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  1. I’m not sure they were booing the penalty as such, though from the other end it did look like a dive, the highlights show it was a penalty and a stupid one to give away. Much of the booing was due to poor second half display and what many saw as inept tactics from the management. I know the rules are the rules but I don’t think that third and fourth place teams should in the playoffs, it should just be second bottom against second top. Just my opinion and I understand the interest, excitement and revenue side of things.
  2. Could someone kindly inform the commentator that our keeper is called McCallum and not Mahallam
  3. Totally agree, this is like two cup ties, form goes out the window and previous results between the two mean nothing.
  4. I first heard it was violent conduct but the story now seems to be dissent, God knows what he supposedly said to merit a straight red?
  5. The kid with the drum is my laddie (4th generation supporter), it was something he came to me about. I wasn’t keen as we all know what has gone on before including the over zealous stewards. However, after speaking to members of the board and they were very positive about it, I agreed to it. The club have been very supportive as have the stewards who regularly carry the drum in for him as it’s awkward getting it through the season ticket turnstile. Whilst it would be great if their numbers grew, I hope the wrong elements don’t show up too and give the current crew a bad name. I couldn’t agree more about the songs and have “sung” (I use the term very loosely) some of the oldies from my time but they’re apparently “cringe”, just as I’m not impressed by the current Bridie Dance remix
  6. They’re saying it’s just a dead leg from an impact so should be fine
  7. We can still do this, it is possible, but I reckon no one has any confidence in that happening. I take no pleasure in saying that. A hard run in against teams that are performing better and with more continuity too. The likely loss to injury of Big Andy is a severe blow, granted we still have Whyte, who I rate very highly, in central defence but the partnership that Munro had with Anderson and, later, with Darren was formidable. Andy’s goal threat at set pieces too. One player doesn’t make a team and we have some excellent players but not in every department but Munro is a leader and we need someone with influence which I’m not sure we have. This Saturday will be an indication of where we are going forward.
  8. I didn’t suggest they were the same type of player hence why I said “Hilson OR Baird type” Either would be fine and could be quite effective playing alongside Stef and Slates. Anyway, great win today and guaranteed a play off place. Personally I would’ve preferred that was delayed and a Stenny win to give us a better chance of catching Annan.
  9. I would think if they do get promoted he would unlikely ever feature for them as he’s way down the pecking order as it is, Arbroath would surely look to strengthen if they go up. I would think promotion would increase our chances of his umpteenth return. There’s been regular rumours of him coming back all season, none of them true so this is likely the same, though I’d welcome him back, we’re crying out for someone like him or a John Baird type.
  10. Diddums Tongue in cheek comment goes over your head Vimto
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