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  1. P & B Curry Club

    Anaya's Grillhouse in Helensburgh, top class food & service.
  2. Z Nation returns

    Series 5 started on Pick TV last night featuring a new type of Zombie, Talkers, they still look human but just don't realise they're dead. Murphy has turned red & has taken to eating brains and Warren finally got pumped.
  3. Today's internal jukebox

    We Are Detective - The fu**in Thomson Twins & they were sh*te!!!!
  4. TV shows that have gone on too long

    Big Brother/Celebrity Big Brother/I'm a Celebrity (allegedly)/X-Factor/BGT. Basically any reality TV sh*te.
  5. Yoker news today

    Injuries & holidays mainly. Muirkirk never really troubled us tbh, like I said, legs began to tire & they should have had a man sent off for a blatant second yellow but the ref bottled it.
  6. Yoker news today

    Hard fought 2-2 draw against Muirkirk in the Cup. We were actually leading at half time but with only eleven players showing up & Andy Campbell in goal again, the guys began to wilt a wee bit & Muirkirk scored their equaliser. We will have 5 or 6 players back for the replay so we will finish the tie off this weekend.
  7. Top 5 c***s from BBC news programmes

    I don't watch BBC news programmes but most of those mentioned so far are guilty of rampant c**tery in the extreme.
  8. Yoker news today

    Bit of an exaggeration there mate, first sending off this season!!!!
  9. Yoker news today

    A hard fought 2-2 draw away to Bellshill Athletic on Saturday, a penalty & a 20-yard free kick from Greg Maitland securing a point for the Whe Ho. Finished the game with 10 men as Greg McBride was sent off late on (2nd yellow card).
  10. Stung by a bee!

    The only bee I like is the Big Effin Bee by Matt McGinn.
  11. Yoker news today

    Gareth Watson was in goal for us on Saturday (he's played for us before), Liam's hip finally gave out. Andy was playing in the back four & was an absolute stand out. Campbell Bissland usually posts the team on Twitter but he was on holiday on Saturday
  12. Sent home from school for haircut

    Julian Lescott must have been sent home on a regular basis then lol
  13. Yoker news today

    Were defo worth a draw on Saturday, mind you, if AWR had their shooting boots on in the 1st half we could have got a real doing but we weathered the pressure well. Andy Campbell had an outstanding game for us though.
  14. Referees

    We were at Adrossan Winton Rovers on Saturday, the ref was on first name terms with the Ardrossan team. Same thing happened with the Bankies v Hurlford, the ref knew the Hurlford team's nicknames ffs!!!!!
  15. Yoker news today

    Nope, it's not started yet & I don't expect it to until next year.