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  1. Rab, you havent posted anything. You need some help there pal ?
  2. And they wonder why they get called big time Charlies. Dont win so their manager decides to spit the dummy and not show respect and sportmanship by shaking the oppositions hands. Wonder what spin he will put in paper about that performance. Same when they beat us over here a couple of weeks ago, the shouts from their manager and some of the fans were poor. Their Chaiman, if they have one, should get him in order. Mans an embarrassment.
  3. Big Time Charlies 2 Threave 4. Anyone there ? Decent result for Threave after Wednesday defeat
  4. Anyone at Saints last night ? Didnt see that one coming. Could be hard for Flash to stay on after that result.
  5. Rab, you alright ? Nae comeback ?You in the huff ? Your not away on holiday again are you ? haha
  6. Aye, whatever you say Rab. Saints didnae want LL, thats why paperwork was held back . We at WAB FC are same, we dont want LL, I dont blame SaInts for not submitting paperwork in time, would have done the same. Its been boring, no offence to others on here, when you have been away on your holidays. You never know, you could be on holiday every weekend soon Rab old pal ! Even the Prodigy can see its you Rab, us boys fae the Shire stick together haha. Bye for now Rab, cannae wait for your next comeback, "you brighten my day" Eh ?
  7. Aye Ok Rab. You would need to be taking to yourself to bring it to the managers attention would you not ? As for listening to other peoples conversations you could not help but hear what the old codgers were on about. Herd more but it sounded too far fetched to put on here. Rug is going to be pulled out from beneath you just shortly, another Dumfries based manager being lined up from what I heard. As for bubble being burst, yours already is what with the LL and licencing fiasco. Remember, look back at previous posts. It was someone else who "outed" you on here, not me. Your team did better when you were on holiday Rab haha !
  8. Aye, OK Rab. You werent at game, you were on yer jollies. You ever see that film "Snakes on a plane", smashing film as you would say. You jealous Mickey Dougan signs his own players and you clearly dont. Here all is not well at Saints, some of your committee with big gobs were slagging you and your Chairman off at the Wigtown game, was standing right beside them. Changes coming from what I heard right from the top to where you are, the bottom, see ya Rab !
  9. Hiya Rab, you been away ? No daft posts from you for a fortnight then you start when you get back haha. Missed you other week, was expecting you to slither under door at Wigtown. Was dissapointed to be told you were on holiday. You sign anyone, oh forgot, your Chairman does all the signings !!!!!
  10. Wel Rab, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at Wigtown. Mind and give the dressing room door a chap and come in and see us, could do with a laugh, Oldcenterhalf haha
  11. Newton could build a stand, think cash is the restriction here though. All they would need to do would be to get trees cut back and fence stepped back. Front of stand would be in line with current fenceline. Think you only need standing room for 250 ish for licence so it does not need to be that big or expensive. Could build it facing the wood and give their fans a treat haha. Seen on SFA website Saints got theirs, although no announcement from the club as far as I am aware.
  12. Nice one Rab. Wont be the first time the chairman has bought a player from the Lowland League, would it ? haha. Slither !!!!
  13. Oh dear Rab, now you have been "outed" by eyewell, everyone can see what you are really like. For a manager to come on here and bad mouth players, some that have had a decent proffesional career really shows your true colours. No other manager in the south would pull a stunt like this, FACT. Thought you were well informed, didnt click it was you. Your club must be really proud of you ! Next time you are at Wigtown, chap the door and come in and give us a laugh. You wont need to open the door, you can slither under it.!
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