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  1. Tragic. And so sad to hear. Wasn’t meaning to inflame, just to get some handle on real life outside government statistics.
  2. I appreciate PnB is a very small slice of a rather specialist demographic, but: could we please have a show of hands for those you know: 1. immediate householders who have Covid. 2. those who have connections to, but self sufficent, family members with/suspected Covid;. 3. Work colleagues self isolating with suspected Covid. 4. Known self isolations because of Covid. 5. Any other known hospitalisations as a result or Covid? it’s definitely real but I’d be surprised if, in our little corner of the world, we’ve got more than two dozen or so individuals directly, seriously and significantly affected. Prove me wrong? (that does of course never deny individual hospitalisations or deaths as trivial. What I am trying to do to is get some sort of a measure of real experience vs what is being fed through the media).
  3. The most recent info on the ScotGov website shows us in the manky Forth Valley to have had two new cases the day before yesterday: https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Trendsanddemographics And of those two, 50% (ie one case) was with us in the even mankier Clackmannanshire. Meanwhile in neighbouring Stirling, 85% of their geography has seen no new cases in 7 days: https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Trendsanddemographics Tier 3 all the way....
  4. You’d need to pay me £5m to live in Nottingham
  5. FFS. mine was three times at the hospital for various f**k ups and mistakes, including at the third attempt the surgeon crying ‘aww ffs, f**k this!!’ and walking off halfway through before (thankfully) coming back and sewing me back up. It’s a bit sore for a day or so but a couple of man-up pills the morning after and you’ll be fine.
  6. @ThatBoyRonaldo Well that's definitely true yeah but unfortunately the owl of Minerva takes flight at dusk. I suppose you would like to think that if/when this is all over there will be a greater willingness to make massive governmental efforts to solve social problems, given its been proven people are willing to make big efforts. Something like Rashford's free school meals should by any rational standard be a cinch if it weren't for the politics of it/Tory b*****ds being Tory b*****ds. Go on, call me stoopit, but remind me who it is that’s been running the health budget in Scotland for the last 10+ years?
  7. And that is absolutely true. Those that get to 82 (as an arbitrary measure) and then succumb to Covid were (my guess) healthier than those that didn’t by other causes. My beef is the lack of resources - compared with the current Covid measures - denied to our ageing unfit population before all this happened.
  8. This is going to come across as a bit uncaring but it’s not meant to be. We are the sick man of Europe - which is why life expectancy is so comparatively short - but we’ve never seen as much resource thrown at solving that problem as we have this one over the past 8 months or so. Where were Calderwood/Shridar/Leith et al dealing with our endemic obesity, alcohol and drugs before now?
  9. I saw that a couple of weeks ago. Average Covid death age Is 82-odds which struck me as a reasonably fair innings. Checking again tonight, it seems the Covid deaths are outliving the general Scottish populace: https://www.scotsman.com/health/scotlands-life-expectancy-lowest-western-europe-poorest-scots-men-expected-die-13-years-those-least-deprived-areas-2982894
  10. @Britney Spears I liked your initial contribution but I see you’ve been lurking for most of the day without making much more of a contribution. Dont be shy hen, come join in. What’s your view on the debate today?
  11. Agreed! Clearly exemplifies the nonsense being peddled.
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