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  1. He's either gained some people skills or treats away fans differently, the latter would be a reasonable guess. Sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience (result aside) at Station Park, don't judge the entire club based on Neanderthal jobsworth stewards. As you're no doubt aware by now the stewarding problem has been ongoing for a number of years now.
  2. I complained a few years ago, got a reply from the the chairman at the time. Basically telling me what he thought I wanted to hear then passed me to the head of security who was an officious patronising little ****
  3. "Happy days are here again.... " So happy for Stuart, Foxy and Barry, always want us to win and a bit more so for any new manager but given that trio's history with the club I wanted it even more. Feeling positive.
  4. The club puts on a free bus and certain disrespectful wee gits can't behave then try and blame the club and the bus organisers. Let them bin their season tickets, the club has their money now. They need to remember that it's not just the players that represent the club, it's everyone who dons the colours. If they can't behave legally and respectfully then the club doesn't need them. Back in the 80s and early 90s I was part of the "choir" behind the goal, we are largely still there, why? Simply because we created an atmosphere and generally behaved, youthful exuberance is normal but loutish behaviour isn't. There was a lot more of us back then too. Also, we didn't just sing The Bridie Dance, we danced it too!
  5. Happy with that appointment, let's get right behind the big man.
  6. Thankyou for that, some despicable comments from people hiding behind their keyboards. When Forfar hired him he wasn't who I would've picked but he grew on me and was still behind him despite our season going to hell in a handbasket. He's history now and I wish him well as not our worst manager by a long way. He may have been poor earlier in his managerial career for others but was a decent gaffer for us. I wasn't at the game yesterday (wife working and one of my kids was unwell). Sounds like our confidence has taken a further knock, we need a manager who combines motivation and discipline to avoid relegation, can't believe I'm saying that in November.
  7. When a Forfar manager win Manager of the Month it's always a kiss of death, let's hope Montrose suffer the same fate today.
  8. I had to laugh when said steward fell his length on Saturday!
  9. There's constant debate in the town as to who does the best bridies between Saddler and McLaren. They serve Saddler bridies at the pie shop in the ground, personally I like them but like McLaren's too. The best bridie I ever had was a McLaren's one but the worst I ever had was a McLaren's. I buy Saddlers, they are more consistent in quality in my opinion, they are more richly seasoned so not to everyone's taste. No doubt others will disagree with me. However, the best are from Cameron's which is a fishmonger who do pies and bridies, they are the best but sell out early in the day (for good reason) and do a chicken bridie which is in effect a birdie bridie lol
  10. I can't help but feel dejavue here. A good manager has a great season just missing out on promotion through the playoffs then losing some quality in the close season but start the new season with a couple of decent cup games and a spritely start to league before a bad spell and a loss of belief in the team. Just like the end of Dick's reign. I always thought Dick should have given longer but the chairman at the time had an ego and dispensed with him too soon. Our current chairman is a proper football guy who will understand things better and is far more of a gentleman and I believe will give Jim the chance to put things right. That is, of course, if Jim is up for the fight? He claimed in yesterday's post match interview he's a winner but he didn't look like he believed that, he looks defeated and broken.
  11. It's been a long time since I left a match early but I did just after the third went in. Good to see Hilson back but when Bain and Coupe seemingly played so well recently and are both on the bench again you do have to start to doubt if Jim's time is nearing?
  12. His words make little sense but his spelling and grammar beats yours hands down lol
  13. Sellars useless??? No idea lads, I have a lot of time for Sellars, he did a great job for our development squad and has stepped in to any role the club has asked him to. Sorry to see him go. Also, no one really cares what Fred says or thinks.
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