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  1. Personally as the gk today best striker i have had against all season fast gd movement can hold the ball can get in behind and clearly finishing was on point second half. Frustrating game today as 1st hlf was even 2nd half we just didnt come out. Need to try regroup pull together and go again next week. Personally on behalf of the boys can only apologise to our usual loyal support who come out and back us
  2. Not only because hes my gaffer but mark mckay at vale of clyde deserves a mention what hes done not only on the park but off it. He took over and had to build almost a full new squad last season with zero cash and we missed out on promotion by 1 goal but around the club the work hes put in to help push the club in a better direction is unreal hes got a great atmosphere and a great togetherness thats been missing from the club for many a year ( hopefully this keeps me in the team haha)
  3. Good away win down lugar for the boys and happy with another clean sheet ..... on behalf of all the lads i would like to thank the usual loyal supporters who travelled away down ther to show us your support means alot to the lads just a shame didnt have a chance to come over say to them after the game so cheers guys. Cmon the tin pail
  4. 90% last season squad been back at pre season signed 7 am sure it is new faces everyones been chipping in with hard work the home shower rooms all stripped and re done and wet walled home changing room all re done and new benches , away room , refs room hall ways etc all painted also , park having work too it. New strips home and away , training kits etc also. Been a busy summer at the vale so far lol credit to every one playing there part in helping us better the club
  5. Welcome to the new lads and wee mention for everyone involved with the club from committee ,manager ,players , and fans who have been working hard recently to do up the shower room,changing room and other parts of the building aswell as the park and terracing. Thats what clubs all about everyone pulling together
  6. On a personal level hes the Best player i have ever played with hands down
  7. Congrats to carluke its hard one to lose out by one goal but deary deary me to lose out on promotion to a goal like that a dont know if a should laugh or cry But its been a great season we go again next season .... good luck to lanark the gow and carluke in the league above
  8. They already have a legend between the sticks haha
  9. Buzzing to have re signed for next season Cmon the tin pail
  10. Watching the highlights and when you see the reaction of the players the bench and the fans when that winner goes in is what football is all about. What a season its been for us regardless what happens thers a feel good factor down at the vale again and its a place we all love going to play our fball , from my team mates to mark his staff the committee and the fans who week in week out show up and make the club what it is Cmon the tin pail
  11. Buzzing with that result today And on behalf of all the lads would like to say thanks to everyone whos came and backed us at home this season your support means alot. Cmon the tin pail
  12. DOnt mean to sound like sour grapes or blaming todays result all on him but yet again another SHOCKING ref performance one thing i have noticed mostly this season that the standard of ref are terrible if its not piss poor decisions its young refs way a power trip
  13. Buzzing with that today lads battled well what a result to go away to a top side get the win and the clean sheet. Proud of the boys
  14. Vale of clyde are always looking to add good players to the squad
  15. Is ther highlights of the game or just the goals Cheers
  16. Proud of the lads today battled well against a top side who hopefully they go on to have a good season aswell some top lads ther and even ther fans talking away to them wher class. Makes a change from the usual doggs abuse yae take lol onto the next one. " tin pail"
  17. Vale of clyde - 5 bsc ammys - 2 first game for the new squad
  18. Thats a mug shot lol. Another very enjoyable session with tom and the lads but also chuffed to have resigned for the season its my local club with great men behind the scenes and new gaffer marky is a top man whos really looking to push club foward on and off the park so was a no brainer to ignore other intrest and resign for the tinpail : )
  19. Buzzing to get back to it on monday under the new gaffer #tinpail
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