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  1. I'm sure Putin and Russia have already been pissing themselves with laughter at the prospect of 'puny' Britannia getting involved .... Smoke screen stuff indeed from the britnat media ......
  2. No need,I've already beat Cancer,so Covid isnt going to stand in my way
  3. Glad tae hear your ok MT....... Mines is more runny nose and dry cough with an odd sneeze fae time to time. Feel reasonably healthy otherwise
  4. That's me tested positive for the 'rona'.....,must be the Omicron as I've a runny nose and a right dry cough. Aw well a week in the hoos awaits .......
  5. Maybe if they'd showed a bit of balls and jumped into the pyramid quicker then it wouldn't be so...... It was there for them but they chose to stay junior while others like Kelty saw what was coming and moved over....... It will sort itself out north,south,east and west,just gonna take a bit of time .....
  6. Mahoosive game this weekend......Brora v Brechin
  7. Aye looking like city will be here next season,missed both Vale games against them this season for one reason or another (thankfully), but will be there next season .
  8. All the while Bonnyrigg pull 13pts clear,get it roon them !! And yeah get them emptied come the end of the season........
  9. The Livi team that finished the game should have started it !!!! A delightful point after being nowhere near good enough for about 80 mins of that game. Scenes when big Obileye put it away ......
  10. Walked into a Scotmid there,and low and behold the papers are back into full on tonto screaming mode ...... The Mail screaming out how the Queen has cancelled her Christmas party and is leading by example......holy fook, what an island we live on The Record screaming out,how the FM is planning near on Lockdown once more !!!! But to be honest though pissing and crying about it on here dosnt work,or push button's.......,maybe time to take to the streets eh ? It's the only way,hiding behind keyboards and curtains isnt cutting it ??
  11. Yeah not just the Myrus Centre and Deveronside's new ground in Macduff,but also improvements to Banff Academy,swimming pool etc. Morrison's now looking to build on Canal Park in Banff..........
  12. As I said in an earlier post,I've no doubt from what I saw yesterday,that Syngenta will probably win the Conference ..... I'll be more than happy with Whitburn finishing 2nd for straight promotion or 3rd for a play-off. Delighted however that it was us that stopped Syngenta's winning run on our patch,a venue where many a top side has taken a fall over the yrs.......... There wasn't much between the teams but disagree on the result,Whitburn did just enough and deserved to win.
  13. "Licensed" Banks o Dee on course for a free swing of the bat come the play-offs possibly ?? NCL......"Unlicensed" Loch Ness top and by a fair margin from licensed Golspie Sutherland NRJFA......."Unlicensed" Culter top but licensed BoD not far behind with plenty of games in hand. Midlands....."Unlicensed" Dundee East Craigie top with a few in the chasing pack who are actively chasing a licence.
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