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  1. Won't believe a word until I see bricks and mortar............
  2. Scottish football is full of self serving balloons from top to bottom......,the SPFL is a cabal of self interest !! The LL is going out of their way though to be top cuntos. As Ranaldo Bairn says,2 wrongs dont make a right,there is some good guys within the LL,unfortunately they are in the minority. Awful decision beforehand not to expand relegation and promotion from 1 to 2. Then they fire the colts back in..... Should be obvious to all,that you've got several clubs (cabal like again) within the organisation who know the clock is ticking and they are determined to stay there as long as by only having 1 relegation spot,until they are eventually relegated. The might that is "Auchinleck Talbot" appearing on the scene next season will be interesting,(winning the WoSFL league and play off provided).
  3. Its something else that 2 clubs only a mile apart on the granite city's south side are in for historic promotions.....Cove and Banks o Dee. As shaker says there wasnt much love from us SHFL types towards Cove back in the day,but I for one cant grudge them this.......,they had a plan and stuck to it. Also for such a high number of their last SHFL winning squad to still be playing regular 1st team football is again nothing short of spectacular.
  4. Every season it's the same.....hard to believe so many still haven't got a handle on how things now work,even worse when it's the media,lazy lazy journalism
  5. 2000+ easy....... The Broch is a good sized town,also theyve been advertising it well too.
  6. It was a reasonable turnout for the hand out but not as much attended as done in the previous give aways...... Fair play to both sets of fans for a terrific atmosphere in what was a rollercoaster of a game...... Gutted to lose that equaliser so late on,but as has been said we lost our way in other games earlier in the season..... Best of luck to the Well in the top 6 and for us a win or 2 to secure Premiership football again next season.
  7. Aye all down to Saturday and Fraserburgh v Forres and Clach v Buckie........ Fraserburgh 3pts in front,similar goal difference if I remember correctly only a couple of goals in it !!
  8. No chance........,saw them at Keith a week ago,absolute bunch of jobbers !!
  9. Could be all over tonight if Wick can keep their noses in front........ Draw and Buckie are 3 pts behind with only a couple on the goal difference between them....going into to Saturday's final fixtures.
  10. April 30th maybe ? There dosnt seem to be any league games on that day ?
  11. Big summer ahead for the Vale.....,money is at a premium at PRP but any signings brought in hav to be an improvement on what is already there. Otherwise we're lookin at getting dragged into a relegation dogfight........
  12. No reprieve for Fort,lose against BoD and they're down.......
  13. Thankfully when Inverness Caledonian Thistle applied to the SHFL for to include their "B" team,the HL clubs told them to bolt.......... Though a fair whack ended up as loanees in Fort William's team the following season. Thankfully it's looking like Fort will get their just deserts for that and all their other shenanigans at the hands of Banks o Dee
  14. On 5 occasions as far as I'm aware VVV,lost every one
  15. Another added problem next season for you guys will be Banks o Dee ............ Gonna be some title scrap next season as cant see Broch or Buckie beating Bonnyrigg........ If only Vale could be up there challenging,aw well I can dream
  16. As long as we're not involved in it VVV
  17. Meaningless end of season fayre..........
  18. Was at Kynoch Park yesterday for Keith v Fort At 1-1 thought Fort were the better team for a spell even though they were down to 10 men. But once Keith got a pen and converted it,added by another red for Fort it was game over......... Fort looked for long periods of the game like a bunch of jobbers cobbled together to make a football team,which of course they are !! Keith 3 Fort 1
  19. Another weekend,another round of results going as expected Broch win Buckie win Brechin win Fort lose.........
  20. Games that mattered in last night's fixtures..... Strathspey 2 Broch 4 Forres 0 Buckie 2 Fort 1 Keith 2
  21. It's tough going being a Vale fan currently when taking in the Banffshire derby,as we're poor right now and they are flying......,unfortunately
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