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  1. Whitburn 1 GFR 3 Good cup tie played at an unbelievable rate !!! Whitburn deservedly went in 1 up at half time,they were really up for it from the start,while Gala looked like they didnt want to be there. But once we conceded a penalty near the hour mark,it changed the game,only one winner after that. Best of luck to Gala in the next round.
  2. Scottish football or Scotland for that matter,just dosnt do change do's it......?? It took us ages to get any sort of a pyramid system up and running and now VAR is the new demon in the room...... Minterland we should be called,so small minded its unbelievable. "Oh let's no do anything to upset the apple cart",tragic stuff ..........
  3. Hopefully it's up and running for the SPFL premiership next season.
  4. Looking forward to Saturday's game vs GFR,1st time Whitburn have took on a LL side in a competitive game. Big ask but hopeful of the ladz putting in a good performance against a good side.
  5. Goal line technology should be in place in the Scottish Premiership by now ?? Tin pot dosnt even come close !!
  6. Last nite...........,1 positive,Omeonga looks like he can do a job for us going forward. 2 negative,why was Lewis hooked a minute before half time?? It came across as very amateur!! The other.....,that's twice Max has done that this season.....,kicking the ball to an opposing player on the edge of the box,then bang it's in the net. Cant fault him generally but he needs to cut out the "brain fart" moments. Dont know why he has them,but he needs to take a breath and concentrate before he rushes into making mistakes...... It's gone now,the League cup for this season but hopefully we learn from last nite.
  7. Just saw this reply...... The SHFL has a relegation play off in place now for the end of this season. Any Licensed champions from the NCL,North juniors or Midland league would play off against one another. The winner would then play the bottom club in the HL for a place in the HL. As for my comment Newky,it was tongue in cheek hence the emoji I chose at the end of it........ But no denying the utter balls up the LL have made of all of this regarding the introduction of the B teams. Only entities to benefit from it are Rangers and Celtic,no one else !! Wakey wakey,It will be and will always will be about them !!!!!!!
  8. Oh goody,looks like Fraserburgh are gonna get a free hit at the play-off baw.....
  9. Another week,another Vale comeback,this time with 3pts in the bag !!
  10. Well in Vale,would hav took a 3-0 result vs the Strathy Jags pre-match.
  11. What that boils down to is the link between Rangers Football club(particularly within the fanbase)and the Orange Order....,because Mcinnes was a player with RFC then he got it in the neck(wrongly)for being "orange" ........ Yeah there will be some Celtic fans out there that think being a protestant makes you orange but I would wager it's a very low percentage that think that way now,compared to yesteryear. I've been called a fxxxxn b*****d by some in blue for being a Livi supporter for god sake !!!! I'm probably more Presbyterian than them,as I attend the Kirk from time to time !!
  12. That's a tough one to prove AJF.....,agree in yrs gone by then the term was used to abuse the whole protestant religion,nowadays I dont think it is. Reason being as I explained, there is a clear dividing line now between "Orange" protestants and ordinary everyday ones. Someone like me is as much in the "people's" firing line as an irish Republican,reason being I dont back there agenda. So I get fired into the hate bucket for being a protestant scottish nationalist,along with other groups who dont back the "people's" agenda !! To be fair,I know a fair amount of rangers fans who think like me but stay stoom for obvious reasons....
  13. I'm a protestant but I hate the orange order,particularly its unionism and the in your face arrogance of their walks,as do many of my fellow Scottish protestants. So quite clearly to be "orange" or a supporter of them is very different from being an ordinary everyday protestant.........
  14. Another comeback from Vale 2nd one in a week .....just wish we'd start a match the way we finish one !!
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