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  1. Johnstone Burgh will be playing their outstanding games next season at this rate lol
  2. No game this Saturday. Next match 14/03/20 v St. Anthony (A) 14.00 KO
  3. Going off at a slight tangent, Goblin Works Garage is pretty good & it has the gorgeous Helen Stanley as resident eye candy.
  4. Hilda Ogden v Dot Cotton
  5. The advert for Amazon about it being such a great place to work - aye right. Hate it with a passion,
  6. Rorke's Drift Waterloo Trafalgar Britain 1st Mannasas (Bull Run)
  7. For those of a Yoker persuasion, the Whe Ho played a friendly last night against Kirkintilloch Rob Roy. The result was 1-3 but the Who Ho more than held their own against Premiership opponents and went 1-0 ahead at half-time having outplayed Kirkie for most of the half. However, KRR had 9 subs, we had 4 including a goalie so we basically ran out of steam against a fresh Kirkie team in the second half, the ref sticking to the rule book & refusing to let both teams rotate players as the game progressed, much to our disadvantage. However, it was a useful exercise for both teams, Kirkie not having played for four weeks & the Whe Ho with a potentially difficult away match at Muirkirk on Saturday.
  8. Thanks for the explanation Kennie but we appear to be missing a fixture, Johnstone Burgh away which was cancelled earlier in the season? Since we have free Saturdays after March 21st could one of them not be utilised?
  9. Series 7 started two weeks ago, usual time slots on BBC4
  10. Series 7 started two weeks ago, usual time slots on BBC4.
  11. Taxman


    Twisted Thistle IPA - Belhaven East Coast IPA - Greene King Seven Giraffes - Williams Brothers Joker IPA - Williams Brothers Mena Brea
  12. Arthur will get his c*nt kicked in.
  13. Disappointing 1-1 draw at Vale of Leven Last night. Yoker were on top for most of the game especially the second half against 10 men (Vale No.10 sent off 35mins after he had scored a peach with Vales only shot of the first half on 25mins). The Whe Ho should have been out sight in the second half but squandered chance after chance, even missed a penalty again!!!!! Cree made amends by scoring the equaliser with 15 to go but we couldn't get a winner.
  14. Many thanks to Bert at Lugar Boswell for finding the two training balls we lost when we were down there recently, we never realised they were lost until later on that week.
  15. Drawn away to Neilston, 1st Round Scottish Junior Cup 14/09/19 2.30pm KO. If we win that then at home to Forth Wanderers in 2nd Round 28/09/19 2.30pm KO
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