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  1. Has nobody else yet made the correlation between the Scottish Government’s limitations on Spain as a snide at Catalonia’s failed bid for independence? Anyhoo, with them having made the pointless separatist ‘point’, I’ll wager come July 20th the quarantine will be miraculously lifted. While our glorious devolved Government will have monitored the quarantining of the sum total of, ehhh, zero airport arrivals over the two weeks. Wha’s like us, eh???!!
  2. Cracking course. Played a couple of times but I definitely say play 18 as a short par 5. Nae danger anyone’s getting close with their second shot needing to fly near 200yds and stop dead. 5iron-5iron-wedge-putt (maybe!)
  3. I know you shouldn’t really quote yourself but: 9 holes, 4 pars, and 2 takeaway pints, the first in 3 months. Tremendous Im almost hoping for a second spike late in the summer.
  4. Got a text off my local landlord this pm. Open for Takeaway T from tomorrow apparently. I’ll be front of the queue after golf tomorrow. Have booked myself in for 2 pints. Will report back on my research. 👍
  5. I hate you @Miguel Sanchez . I hate you I hate you I hate you!!! Delete my number.
  6. It is being widely quoted that Boris's announcement at lunchtime brings the four nations back onto the same path. It was only a day or so ago that Nicola was saying relaxing the 2m rule was 'reckless'. Today she says she's is 'looking at all options'. I said from the start of this that she had little material room for manoeuvre and when big calls are being made, so its been proven.
  7. Please tell me you aren't a teacher of English!
  8. You can do it that way but what I was meaning was just leaving the van running with the leads on for a wee bit, disconnecting them and then trying to start the car off it’s own power. Anyhoo, a diagnosis seems to have been found!
  9. Did you start it with the jump leads on or trickle charge and start it under its own power? If the former, I’d suggest a deid battery.
  10. Where else is a poor party animal expected to pick up £6k/month in these straitened times? Jeez! And expect the executive to actually force the issue??
  11. Outside door. I.e. no indoor shopping malls.
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