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  1. Rock Chicks

    1. Any of the Runaways 2. Fay Fife (back in the day) 3. Grace Slick (back in the day, allegedly her BJs were legendary) 4. Maggie Bell 5. Amy McDonald
  2. Yoker news today

    Glasgow Perthshire at Keppoch Park tomorrow, 2.00pm KO. An absolute must win for the Whe Ho.
  3. Yoker news today

    It should be completed by the end of next week or the following week at latest.
  4. Yoker news today

    Hopefully Wishaw at Holm Park Community Soccer Academy on the 25th May.
  5. Last Book You Read....

    Nae Wonder Ah Take A Drink by Louise Marney, funny as f*ck. Two books of short stories by Chris McQueer, Hings & HWFG, also funny as f*ck.
  6. Megabus - Glasgow to London

    Travelled on Megabus to London once - never again. Train or plane now.
  7. Yoker news today

    Even if we do win our remaining four games I don't think that will be enough. No game on the 20th, Maryhill away on the 27th then nothing until 18th & 25th May (Lugar Boswel & Wishaw respectively). We will be relying on results elsewhere & tbh we could be relegated long before our games in May.
  8. 10/12 bottles of beer (330ml) then hit the vodka.
  9. The cost of drinking in pubs

    The State & the Variety were my work "locals" when I worked for the Revenue years ago, great pubs. My local is the Station Bar in Yoker, the owner always has great deals on the go, e.g. Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA, 330ml bottle, 5.6abv, £1.25 a pop. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Belhaven make some great bottled ales.
  10. Yoker news today

    Wishaw are in our sights but have 3 games in hand on us.
  11. Yoker news today

    We're running out of games & playing the top two a week apart doesn't help but Saturday's result should boost the team's confidence no end. The teams round about us all have games in hand on us too.
  12. Yoker news today

    At home to Royal Albert tomorrow, 2.00pm KO, hopefully it will be dry!!!!
  13. Forgotten scottish bands

    The Majestics lol Josef K Fiction Factory The Rezillos
  14. Forgotten scottish bands

    Agreed, they were brilliant.
  15. Revisiting old albums

    Regularly still listen to The Clash - seminal 1st album; IV Rattus Norvegicus - Stranglers; Scared to Dance - The Skids; Electric Warrior - T-Rex to name but a few.