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  1. Aye looking like city will be here next season,missed both Vale games against them this season for one reason or another (thankfully), but will be there next season .
  2. All the while Bonnyrigg pull 13pts clear,get it roon them !! And yeah get them emptied come the end of the season........
  3. The Livi team that finished the game should have started it !!!! A delightful point after being nowhere near good enough for about 80 mins of that game. Scenes when big Obileye put it away ......
  4. Walked into a Scotmid there,and low and behold the papers are back into full on tonto screaming mode ...... The Mail screaming out how the Queen has cancelled her Christmas party and is leading by example......holy fook, what an island we live on The Record screaming out,how the FM is planning near on Lockdown once more !!!! But to be honest though pissing and crying about it on here dosnt work,or push button's.......,maybe time to take to the streets eh ? It's the only way,hiding behind keyboards and curtains isnt cutting it ??
  5. Yeah not just the Myrus Centre and Deveronside's new ground in Macduff,but also improvements to Banff Academy,swimming pool etc. Morrison's now looking to build on Canal Park in Banff..........
  6. As I said in an earlier post,I've no doubt from what I saw yesterday,that Syngenta will probably win the Conference ..... I'll be more than happy with Whitburn finishing 2nd for straight promotion or 3rd for a play-off. Delighted however that it was us that stopped Syngenta's winning run on our patch,a venue where many a top side has taken a fall over the yrs.......... There wasn't much between the teams but disagree on the result,Whitburn did just enough and deserved to win.
  7. "Licensed" Banks o Dee on course for a free swing of the bat come the play-offs possibly ?? NCL......"Unlicensed" Loch Ness top and by a fair margin from licensed Golspie Sutherland NRJFA......."Unlicensed" Culter top but licensed BoD not far behind with plenty of games in hand. Midlands....."Unlicensed" Dundee East Craigie top with a few in the chasing pack who are actively chasing a licence.
  8. I sensed an arrogance from you lot,that I was glad to see Whitburn wasted no time in getting stuck in about...... Going to the likes of Whitburn Armadale and Fauldhouse,you are gonna get a game,from what I saw Syngenta are a good side and have games in hand so probably are favourites for the title. They just didnt fancy it when the going got tough yesterday and at Central Park in they kinda conditions with the pitch cutting up and the home fans on their backs they lost their edge. Long way to go but its shaping up to be some league. Ps,what's the script with Diamond,can only think hes off elsewhere.... Plus Dougie Hill is in the wrong job,he tried to outref the referee!! Loved one Whitburn fans comment when he was being subbed near the end......"Mind give the ref back his whistle number 10" Brilliant lol
  9. Superb EK, I effing luv u.........
  10. Whitburn 2 Syngenta 1 Magnificent performance by Whitburn from start to finish..... Money bags Syngenta didn't fancy it in the conditions and with the home fans on their backs. Had an interesting discussion from the stand with Zander Diamond about a fantasy penalty they should hav had apparently according to him...... Long way to go but pleased with how Whitburn are playing right now.
  11. 1st time back at the macdome in 21 months and yeah I am a lucky charm !!! Should hav been more than 1-0.... Great ti be back and great to see U-Boat Boyle punt is pen over the bar and into the Designer Outlet !!!!
  12. So am I,1st time back in Almondvale watching Livi for 21 months....... And yeah 0-0 probably
  13. IMO,It comes down to if he can keep us up in the Premiership,I'd give him until the end of the season. If we end up in the Championship,(which let's be honest is our level),then he should walk either upstairs or out the door.....
  14. But it will be different Bob,as we are goin doon,while St.Mirren are a decent outfit. That was a woeful display by Livi from start to finish,championship material...........
  15. Hopefully Fort's time in the HL is up come the end of season play off........ As a Vale and Highland football fan I've had enough of their nonsense now. They're an absolute red neck and would be better off with fellow publicity seekers Loch Ness fc in the NCL. Banks o Dee may hammer us but would far rather have them than the road show that is FWFC.......
  16. West Lothian doing what West Lothian do's this time of year,due to its elevation........winter wonderland here in Whitburn !! Cant believe how much snow has fallen,still snowing here !!
  17. Well done BoD,hopefully see them in the SHFL next season regardless of how much they rag doll Vale
  18. Not one of Bobby "No Surrender" Madden's best moments
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