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  1. Who knows but its SHFL related,glad we're shot of them. You lot should be hoping they go up,not stay where they are??
  2. Apparently something amiss with the above 2 when Cove were in the SHFL.
  3. Especially as Hertz are rank rotten just now,another wasted opportunity......
  4. See you guys at PRP next season,the Market Arms and the Ship Inn are decent.
  5. Game off Not foxes this time but frost.........
  6. Follow Follow is pulling any thread or chat over alleged sectarian singing at half time last nite 😏
  7. Add to it the Bridge of Don debacle last weekend,fox holes etc,Fauldhouse Utd getting shafted. The SJFA ar their best,absolute joke of an organisation. With the above and the great results and performances of former junior sides in the William Hill Scottish cup,its wakey wakey time.
  8. Another shambles in the dying "grade"
  9. Soz fife chaps,cant see anything but a Livi win here,especially as the game is at the Spaghettihad.
  10. Your no tiers below them as you ain't in the pyramid. Fantastic result all the same for bot and it shows they should be in the pyramid.
  11. Agree,milne had long promised a state of the art training facility and has now delivered. He's probably took AFC as far as he can take them,time for fresh hands on the wheel and phase 2 of the Kingsford project. No way AFC went thru court cases etd,spending cash on them as they did to get where they are. The training facility would have sailed thru planning as no one was objecting to it,it was the 20,000 stadium they were raging about.
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