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  1. The reason I liked it was because I agree with his point, that these games should be played when the season is over. I actually was in favour, and wanted to play the game, to give some of our squad game time, I am sure if you ask the Shortlees manager he will confirm. The truth is, it was a bad time to play the game for us, with the West the following week, we didn't want to risk it, as we had a few of our players struggling with niggling injuries.
  2. I doubt it pal, or I might have considered it.
  3. I couldn't possibly manage at this level, it is too low.
  4. He is coming home to his second father, and family, picture taken at tonights training session at Burnpark, where there was a wee crowd there to greet him.
  5. Never ever write us off, for as long as we can field a team, we will fight for every blade of grass. We have an experienced committee and some players, who have been there and have the T-shirt to prove it. We were one of the first reams to register this year, even though we lost nearly an entire squad. The rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated, we aren't dead yet, we were only badly wounded, so beware, as we are healing quickly, Trust me there is plenty of fight left in this big old dog, and pre season means nothing. We will decide when we are going to die, and I am sure you will all on here, be some of the first to know. We are a determined bunch at Shortlees, myself being one of the worst offenders. We are going well with what we have, having brought in new young, and older experienced players, who are only now buying in to what is required of them, to play for Shortlees, with hard work being the main ingredient. Also we have a new management team, and the boys are listening and learning from them, they are taking onboard what the coaches are telling them with great enthusiasm, and implementing their instructions to the letter on the park. I think the committee, management and the players deserve great credit for their response, as they have been magnificent for us, I honestly cant praise them enough, as in our darkest hour, they have given us everything they have got. In my opinion, it is far to quickly to write anyone off this early in the season, as on any given day, anyone can beat anyone, with only the fancied Glenburn remaining unbeaten, plus there is not one draw on the board. Ok granted, we might not get fully get there this season, but it definitely won't be for the lack commitment, from all at Shortlees. We wish everyone all the best for the season, and keep your eyeswideopen. I will leave you with this famous little sentence. WRITE US OFF AT YOUR PERIL.
  6. Thought we were the just the best team if I am honest, and we just wanted it more. Great result for us considering we are basically a new team.
  7. They never won by a mile Penalty, I don't know what game you were watching mate. You seem to be at all our games, are you a fan or a frenemy?
  8. I think we must have been at different games Dr Drool. Tarbolton goalie had quite a few good saves in the game, maybe you were late, drunk, or both, or maybe I was on the magic mushrooms . I don't grudge Tarbolton the win, as we have given them a few good doings in the recent past, and vice versa. We wish them all the best, as their Saturday scran is second to none.
  9. Everyone knows that mate as we have lost 9/10 players from last season., and considering that I thought we did all right for most of the game on their wee park. Even the ref said this to me about our team after the game, to be fair I was paying him at the time. A draw would have been a fair result in my opinion, but that might be considered bias by some. We missed a penalty in the second half at 2-1, and missed a couple of sitters. We hit the bar in the first half as well, and we could have got something from a few mad scrambles in their box where it just didn’t fall for us. Imo we should have been up a couple at half time, instead of the one. But fair play to Tarbolton, with the loss of big Minor at HT, and Connell 10 mins later, they came storming back in to the game. Tarbolton is a tricky place to go on a wet and windy night most times, as I am sure most football minded guys will tell you. But with the good result Tarbolton had on Sat, it was a bad time to get them, and as I have said tonight on Twitter, there will be days up there when they will beat better teams than us. Well done Tarbolton, who tried to play football tonight, instead of their renowned getting fk In type of football I have seen from them in the past. I am not being disrespectful to their previous manager who is a top man, and I know from past experience, sometimes you have to do that, depending on your personnel, and who you are playing, I have done it many a time. Personally I thought it was a good game of football for the neutral, and I think results will be all over the place this year. Let’s all just enjoy what could be a very open league this year, where anyone could beat anyone, on any given day.
  10. It is all about opinions Penalty, and I respect yours, but i don't think we were terrible, I mean….. TERRIBLE! I don't know how you can say that. Maybe you have been spoiled with watching Knapp and Co. I thought it was a good game to watch, between two decent teams, and I am sure Mauchline boys would agree. We had 4 of our players taken off injured, our two main strikers not even playing, Gordon who is injured, Rankin who was working, Connell, who is as good as anybody at this level, not playing, Joe Gold, plus another couple to come back in. We had a 40 year old guy thankfully helping us out up front. We haven't once had our whole team together on the same day/night yet, but when they are all there, we will see if you are right. These are not excuses, these are facts. I thought under the circumstances, it was a very good game between us, as we were playing against a very strong Mauchline side, who trust me, will be hard to beat this year, and in my opinion, will probably win their league, if they can keep that team. I don't think some off you on here know this, but Shortlees have only won 1 game in the last 3 years in pre season friendly.s, and remember recently we lost all our pre season games, drew with Tarbolton on our opening game and got humped 1-5 by Hurlford Ams in our second game, and we all know how that season finished. So we have shown before, that It isn't how you start a season, it is how you finish it. We might never hit those hazy heights ever again, but it is all about Shortlees playing football on a Saturday, and boys enjoying it, winning is the bonus, and that is what we will try to do every week. The management and players will work hard to get better, and we will, as basically we are rebuilding. I am confident in the players we have brought in, they are a great bunch of lads. We will all need to stick together and get to know one another, as like any team, we will need time to jell, and knit together, and they will. So we will see how it all pans out Penalty, when we are at full strength for the first time.
  11. I don't usually react to these posts, and I expect a few narf remarks back in response, I will take them, and I might even deserve them, and I promise I won't reply to any of them, as what I am going to write here will cover everything. One day maybe, you might have something constructive, nice, or even respectful to say about Shortlees, you are always making negative comments about them, every single time. Your just an absolute clown of a guy, and you talk nothing but shite. But in reply to us being done as a force, well at least we have been a force, and we have been to places, and stadiums, your team can only dream about. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🏆Let's start, we've played at Hamden, became Scottish champions, became West of Scotland champions, whilst still in the 1st division, "with the record biggest crowd ever at a West cup final". Premier champions, with the biggest last day crowd most folk in Ayrshire can remember at an amateur game. Won the Ayrshire cup, with the record winning score ever in the final of 8-1, whilst still in the 1st division. 1st division champions, where we won every single league game we played. The 2nd division champions, the James Scott trophy "twice", and finally, the Eric White trophy. Everything you can win in the amateur game, and all done in under a decade. Oh....and please don't mention that other wee Ayrshire cup that your team won, as one we didn't win, as you have to be a loser in the first round of the Ayrshire cup to get in it. Fk me, we even got on tv with Sportscene, and played in the BIG Scottish cup. So if we never ever win another game, I would've took a lot less than that when we started in 2010, Nuff said. Now off you pop son! .
  12. I advertise open training sessions on FB and social media every year if you check Penalty. Nothing embarrassing or wrong with asking players if they want to come and play with you. I did it on our very first season and every season after it, and we haven’t done to badly out of it. We don’t, and never have, felt at Shortlees that we are entitled to attract players. We look for them just the same as everyone else, or we wouldn’t be doing our role properly. So if we get one player, or two or three players out of it, as we have done in all of the past 9 seasons. We will work with them, and hopefully turn them in to better players. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t, it all depends on what they want to put in to it, and what they want to get out of it. It is a never ending street, as the search for that one great player, always goes on. There is another Messi out there somewhere, who is going to find him first, he might turn up at one of our training sessions next season. Lol
  13. Well played Shortlees, in last nights victory in the James Scott final, beating Ardeer in a very tough final 2-1. Well played Ardeer. Our season is now over, and we look forward to next year. Rumours of our demise have made me laugh, as we were one of the first teams to register for next season. Wee bit of a change happening, which i think is good for all clubs, as nothing lasts forever. Billy Mason has decided to step down as our manager. He has been a great servant to this club, and as a player, captain, and manager, no one ever gave more. We thank him for his loyalty, and his patience, lol. We are very excited to have a new management team led by Colza, “Colin Smith” who has accepted the job, and we look forward to seeing him put his football experience and stamp on the club. We also look forward to continuing our rivalries next year, and for the foreseeable future. All the best to everyone for next season.
  14. We won’t be folding. Why would we fold, every team goes through a transition at some point. Managers leave clubs, players leave clubs. Shortlees are a big amateur club, who are financially secure, that have won everything in amateur football, all in less than 8 years. We will def not be folding. We may have to transition, a bit here and there, but isn’t that what all clubs at all levels have to do at some point. We the committee at Shortlees, will continue to work hard off the park, to insure our players, present and future, try as hard as they can on it, to try their best to win everything we enter. That has always been in the club and committee’s remit, and the minimum asked of any players who come to Shortlees Amateurs, as it should be of any club. We fight on ☠️
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