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  1. Step to far for that manager IMO stick to the easy side is the street
  2. I laughed today when 6 committee arrived with the team and 12 Committee Cards were shown at the gate from the Bus 😂😂
  3. PMSL pathetic wee man. As a committee member you have a responsibility to protect young players especially 17yr old goalkeepers not publicly hang him out to dry Hardly able to take the moral high ground on this , not having the best record in dealing with young players JC #potkettle
  4. Match Highlights Ashfield vs Gartcairn Central District Division 2 The Peugeot Ashfield Stadium https://youtu.be/1F3n-pKgWmM
  5. Highlight of Vale Of Clyde 1-7 Gartcairn league match 13
  6. You’ll be wishing he took it as he was your only chance of not getting relegated this year .
  7. The lad Mackenzie is talented and was the standout player for Lie over the two matches very obviously he won’t be hanging around long. Appart from him Arthurlie are a poor team with a horrific pitch delapedated facilities and couldn’t even muster up a set of match balls to play with today , There was also a protest being prepared in the event of loosing on penalties that the Cairn keeper was wearing number 19 ! Im sure the ref was involved in preparing there protest as he did everything else for them over the 2 legs
  8. Scottish Cup 3rd Round Highlights Gartcairn 3-1 Maud
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