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  1. can anyone point me in the direction of a decent emulator and where I could download Pokemon Blue/Yellow/Red/Silver/Gold please
  2. I go to Corfu in 4 weeks time to work as a Club1830 rep for the full summer
  3. Did you not see the bird in the wheelchair stand up when she was in the Rovers announcing Ashleys death ?
  4. One of my mates dads abandoned ship at Lanark and walked home to Chapelhall in Airdrie, the S-bend and Chapelhall also looked torture with lots of folk abandoning their cars.
  5. 200 people staying over night in Kwik Fit Insurance call center in Tannochside tonight. Mental.
  6. Beat Villa 6-0, your arch rivals 5-1, draw 1-1 with Chelsea and beat Arsenal 1-0 on their own patch and you get sacked because they want a more experienced manager. What an absolute joke . What more is expected of him ? He has them sitting 11th at Christmas which is a great achievement for their first year back in EPL with a crap squad.
  7. $300 dollars for taking 2nd place in the Pokerstars $3.30 4 max tourney
  8. ‎1990 Italy 1996 England 2010 Rothbury Proof Gazza can't resist a shoot out that ends in tears!

  9. Brand new Blackberry Curve 8520, locked to T-Mobile but you can unlock for £10. Already got one and have gotten this as an upgrade for renewing my contract. Retails at about £180, will sell for £130. Still boxed and in original packaging, PM me if interested
  10. Ipod 16gb 5th generation, 2 months old and still has original earphones and cable in very good working order. Paid £150 for it 2 months ago, would accept £100. Only selling this as I have now got an Ipod Touch.
  11. anyone got any links to emulators where I could play Pokemon on my PC? Any links to the game versions and an emulator would be magic !
  12. go to north europe 10, fixed the problem

  13. Samsung Jet, £240 it cost me a couple of months back, got a Blackberry now so don't need it. Locked to o2 and lost my charger, still in great nick, PM me with an offer.
  14. deposited 32 dollars on stars this morning, sitting at around 450 dollars just now, withdrew 330 of it and sitting at a cash table with the other 120 atm
  15. Won a fiver in Caspers casino in Newcastle last night, was in for about 15 mins as my mates were having dinner in TGI Fridays and I already had something to eat, and I was raging as I did a £20 spin , with £10 on middle column, £3 on 0 and £2 on 15, 13, 3 and £1 on 30. Black 17 comes in so I should have £30 back, then the croupier pulls away my chips, he said I placed £10 on black 35. The manager immediately goes to look at the cameras, next 3 spins are 0, 14 and 20. I could have been sick. And to make matters worse the manager said I had it on black 35 and that I wasn't allowed to see the cameras for myself.
  16. Bristol City done me for £85 today
  17. shite tbh, hopefully have a good end to the year but doubt it
  18. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=250452190161
  19. 60 Gig Xbox360 with 3 games, think it's Fifa 09, Pro Ev and COD. Comes with a wireless controller. PM with offers.
  20. Kevin Budinackus is now a taxi driver and coaches the goalkeepers at Junior side Thorniewood
  21. I play juniors just now mate, probs see me at the fives this year
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