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  1. Last time I checked there is a pyramid system now and League 2 ain't the bottom of it,far from it.....WoS,EoS+SoS. The lack of knowledge on the above from the media is frightening. The argument about the crowds that the Colts bring in are null and void as the IRN BRU cup has proven!!
  2. Yeah it was myself Casey that posted the impressive improvement's to Central park"s shed. As I mentioned last week lots of other great improvements hav been carried out their over the last 5yrs or so and fair play to the WJFC committee. But not so fair play is their attitude towards the EoS and the pyramid.
  3. That's bang on Gordon,that's exactly what they want. They cant stand the EoS. The thought of applying for it would feel like defeat !! Leave them to get on with it,if they want a W.Lothian league,then fair enough. As I have said often on here, myself or my friends in the town wont be near Central park anytime soon to watch it......
  4. IMO, there should be a regional set up for Dundee city,Angus,Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire and then another for Moray and Highland below the HL. Hopeful of things moving forward in the north now regarding a pyramid as junior fitba is more or less finito.
  5. Deadline Day has arrived,will there be any last minute applications tae join the EoS............?
  6. Thank f**k,mad vlad wid dae a better job!!
  7. The shed at Central park has finally been done up,a new entrance has also been made at the back of it. Surely after doing the shed up,building new changing rooms,a new 40 seater stand,new main gates, plus 2 new modern dug outs and sorting the open terracing across from the shed in the last 5yrs the Whitburn committee aren't gonna stay junior......,are they?
  8. Passed Central Park,Whitburn on a "daily" walk the other day and to my astonishment heard work being undertaken I.e the sound of a stihl saw. Looked thru the turnstile next to the social club and it looks like Whitburn are putting an entrance or turnstile into and behind the "shed" on the Lomond Crescent side of the ground. All in all in the last few yrs at Central park theres been new changing rooms erected,new steel main gates with "Central Park 1934" on them also a 40 seater stand plus 2 new dugouts and now the new entrance/turnstile into the shed. Seems a lot of work being done just to stay where they are in the ERJFA!!
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