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  1. I find it a little concerning that we've signed four Brechin players. That said I think they're all good and maybe just carried along In Brechin's unfortunate tailspin.
  2. Then you become the new Raith Rovers with too many fans not understanding that the division you're in is where you deserve to be.
  3. My apologies, nothing intended just the result of big fingers (as seen in my avatar)
  4. Falkirk Raith Rovers Airdrie Clyde Forfar Athletic East Fife Peterhead Montrose Dunbarton Stranraer
  5. Remember it well and although at the time I perhaps agreed with it I thought Foxy was out of line. I'm happy to say we were wrong about JW.
  6. John Baird has left a big void to fill. All the best to him and his family.
  7. I did just that a few years ago when the fultras were on the go, though the catalyst for my letter was another matter involving the stewards inconsistent application of rules and an incedent involving my friend, his 9 year old, my 8 year old and I getting "a warning" at a pre season friendly against Berwick. I wrote directly to the chairman at the time. I received a polite reply acknowledging my concerns and informed the club's security officer would be in touch. I had a meeting with said officer and got nowhere. He was patronising in the extreme and very full of himself, it was a waste of time. My letter included a complaint about a particular steward. The only difference after was there were about three or four home matches that season I didn't get frisked on the way in if spotted approaching the gate by said steward.
  8. That was outside which is beyond their remit but the halftime coming together was entirely their blame. Rather than direct them around the Raith group in question they were directed through them. The big tied up flag blocking both an area of terrace and the route the stewards wanted the LOT boys to take was a pathetic oversight by the stewards. The fact that other fans had to step in to diffuse the situation was even worse. Had that trouble not flared up then I very much doubt the window incedent would have occurred.
  9. Well that's another season over, despite yesterday's disappointment (and embarrassing off field shenanigans) it's been a memorable season with a real feel good factor. We have a great backbone of a squad and I trust Jim to bring in real quality to bolster it. After this season I think good players will want to come here. I think the football side will take care of itself. i can't help but wonder if we are approaching the point where we need to demonstrate regarding the abomination that is the bulk of the security team. The Loons On Tour group did themselves no favours with their halftime and full time behaviour but I sincerely believe the catalyst to the problem and the blame lies firmly at the feet of the stewards. The boys have created a fantastic atmosphere which has rubbed off on the players so we need to encourage the party atmosphere and they must be allowed to continue to play their part. Maybe it requires effort from us mature supporters to both protect them from harrassment from the stewards but at times to think for the young ones when their enthusiasm may be about to cross a line? Thoughts?
  10. True but to direct them along the bottom of the terrace where there was a tied up flag rather than putting them to the top well away from that section of the away support was bafflingly stupid. Distance required between them, regardless of behaviour of both sets of fans the situation was created by the stewards.
  11. That may have been the catalyst but the stewards actually directed them along the route they took not letting them go up behind them. Typical of our stewards who lack the intelligence to carry out their jobs. Spot on. As I've said plenty times for a number of years the stewards are completely inept made worse by the security officer at the club thinking he's doing a good job and is unwilling to accept advice or criticism. The local police aren't much better. No one came out of those incidents looking good, blame on three sides. Maybe best to draw a line under it now? I had chats with many away fans before during and after the match all very civilised even with one of the guys who was involved at halftime who I pulled away to try and diffuse the situation (someone had to since our stewards are rank rotten) i hate to labour the point but the stewards are the root of all this creating problems that need not happen and hassling even the more peaceful mature support like myself.
  12. Ah. There is more to this than initial reports. I'm really disappointed in the boys' behaviour and nothing that happened can excuse it. I hope no one was hurt by this madness.
  13. Whilst I certainly don't condone that behaviour a few of those school boys were subjected kicks and punches from Raith adults at half time. Though the situation was created by our stewards who harassed the young Loons and allowed the Raith fans to block movement with their flag tied up with ropes and bungees. They forced the wee Loons to move one way but didn't create a safe route for them is typical of those inept cretins that steward Station Park, however attacking what are, let's face it, children because a bungee gets untied is disgraceful.
  14. I can't make it down tonight due to another commitment. Part of me isn't bothered though as the weather is a bit grim and Starks is grim at the best of times (no offence Raith fans, no problems with the club, I just don't like your stadium). Hopefully the Loons get a result that keeps the tie alive for Saturday.
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