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  1. Keeper makes a howler with minutes to go https://www.pscp.tv/w/a9JpujUwOTM3OHwxWmtLenl3YmR3ZXh2Fo4gv-X1WudKHMI10g_zWNCmWOWrycfljO7PahQyxsg=
  2. and aye it's on Periscope (SAFA)
  3. Got to be Colvilles. Saw them in the Scottish last weekend. Can't see by them.
  4. If Guinness recognised non professional (which they don't)
  5. Exactly man, if the player is eligible there is no case to answer. As you said, admin error doesn't get you chucked out the competition.
  6. East of Scotland Amateur Cup Final is on the Friday night bud [emoji106]
  7. Just clocked this on their website. Is this different from the Central Regions League?
  8. I'd say go for it man. Just looking at the Amateurs account from a cup tie from a couple of weeks ago hit 2 and a half thousand viewers (that's mental) judging on that I'd say we could have a massive audience watching the streams.
  9. Looks like perhaps they are realising this now with the draw on Periscope. I just hope it isn't a one off and it's the beginning of live draws for next season.
  10. Maybe more to come? I see they're on Periscope now. TJ checking Pie and Bovril these days? [emoji23]
  11. That's exactly what I was expecting too from the Ammy draw but it was as good as the seniors. Is it an independent person who does the Social Media for SAFA? Maybe someone can talk to them as they seem to have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on covered for their level.
  12. A hear whit yer saying, but surely there is a volunteer out there they could bring in. I'm sure plenty of Junior guys out there would love access to draws etc in around Hampden, resources like Facebook etc are all free.
  13. Well said man. Been a Juniors man aw ma life but I'm starting to take notice of whit is happening at Amateur Level. We could learn from these guys.
  14. I have to say I'm slightly jealous on how the ammy's handle their cup draws, social media etc. All very professional considering they're supposed to be Amateurs. Just caught this on their twitter and with yer man Johnston (SJFA Secretary) standing right there surely there's some inspiration there for our Association to do something similar. Surely someone out there can do this?
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