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  1. Colts coaching staff like a moan as well some of the colts players saying nasty things in the tunnel at half time to the Bsc players, if your gonnay come away with nonsense like that say it at full time not when you've got to play another half and then take the consequences
  2. Aye no mention of the shocking challenge to our right back 2nd half a definite red if ever I seen one the big no9 was getting blown down with the wind all the time and no mention of the shocking challenges in last weeks match by the colts the referee guessed the penalty decision and justice was done with a fine save its what fat fahey shouted at the ref that got him booked the ref was awful and the stand side linesman was even worse
  3. Bsc Glasgow would never underestimate any opponents it was a bad day at the office and the colts done well to inflict Bsc Glasgows 2nd league defeat of the season, lets move on to this Saturday
  4. Aye ano but my point is they didn't have away at the start
  5. But East kilbrides crowd wasn't great that first season but winning the challenge cup really helped but i know what your saying
  6. I can remember ekfc also taking a pounding and so much criticism in the first season of the lowland league mostly from the established sides and their fans but they have done pretty well since then, whether people like it or not Edu sport are in the lowland league so give them a chance and lets move on
  7. bpek

    Bsc Glasgow

    Squad rotation is worthwhile if it works which it did
  8. bpek

    Bsc Glasgow

    Bsc were 1 point ahead before today's matches they are now 2pts clear not much damage done there but of course as always you are completely right it's a marathon not a sprint
  9. bpek

    Bsc Glasgow

    Another fantastic performance from Bsc Glasgow today on a very difficult pitch and 4 top quality goals
  10. I'm sure ekfc will do everything to help the boy
  11. Shocking news, here's hoping he makes a full recovery
  12. bpek

    Bsc Glasgow

    The referee was bloody awful but for both sides but the two major decisions went against Bsc never a penalty and never a booking that led to the sending off, Bsc were terrific in the second half but the sending off just deflated the guys
  13. bpek

    Bsc Glasgow

    Spot on steven can't disagree with you and css well worth their win
  14. Don't think I did [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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