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  1. His contract is until 2022, though I've heard he has a clause that if we're relegated he can be released. He has a good job here and came home so he and his partner are near their families now they have two very young children. Dumfries isn't exactly commutable from up here.
  2. I actually thought the linesman flagged for a by kick rather than offside as the ball had curled out before it got to our keeper.
  3. Yeah, he'll only get better, I actually thought he was as good as Hilson if not better than Dale has been this season and hopefully not a hypochondriac like Hilly. Excuse me but I'm a grammar nazi who will never change, I could reply to about every post on P&B though 😂 but the whole yous/youse/use instead of you thing does my head in....
  4. I wasn't at Falkirk last week so can only judge him on today. He was impressive with his skill, positioning and work rate. He totally ran out of steam but that's forgivable and understandable. "Youse", is that an actual word?
  5. I agree Irvine was outstanding and a potential candidate for MOTM but Dorris edged him and finally seeing Kirky being the player we knew he was is the right decision. Not a failure today even boys not playing in their natural positions.
  6. A prescious and well deserved three points, Malks is building his own team and they looked good today, not a single failure today. Looking like a team with desire and belief.
  7. I did enjoy the game thank you and I left the positives to the team and the manager. Malks is a charlatan? Do you care to qualify that statement please?
  8. You've given up, try supporting your club. And as for publicly admitting to being on tbs' side.... you need to tale a long hard look at yourself 🙈 At least the Kerr Hay Appreciation Society has doubled its membership 😂
  9. I heard that too but Arbroath are not alone, Kelty Hearts supposedly sniffing about too. I'd be gutted if he went this month (or at all) but his contract is up in June so may be a pre contract deal in the offing. Hopefully Malks can persuade him to sign a new deal? In other news, Rory McCallister signing for Cove Rangers is a great signing for us!
  10. I thought Irvine had a great game but McCallum better, Forbes better still and Stanger best of all. I liked the way he played alongside Whyte, instant connection. Not a failure in the team today.
  11. Travis out injured and Hilson getting a late fitness test does not bode well. Hopefully triumph in the face of adversity but likely not. I'll take a draw right now.
  12. I more or less agree with this but would swap Denholm and Swankie around and have Coxy on the bench (instead of Andy Munro, I like Andy but not a stand out) Just my tuppenceworth
  13. Right now I'd settle for a safe 8th with a few games to go then let Malcs look at who stays, who goes and and target who comes in to have a real go at season 2020/21. Possibilities of League 1 being more or less a part time division again next year. However, I'd be more than happy for us to climb the division and continue to gain confidence that we are under the new gaffer and his management team. The best bit is the passion that's back in the team and the majority seemingly wanting to be there. Nothing against Jim Weir, I liked him, but it's plain to see the team spirit is back. Stalwarts like Travis and Bain stand out as guys who didn't look happy but still gave their all for JW now appear to be back to loving wearing the shirt.
  14. The strip clash was ridiculous, as TBS pointed even the ref partially clashed too. It's not the first time involving Forfar and Stranraer. I remember a few years ago Stranraer turned up at Station Park with only their blue strips which was an obvious clash with us, the rule at the time being the away team played in their change strip. We ended up loaning them our yellow strip so all players were wearing a Forfar Athletic badge!
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