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  1. Well my bit here is done Mon the jeanie 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 Amazing how a few comments on here can spur a team on Mon the jeanie, 2nd is nowhere ðŸ†ðŸ†ðŸ†ðŸ†ðŸ†
  2. Was at jeanfield today and hats off they done a job on Dalkeith, can they produce that away to Oakley on wed? I doubt it very much, goal diff could b the key now too Mon the bell 💷💷💷
  3. Dundonald will take care of Oakley. Mon the bell 💷💷💷
  4. I fancy Thornton tomo, was at jeanfields game on sat and yet again they rode their luck at times, jeanfield won't fancy tomo night, Thornton should b buzzing after their fight back on sat too Mon the bell 💷💷
  5. Was at the final and credit to jeanfield for defending the way they did but the second half performance from them attaching wise was non existent, that's surely a worry for the manager?! Lochee looked hungrier and fitter and if they continue that kinda performance they too will go up with dundonald with jeanfield in 3rd
  6. Totally agree they would have taken that, they've been punching above their weight all season, until now 👊ðŸ»
  7. I've called it for a while now and been proved wrong but trust me, that is jeanfields bubble burst now! Hammered 5-1 🙊 and from what I read above it was a right do in as well
  8. Just saying what I feel guys, they have only lost one but they do love a draw, watch this space Agreed tho, looking at the table it's tight as! Can only b a good thing at this stage of season tho with most teams still fighting promotion or to avoid relegation, keeps it interesting
  9. I was at the game last night, jeanfield dug in and got the shree (for all u fifers) points they needed, not pretty but points is all that matters at this stage of the season I still maintain that jeanfield won't keep this going till end of the season tho, they'll defo lose two or three games Not here to spur them on twistnshout just speaking my mind Mon the bell 💷💷
  10. Some good work there old northerner ðŸ‘
  11. Bitter 😂 says the dafty moaning about a steak pie Agree bigal, everytime Lochee drop points it's someone else's fault
  12. No game for jeanfield today and another win for the bell 😜😜 I can taste the champers already ðŸ†ðŸ†ðŸ†
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