mind this is c.3am. Another lap of the park, recover another round of cars then drop new guy at the same car, he fumbles for keys above the visor, just about gets it started and then Kenny comes over the back seat, grabbing the new boy by the shoulder while wearing a Scream mask that had been acquired especially for the occasion. Fairly sure we had to both get the driver’s seat shampooed and the dent pushed back in as the new guy tried to make his escape through the roof of the car. (Ok, that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. ) ah, good times...
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