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  1. Sad to see Baino go, one of my favourite players of the last few years, a bit under appreciated by some. Best of luck to him.
  2. Tapps had an indifferent season with us at Station Park, his pre season promise didn’t quite materialise. You’ll hear positivity and some negativity about him but I liked him as a player. Quick, skilled, aggressive (though this does result in cards) but not dirty. Conversed with two or three times and a really nice lad with a big personality. He’ll be a good signing for you guys. All the best to him and Stenny.
  3. Three years ago today, that ball is still orbiting the Earth
  4. Darrel is a bit far for a local lad with young family, Kelty not so much. I hope he stays and Hoban is a decent backup. The team is taking shape.
  5. I hope that mystery fifth player is one of those two and the other signs up again too, both players I admire and are good servants to the club.
  6. Are you saying that based on actually seeing him or do you only have negative opinions?
  7. Bigger clubs with bigger support vote in higher numbers, Marc may not have had his best season but he’s still the best keeper in the division.
  8. I like Tapping, can be hot and cold which is frustrating but committed and competitive. When he’s good he’s excellent, there’s a greatness in him, he just needs to avoid injury, control his aggression better at times and think further ahead. Currently a good squad player who has the potential to mature like a fine wine. I’ve chatted to him a couple of times and he’s a very nice guy, I’d imagine a good guy to have in the dressing room.
  9. Yes he did, he was amazing on his debut at Station Park, dreadful away to Falkirk by all accounts, I wasn't there, then injured.
  10. Some of the comments from Jags fans are frankly ignorant and embarrassing. Our chairman was open and honest about how and why he voted the way he did. His job is to seek the best results financially for our club and not to spare the feelings of fans of rival clubs. He did the right thing in this case and would not offer a huge fee for a player whilst not having the financial power to do so, unlike the powers that were in charge of Partick during the signing of Alan Morgan. That was despicable behaviour towards a fellow member club. If any Partick fans think that looking after our own club is wrong then have a long look at yourselves. Forfar Athletic owe your club nothing, in fact the opposite is the case, you still owe us tens of thousands of pounds after dishonestly depriving our club of our star player of the time and/or a very substantial sum of money. If you wish to boycott Station Park then so be it, your choice to be immature.
  11. His contract is until 2022, though I've heard he has a clause that if we're relegated he can be released. He has a good job here and came home so he and his partner are near their families now they have two very young children. Dumfries isn't exactly commutable from up here.
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