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  1. Never ever rest on your laurels.
  2. I advertise open training sessions on FB and social media every year if you check Penalty. Nothing embarrassing or wrong with asking players if they want to come and play with you. I did it on our very first season and every season after it, and we haven’t done to badly out of it. We don’t, and never have, felt at Shortlees that we are entitled to attract players. We look for them just the same as everyone else, or we wouldn’t be doing our role properly. So if we get one player, or two or three players out of it, as we have done in all of the past 9 seasons. We will work with them, and hopefully turn them in to better players. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t, it all depends on what they want to put in to it, and what they want to get out of it. It is a never ending street, as the search for that one great player, always goes on. There is another Messi out there somewhere, who is going to find him first, he might turn up at one of our training sessions next season. Lol
  3. Well played Shortlees, in last nights victory in the James Scott final, beating Ardeer in a very tough final 2-1. Well played Ardeer. Our season is now over, and we look forward to next year. Rumours of our demise have made me laugh, as we were one of the first teams to register for next season. Wee bit of a change happening, which i think is good for all clubs, as nothing lasts forever. Billy Mason has decided to step down as our manager. He has been a great servant to this club, and as a player, captain, and manager, no one ever gave more. We thank him for his loyalty, and his patience, lol. We are very excited to have a new management team led by Colza, “Colin Smith” who has accepted the job, and we look forward to seeing him put his football experience and stamp on the club. We also look forward to continuing our rivalries next year, and for the foreseeable future. All the best to everyone for next season.
  4. We won’t be folding. Why would we fold, every team goes through a transition at some point. Managers leave clubs, players leave clubs. Shortlees are a big amateur club, who are financially secure, that have won everything in amateur football, all in less than 8 years. We will def not be folding. We may have to transition, a bit here and there, but isn’t that what all clubs at all levels have to do at some point. We the committee at Shortlees, will continue to work hard off the park, to insure our players, present and future, try as hard as they can on it, to try their best to win everything we enter. That has always been in the club and committee’s remit, and the minimum asked of any players who come to Shortlees Amateurs, as it should be of any club. We fight on ☠️
  5. Hi all, I just thought I would come on hear to say something on behalf of Mr Andrews. I have owened the Murray Bar for 11 years, and I am not calling anyone a liar, I don't think, or even can I ever remember Mr Andrews, being in it. He might well have been, and I have thought hard about this, but I have never seen him anytime, or even recently. Just putting that out there, as I think it's only fair.
  6. Scottish Cup 4th round

    OMG, It wasn't flares they let off, it was a couple of smoke bombs. As for thousands of pounds worth of damage, I don't think so. Also as for always in trouble, what trouble, possibilitys of smashing up cars after a 5-0 win? Come take fk, considering the size of our support for an amateur club, our fans are brilliant at our games, albeit, they might get a bit over exuberant against Hurford Thistle, but that will always be the case, with local rivals in any level of football, and that usually goes for both sets of supporters. I'm 100% sure it happens all over Scotland. We have actually got a letter from the SAFA commending our supporters, how many teams on here have got that. The infiltrator comment if you know me, is a bit of tongue in cheek, or as some might call it a bit of a wind up. The smoke bombs were thrown over the fence after we asked the fans involved to stop. That is not an admission of guilt, as no one from our club was involved. I wonder who it could have been that reported the incident, Im guessing it's, och... i will let you all have one guess. Wee clue who I think it is.............Eh..... they are very unliked in Ayrshire football, guess away. Answers on a post card please, and all answers will be kept confidential, in the secure Shortlees Ams vaults.
  7. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Well there was 3/400 people there, let them prove it was our fans, there is cctv I think. I mean it might be a Hurlford infiltrator, who is trying to tarnish our good name.
  8. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Some boys in the crowd letting off smoke bombs or something, it has nothing to do with anyone from Shortlees, Amateurs, we are not responsible for the crowd at an away game.
  9. Scottish Cup 4th round

    No Penalty, I don't idolise him, I idolise my wife, my weans, and my grand weans. I think he is a great player at this level, by far the best I have ever seen at ammy. People will disagree, and thats fine, thats what fitba is all about, opinions. He can be a wee p***k, like most people, at times, and trust me we have had our serious fallouts, if I think he is in the wrong, I tell him straight, and I think he respects me for that. Penalty SO, who are you? You're a Shortlees boy I take it, you like to give me it tight. Have I done something to upset you?
  10. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Keir Knapp's up for sale, first come first served lol
  11. What if someone from Bannockburn committee, even a fan, or a player, loaned him the money, to buy out his contract, and he pays it back to that individual, over the rest of the season, I don't think that can be breaking any rules. That way he buys out his own contract. Surely they couldn't want that much for him, especially if he didn't want to stay.
  12. Scottish Cup draw

    He started talking about our league and HT, beating Shortlees to the league I only said we will wait and see come May. I hardly chewed his head off mate. He just needed to say, fair comment. He then went on to change the subject, and have a go at me. Most of my posts on here are about the Scottish Cup. I just answered his post having a go at me back, I then said, bye BingeDrinker. I didn’t drag it elsewhere mate.
  13. Scottish Cup draw

    I meant Mick, about us winning the Scottish cup that year, as Colvile won it.
  14. Scottish Cup draw

    I dont know about the best bit of skill to win the game, the ball trickled in to the net after the Oban player miss hit it. We were battering Oban, and only one team looked like scoring. Joe Gold missed a pinch near the end to make it 2-2. The only reason they near scored again is because we had to commit players forward as it was final mins and we were going out. That goal at the time was the only shot they had at our goal all second half, as they couldn't get out. I was happy with the draw and was screaming to just see the game out, and take the replay back to ours. But the players had a head of steam up, couldn't here me for our fans, and they never seen it coming. Their committee and management were shouting for full time, before they scored, as it was was looking inevitable that we were going to score. The ref who I didn't know at the time, actually contacted me after the game to wish us well and said we should have won easy, to keep our heads up and said we were brilliant that day, and just unlucky. I spoke to their manager and committee after the game, they even said they were very lucky and just happy to be in the hat. We have remained friends with Oban committee ever since, great bunch of lads. But it's all about what you watch in a game, that was and will always remain my worst feeling after a loss. I still have nightmares about it.
  15. Scottish Cup draw

    You are right mate Bannockburn were the better team in the Semi. Our goalie and defence kept us in it. Especially our goalie. Sometimes the defence have a great day and we defended well. The goalie and the defence got the glory that day. What I should have said, or what I meant by toughest , was that it took two very close games, our second game away, to divide Thorn and ourselves. Bannockburn on the other hand didn’t have a close game As you should have won, but we got the breaks, and they didn’t. I came in to their dressing room and said to the management and players straight after the game, that Bannockburn deserved to win, and they did. I even tweeted and posted on our FB page that they should have won. But the two games against Thorn were close and tough for us both. So if it makes any sense, Bannockburn, didn’t really have a hard game, we gave them, their hardest game as they should have won. But that is the way it goes sometimes. Oban done it to us one year, I think if we had beat Oban, after battering them up there in the Quarters of the Scottish in 15/16, the year we won the West, I think we would have won the Scottish, as well as the West, Ayrshire cup,and league, we were flying that year,20+ at every training session, and we also won every game home and away in our league that year as well. I could and would have retired on the spot. Although I’m sure Mick will have something to say about that. But Oban defended for their lives and broke away in 88 min in their first real forage up the park of the second half and scored. So we have been there, we have all been there. I expect Bannockburn to go far this year, and if we were not to win it, and go out, I would have liked for Goldenhill to win it, as we feel the pain for them, even when you win, as we have, we all have had disappointments, and we have beat them in two close finals. You feel sorry for them, after the game, the same for Colvile who lost a few. But hey Goldenhill are now out. We would love to win it again, but it is very hard to do once, never mind twice in consecutive seasons.