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  1. Just watched the Kelty v EK highlights,taking EK to tou both Cove (seen them earlier in the season)and BR if it's them that finishes bottom.
  2. EoS Conference C chat 2018-19

    Congrats to both Broxburn and Blackburn
  3. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    Dundee one step closer to relegation,happy even though we lost.
  4. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Don't think it will come to that,can't see past EK downing Cove then Berwick.
  5. Cove Rangers Champions

    Personally would rather see them gone from the SHFL,don't think it will be this year,but sooner or later thankfully they will be ta ta and away to League 2.
  6. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    Taking Livi to tou this shower though hoping it's Dundee we send down on the 11th of May at our last home game which is being touted as the Livi hav stayed up and Dundee are going down party.
  7. Cove Rangers Champions

    Somethin along they lines.......
  8. Well said MR !! It's not even built yet !!! Time will tell and all that. On a side note,i know its started,when's the training complex meant to be open?
  9. You missed out that it's in the centre of town.........
  10. You lying awake at nite Hibs Fan thinking how this new stadium is gonna affect AFC or you!! Down here in darkest West Lothian we are looking forward to visiting the new stadium whenever it's ready and we're away to Aberdeen,whenever that may be,spoke to lots of other Livi fans and they are looking forward to it. Why is it in Scotland that we are so hungup on keeping things the same?? How is it we don't do change very well??
  11. Some amount of jealousy on here from hibbees!! Get a hold of yourselfs!! Not every club could built or rebuild in the centre of town. I think it's a bold and great move for Aberdeen,yeah it's on the outskirts of the city but in the years to come it won't be as the city gets ever bigger. It's gonna be a breeze to get to compared to what Pittodrie is like!!
  12. Celtic v Livingston

    Still sobering up from Sat,fantastic result from the Lions,what a performance from start to finish!! Big shout out to Bobby from Sheddon''s Bar in putting up wae us singing etc. He must hav got a good wee lift at the till tae. 1st ever point taken from Celtic Park too
  13. The Dalbeattie star Thread

    May have one within their stand BM but not sure,there's a few bars a 5/10 min walk away in the town centre. Myself and a few friends are heading there on the 20th for Star's home game vs VoL.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    That crowd certainly wouldn't have contained many from Bathgate in it vollyboy,their support is next to zero.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    Will there be better crowds? Count me out of any Dale v Whitburn derby next season and I'm not the only one in the town that's said that. Work with other Whitburn ladz and their not interested in this so called local "super league" either!!