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  1. NKS absolute minters,wouldnt be surprised if some of them were involved in holding up the soon to be completed Aberdeen by-pass. Whats next after kingsford stadium? The A96 dual carriageway from Inverurie thru the rest of Aberdeenshire to Moray ?
  2. England's Glorious Failure

    Tyldsley is a class 1 clown !! Any chance he can get lost up a cave in Thailand somewhere,with no hope of rescue.
  3. BBC bias

    Aye a caught that too and thought wtf !! Its north korea state tv stuff now from the beeb
  4. Edusport Academy

    I.M.O Alliance FC was spot on
  5. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Good on yeah granny,top man.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    This is fookin brilliant !! Aw these snp/green bad dobbers in scotia must be greeting into their dinner's tonite !! Fuckin roon yeah all,westminster couldny run a nursery far less a country.
  7. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Get miller tae fook,for me he's stalling to see what he can screw out of us. Never liked the guy anyhow. When i heard Gary Holt was interested however, he was my first choice instantly.
  8. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Absolutely seething !! To much sun today princess?
  9. East Region Superleague

    All Bathgate Thistle want to do is play west lothian/southern fife football. If thats there thing then leave them to it. We move on.
  10. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Fookin luv ryan hardie
  11. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    They like so many others hav not a clue when it come's to the pyramid.
  12. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Without doubt its gonna be a very tough season,we hav not the cash to compete at this level and the days of overspending beyond our means are gone. Just sit back and enjoy the best we can ladz,last season was bliss and unexpected,this is the prize,premiership football we never thought we would see for a long time!!
  13. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Gary Holt for me Get K.Miller to fook,his media statement last week should hav sent L.F.C. the signal to bypass him.
  14. When will indyref2 happen?

    As get intae them,says its Brit Nationalism thats happening now not unionism. Fellow (scots/yoons) actually believe that good old britannia is doing it !! That its the beesknees,they actually cant or will not listen to anything that threatens their britishness. So they attack the threat,particularly the SNP,they attack the scottish national team for example and talk down anything scottish? You will never persuade any of them to change their minds,even if they were getting shafted inside and out by Westminster.