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  1. Hard to argue with any of that spyro,kudos to the LL in its early days for being a trailblazer as regards the pyramid. But the last 3yrs its had a rotten stink about it,the bending over for the OF pound,has been the last straw for many. The saving grace for the LL will come in the shape of the big WoSFL clubs getting promoted into it and a few from the EoSFL in the yrs to come.
  2. Dominant display from Whitburn from start to finish,took until 15 mins to go before the game was put to bed though. A few players out for various reasons,hard to judge but a wins a win,especially as it was such a historic game .
  3. Will be at Station park today in the Dean's area of Livingston,my 1st time watching Whitburn competitively for a good number of yrs,due to Covid and not being interested because they were still flouncing about the well that was junior fitba... Different story today however,glorious day outside,a few sherbets in the Saltire pre match and Whitburns 1st game in the EoSFL.....,bring it on !!!!
  4. Welsh football forum Apostle telling it like it is .......
  5. Mind Its Livi your playing,no Lossie .........
  6. Josh Meekings is a hell of a signing for Brora,anymore like that and it would be hard to bet against them.
  7. Time will tell,imo I think Brechin will finish 3rd with Brora champions "again" and Fraserburgh 2nd.
  8. Well aware of that HJ and fair play to them,I've had correspondence with Niall from St.Duthus and they're now a very well run club with ambition to go higher. I've no gripe with either the SoSFL or the NCL,yeah as I said above their the poor relations north and south, but for me they both deserve to be where they are,they're both in parts of the country that are sparsely populated and are representing both areas in the pyramid.
  9. South of Scotland league isnt much better with clubs taking a season out or going out of business altogether. Heston Rovers being the latest casualty...... The NCL and SoSFL are the poor neighbor's in the north and south pyramid no doubt about that.
  10. Agree with a North pyramid section as discussion is lower on here north of the Tay. But feel the HL should have it's own section with being the tier 5 league and the other 3 leagues banded together for now.
  11. Yeah get that IA,time will tell I suppose. Will see if the Tayside teams can get licensed in time,otherwise it's a free bat at the baw for BoD... If Golspie Sutherland win the NCL,they'll be dispatched by BoD,as will Fort if they finish bottom of the HL this season.
  12. Superb marten,cheers for that !!! Post it on Fitba north tae mate 👍
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