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  1. As far as I was told when I got my 1st jab last week wull,you get the same again for your 2nd jab...
  2. Or it may be just Kelty competing in it and not Brora,due to them only playing 3 of their HL fixtures.. It would be a disgrace if the playoffs dont go ahead for another season,especially as Brechin are now stinking League 2 out completely now !!
  3. Get yourself's over to the Brechin City thread on the League 2 forum...... To be fair most are saying they should go down,but one guy is saying that the LL/HL had more of a case last season.....WTF !!!!
  4. Kelty and Brora should get the lawyers on the fone asap.....,the SFA need to grow a pair as well !! BCFC pumped again today,enough is enough they're not good enough for the SPFL.
  5. Just got ma 1st shot of AZ yesterday afternoon ....,was fine yesterday evening but during the nite for some reason my hands and feet were like ice plus I was forever up going for a piss!! Maybe because one of the Covid attendants gave me a tip to drink plenty of fluids after the jag !!! My mouth is like the Sahara this morning right enough !!
  6. Why League 2.........,last time I checked theres a pyramid system in place,SLFL or WoSFL??
  7. Well done to the NCL clubs and officials for pressing on and getting there season concluded 🙂
  8. Totally agree LF,he is lively that's for sure and like you I would like to see him win more game time,as feel he is more than good enough.
  9. I'd like to see Poplatnick get more game time,for me he seems to hav a bit more awareness in and around the opposition box,than some of our other options. Great turnaround by the lads on Saturday after a tricky start and no fear about a trip to Pittodrie in the next round..
  10. Domestic vaccine passports can get tae f**k !! This is nothing more than an assault on our basic right of free movement and like a lot of you guys hav said is nothing more than a backdoor to interfere with all our lives even more than they do now ........ As mentioned above the apathy from some of our fellow citizens is breathtaking now,its like the Third Reich all over again,do as your leaders say and you'll be spared.... We are sleep walking into a trap,we've all been conditioned now for just over a year thru this with our lives Covid controlled. This virus has been devastating no doubt about it,but any joy with the vaccine deployment has been swept away under a barrage of negative news and media .... Enough is enough when will our lifes be our ours once more !!!
  11. Teams in and around Perth city are in the LL,not other Perthshire sides. The pyramid is already lopsided population and teams wise,by sending the Tayside sides south it would would make that imbalance even worse. What your talking about could happen but as it stands,its nowhere near reality as we speak. 1 big trip away in a season currently "Wick" The northern Angus sides should be nowhere near the LL,Brechin and Brechin Vics are about 10 miles from the Aberdeenshire border..
  12. Tricky tie for West Lothian's finest,if this had been at Starks I would hav said a draw but it's at the vale and fancy Livi for a narrow win.
  13. Theyve applied for the EoSFL
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