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  1. Spot on CZ,cheers for that 👍
  2. "Suits" the HL is the wrong word..... It makes "sense" if the north juniors join up along with the NCL. Relegation is the key here and where you get relegated too. Right now teams to the east of Elgin play in the Aberdeenshire cup,while teams to the west of Elgin,Lossie and Rothes included play in the North of Scotland cup,the same will apply to relegation in any future set up below the HL,it will undoubtedly be regional due to the size of area involved. If from the east side of Moray,Aberdeenshire or Aberdeen you'll get relegated effectively into what was the old north super league. If from the west side of Moray or Highland you'll get relegated into what was the NCL.
  3. That's why I used the word "regularly"..... Well aware they have to travel on ERJFA cup business but after speaking to the Harthill committee man yesterday he made it clear to me that "travelling" is their no.1 issue with joining the EOS. So if Eyemouth is a problem right now to him,then Angus certainly would be.... How anyone can back Angus sides in particular playing in the LL area is beyond me and I'm not the only one on here that thinks that way !! I travel regularly to HL games sometimes as a neutral and sometimes to see Deveronvale,Angus to many people down here is undoubtedly in the north. What Brechin did in trying to coerce the SPFL into barring LL sides from the Challenge cup and League cup just to try and force the LL's hands into shifting the boundary north to the Angus/Aberdeenshire border was a disgrace and should never be forgotten......
  4. It is pivotal as the West Lothian teams want nowt to do with Tayside teams in the EoS when they eventually join !! That's why the ERJFA is set up the way it is now because the West Lothian teams wanted nothing to do with travelling to Dundee and Angus regularly.
  5. I will say this once again......speaking to official's from Whitburn juniors,Bathgate Thistle and Harthill Royal that I either work with or know they are adamant they want no part in regularly travelling to Tayside. Speaking to a guy on the Harthill committee yesterday,hes even moaning about travelling to Eyemouth and Coldstream,if Harthill join the EoS !!!
  6. The north caledonian league are mad keen on entering the pyramid.
  7. Put in a message or question in the "support" section at the top of the main page 👍
  8. Yeah they know of Livi United"s interest in the EoS. What is intriguing is the level of work that has been undertaken at Central Park,it's looking good,only floodlights missing for now.
  9. Yeah,they're well aware of that ginaro. I sensed a slight warming to the enivitable path that is the pyramid and the EoS but when I asked the question about the possibility of Tayside clubs being involved they grew decidedly cold to the idea. One question was,are they not meant to be playing under the Highland league?
  10. Spot on ck,couldn't have said it better!!
  11. Maybe the Tayside sides should set up they're own "Mid Scotland League". But ultimately below the Highland League. Clinging on here to the "junior" boundaries when funny enough "juniors" down here dont want nowt to do with playing Dundee or Angus sides on a regular basis....
  12. West Lothian clubs dont want Tayside clubs anywhere near them.....,that's why they play in seperate north/south leagues because of travel costs. Nor would it be a great incentive for bigger West Lothian junior teams,on seeing Dundee and Angus sides joining the EoS. Angus in particular is NORTH !!!! Brechin is but 10 miles from the Aberdeenshire border!!! Spoke to some of the Whitburn committee at the weekend about the pyramid in the social club and they reiterated they do not want to travel to Tayside on a regular basis.
  13. Yeah saw that with Catalonia when innocent civilians were getting battered senseless by Spain's Gaurda Civil for trying to vote........
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