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  1. Hoping for some benign conditions for John Rahm to sidle his way up the leaderboard, trickier conditions for Fleetwood to battle and a complete heads gone from Lowry.
  2. First today and now got my ass parked here for next 4 days
  3. Here you go M8. From BBC/ONS: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48938509
  4. A sunny Glasgow Fair Monday when I’m off and the rest of the house is at work means swimming in the sea at Tentsmuir.
  5. There’s no obligation to overtake slower cars but if c***s are not going to do so, c***s need to leave enough of a gap to allow said bmw/Volvo drivers 2 or 3 bites at getting up the queue and past.
  6. Are you expecting a ‘yes’ from your better half?
  7. Having driven up from Essex a couple of weeks ago using Google’s advice (against my better judgement) I’d wager the far better road is M6/M40/M25/M20 and stay somewhere in the Sevenoaks/ Maidstone area. I do however think timing on the day will be a big part of your success (or otherwise). Good luck and God speed.
  8. Only thing I think you’ve done wrong - and you seem to have acknowledged that yourself by changing your driving style to now hang back as suggested - is by being too close to someone that you overly credited with skills/awareness. Accidents only happen when two vehicles get overly close to each other. It is of course not always possible, but giving yourself as much space as you can markedly increases your chances of avoiding an unintended coming together.
  9. Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ on the radio this morning. Mrs a-p likes to sing along as she does sometimes. I should’ve known better than to correct her for singing about being ‘on a rocking chair on my way to Mars’.
  10. ^^^ this. Not me, but a couple of people I know (and, I know, f**k the bankers blah blah) had a long way into six figures in RBS employee sharesave scheme thinking they were set for retirement but, come 2008, their £250k ended up worth £12k. Diversity is the moral of the story.
  11. Or just undertake the c**t at speed and be on your way. I ken, I’m now the c**t.
  12. I got Bruce Lee, John Gotti and Chuck Norris among others. f**k that. I also got Cliff Richard. Reckon I could just about take him.
  13. Don’t mean to be too critical but you have to operate on the basis of the mantra of everyone else being an idiot. (I’ve posted this here before). You assumed he was going right, he didn’t. You had nothing to gain by being that close to him on the split, sitting on his shoulder. His fault entirely but, ax you allude, you could’ve been a passenger towards your own accident. Why not hang back 30ft?
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