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  1. To take over a struggling team and leave with the kind of record is more than decent. Was unlucky with the cup final fiasco as well.
  2. Felt compelled to look in and saw this post, are you having a Laugh pal ! Joke of a post and an attitude that we ill see you lose a one of the best managers going about.
  3. Heard of this over the weekend and felt compelled to post. Having looked in from time to time i am utterly surprised none of you are blaming Kegs. Horrible situation and for what it is worth i would say replay the game. Just to note Kegs left us because of the unprofessional set up of our committee. Watch this space !!!
  4. Would echo this. Back to the drawing board it is....!
  5. Lol, still having a wee peak from time to time but have enough problems at Arthurlie to worry about you guys. Having said that it looks from afar that there are a few of yous just waiting for Stevie to fail . I could understand it if you guys have been successful recently but you haven't. I saw yous last season v Hurlford and thought you were robbed that day. Spoke to a few fans and they seemed happy with what Kegs was doing. Get behind your team for goodness sake, you are actually complaining about an away win. Said what i think and wont be looking in anymore. All the best.
  6. Nothing should surprise us with the dinosaur dynasty, amateurs at best.
  7. Quite amusing keeping tabs on this forum, seems like you guys enjoy a moan no matter what. Did Kegs maybe free you at some point lol!! You and is it Barrystown are comedy gold.
  8. Really enjoyed this last night. Rossvale should do well this season.
  9. Strange post with a record like that from a team that was fighting relegation. I've said before send him back to Dunterlie. Be careful what you wish for, just look at us now!!
  10. Missed this one. How did we look?
  11. What should we be looking to achieve this year?
  12. Not what wanted to here but they've been building under Tony McInally for a few year now. Unlike us.. I'm sure you's will be an improved outfit this season .. managed to see your highlights and it looked like you had if not the same maybe more chance. Cant stand that mob lol
  13. Hate to ask but how did Pollok look ? Could be a long season again for the lie. How's your new squad coming together under kegs?
  14. Only now taking it in. We were hopeless for 99 percent of the season. Mackie/Ogilvie/Committee will all blame each other but the 3 must take equal blame for me. I do believe we would've done better under Mackie but by how much I'm not sure. Some of the performances have been the worst in the club's history, of that I am sure. Still gutted. Mon the lie
  15. Honestly think we will get through this ! Fingers, toes , legs crossed !!
  16. Yes Dave I did say "decent" jeezo!
  17. McKenzie has been the highlight of the season. Good player
  18. Decent return, just wish you had put out the Hurlford mob. If they win that cup i give up !!!
  19. How many games has kegs been in charge of you guys?
  20. Just a mess Chris. Hopefully bounce back soon.
  21. Mackie ripped a decent team apart. The place is as bad as i can ever remember.. however we have actually signed worse players since he (Mackie) left.. totally shambolic
  22. More importantly yesterday was another horror show this is as bad as i can remember !!
  23. Bo'ness seem very up and down. How many signings has Stevie made ?
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