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  1. I couldn't tell you, or I would be telling you lies, you could be right, it could have been his second group of 5 yellows, but at the end of the day that would have been a yellow card, every 5 games. That isn't bad return for a player who is as committed on the park as Roagie. I just think it is harsh and wrong for a player to miss a game like that, after giving his soul all season. I just think it is wrong in every way, and needs looked at and updated. You want the best 11 v the best 11 in these games, no excuses, both teams at full strength, and hopefully without injuries. It makes it a better spectacle for everyone involved.
  2. Firstly we only want to play these games, if everyone involved is safe, and the Covid19 isn't a factor, let me make it clear that peoples lives come first. I am obviously bias, but if we can get the two semis, and final played some time in June, July, it would only take a week to do it. Two semis one weekend and the final the following. Obviously with the same players that were signed this season. I think you will find that the other teams in the semis would probably agree. Anyone on here would want to play these games if it was safe and their team were involved, as they are the biggest games of the season, it is the CL of our Amateur football. Next I am just fishing here, and looking for opinions. We have two players suspended for the semi, and one of them is now, because the rest of our season ending, suspended for both big games, He has a two match ban for 5 yellow accumulations, and a sending off for two yellows in his last match. They both could have had their bans up if there were other cup and league games to play, none of them were for violent conduct. Personally, I think they need to change this rule, to allow players who if we are honest, might only get one chance in a lifetime to play in these games. The yellow cards picked up in the Champions League, and World Cup, from the start of the group stages are wiped out after the quarter-finals were completed. This is done to give all players a clean slate going into the semi-finals. The rules were altered in order to give players the best possible chance of playing in the finals. I would like the SAFA should adapt this, so players can play in these games, the players could serve their bans at the start of the next season, or the next game they play. We had a player who got banned from the final two years ago for just that, 5 yellows in about 50 games previous to the final that season, I really felt for the boy, it was terrible. I think they should do the same, in the Scottish, and maybe the regional cups as well, then everyone is equal from the semi, and it gives players a chance to play in these big games, with all 4 teams at full strength. It makes for better games, and If a player gets justifiably sent off in the semi, no one could complain, as they would deserve banned for the final. I am just interested on peoples thoughts on this, and what players and managers think, no abuse please, I've got a bus pass now.
  3. !00% all for summer football, it is a no brainer, all our biggest crowds and most other teams are when it is sunny, or warm. Where there is a will, there is a way, anything can be changed. Over the season we will all have players on holiday, working etc, same for every team, games on nice green grass parks, 2 games guaranteed on, unless there was unnatural, and unprecedented freaky weather. We could even set the full fixtures list, for the full season at the start, so we know who we get every week in advance, I would vote for it tomorrow.
  4. Good afternoon All. I am e mailing you to confirm that all Scottish football is now suspended until further notice with immediate effect. Ayrshire AFA games scheduled for tomorrow will not take place and no further fixtures will be issued until the situation changes. I have no further information on when games might resume, but will update you all, if and when there is anything further to report. Willie McIlvanney Ayrshire AFA Match Secretary & Life Member Mobile: 0777 630 4708
  5. Good morning, Please see below statement from the Scottish FA and SPFL Joint Response Group: The Joint Response Group can confirm the decision of the Scottish FA Board to suspend ALL domestic professional and grassroots football under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA until further notice. The Scottish FA and SPFL will continue to liaise with governments and UEFA in relation to domestic, European and International fixtures in the coming days and more information will be communicated at the appropriate time. The Scottish FA Board made its decision in the interests of the health and safety of players, match officials, staff, supporters and the general public. Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA Chief Executive: “Since the guidance outlined by governments last night we have been engaged in extensive dialogue to clarify the position and implications of that guidance for Scottish football. “Today’s announcement is made in the interests of public health but, equally, the health and safety of players, match officials, and staff across the game. This is of paramount importance as the country enters the ‘delay’ phase of the coronavirus pandemic. “It is also why the Scottish FA is compelled to ensure that the suspension is cascaded through the non-professional and grassroots games until further notice.” All Scottish Women's Football matches are therefore suspended indefinetly. Please note this includes friendly matches. SWF will work to keep our members updated in due course. Kind Regards, SWF
  6. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz do you’s ever stop. Over 3 pages of this shite now, you’s are like a dog with a bone. the same people all the time, like school bully’s. Just repeating yourselves again and again. Why don’t you all come together like the three musketeers on Saturday and come and tell me how much of a cant I have made of myself. I will be at the game, as most of you seem to know me. I am taking time out of this shite now, as my fingertips are numb. I expect you’s to drivel on moaning and moaning and moaning and ......................... I’m sure you all get the picture. Bye boys or girls.
  7. I think it’s embarrassing you can’t spell embarrassing.. Ok it’s not the most important game this weekend. Can we move on.
  8. Ok Fergie. I apologise it was Redondo that said it.
  9. It is a massive fixture, for any ammie teams. We do play all our home games there pal. It is in Killie, we want a good crowd, so it is better if it is there. But if anyone is spouting shite on here it is you. Book the park weeks earlier, on advance you said etc. You obviously don’t anything about football or us, you completely don’t know what you are talking about.
  10. See the annoying thing is. With a bit of a budget and some maintenance scott Ellis ( incorporating the ayrshire athletic arena) could be Kilmarnocks answer to Kilwinning sports club. There is space for 6 parks down there. With some investment it could be a top facility. One that makes the council money, albeit after an initial large outlay. Agree 100%. Our committee, myself included were at a meeting with the council on Monday night to find a solution to Shortlees Ams ongoing predicament, of not having a home park. We have been in talks with the Council for some 10 years now, and are still no farther forward. Having said that, talks on Monday night with a council sports representative, were far more informative, and more positive going forward.
  11. Shortlees are happy about the game being on, NF are happy to help and are happy ours and their game is on, Sandys are happy the game is on, Sandys fans are happy the game is on. The ref the two linesmen and the SAFA officials are happy the game is on, the Shortlees fans are happy the game is on. Spykid, Bingedrinker, and Garybhoy and a couple of others aren’t happy, or personally don’t care if the game is on. I personally I think common sense has prevailed. Thank you NF and Colin, I don’t know if he would want his full name on here, for your cooperation and help in getting this massive fixture for us played this weekend, it means a lot.
  12. Spykid you haven’t a clue, there is no pitch in Shortlees, we used to have Scott Ellis as our home pitch until the council stopped maintaining them. We have to register a park, so we tell them Burnpark as we get early and late season games on it. Shortlees have not played at Burnpark, in the dead of winter, for many years. I will give you a year to find one fixture we have played there in the winter in the last 5 years. Oh wait...........................Listening.
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