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  1. Paging @Jacksgranda - Kenneth Williams gif required in aisle 3.
  2. I have a friend who told me he's seen a wee video of her apparently over in Miami this week.
  3. Serious FOMO vibes here; however. I’ve got 3 pals over there in various places from Seville to Portugal. But I’ve also got one that tells me it’s a 7hr bus trip each way from Benidorm to Seville and back. I admire their stamina but, for me, that’s a wee bit too much, win or lose. Imagine the bus rides back? Not for me. I’ll watch it in the boozer and wake up in my own bed. I must be getting old!
  4. I believe BT are allowing it free to air via YouTube.
  5. Watching the same. Cliff Richard on now. How the f**k was he considered as relevant back then, even 30 years ago. He must’ve had pics or something on someone in the BBC? Hence the leaking and the helicopter news footage from 10 years or so ago with the 5-0 raiding his penthouse after whoever it was had popped their clogs?
  6. This might be a fairly unpopular opinion I don't know.... But I hold a vague notion based on not that much really, that Coleen is not a dafty. I came here to post a different slant on the same thing. In a case of dumb vs dumber the one not telling the lies is going to have a much easier ride. She'll cakewalk it.
  7. If you’re going to score wid-ness based on personality I’d suggest you’re maybe using the wrong metric…
  8. I thought about this exact thing yesterday, bizarrely. What set it off is I parked on a hill and checked the car stopped in gear before I applied the handbrake. I then wondered if that's why American cars do what you described. Given they're mainly automatic then I doubt that is indeed the reason. The cars are automatic transmission and Americans are lazy. Put an auto car in Park and it’ll wheel round until it locks the transmission and unless you’re on a really steep gradient that’s enough to stop it rolling away. Therefore, in generally flat America, most just stick it in park and don’t bother involving the handbrake which instead stops the car by the brakes. (I’ve also got great chat for dinner parties if anyone finds themselves a guest short. )
  9. Haud on. The premise is that Eintracht’s black kit isn’t sufficiently contrasting with Rangers blue kit? But Rangers 2nd kit, designed to be sufficiently contrasting from the 1st kit so it can be used if there’s a clash with another blue, is black?
  10. Wow @Flybhoy Comes in heavy at 10pm on a Sunday with an opinion that Jimmy was a ‘swivel headed sectarian fucking mutant’; the slam dunk evidence to back that up being a eulogising quote from a Catholic former player who once had his green accent trainers binned? And @The_Kincardine gets a hard time for his clichéd lifestyle choices?
  11. @pozbaird definitely not bothered I see. Think you'd be better off down the gym blowing off some steam old chap!
  12. Aye; having disappeared down a Google-hole there's definitely a starting XI there. Honourable mentions for Aliadiere, Kazim-Richards and Carlton Cole; but then it's now reminded me that we also signed James Beattie...
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