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  1. This thread has turned into a bit of a joke! I chose to sign for Pollok not for money not for length of contract nothing else other than plain and simple terms it's better the devil you know than you don't know! Me being paid at my previous team or not doesn't have any knock on effect on anyone here? If so elaborate The people who are piping up the most in the thread are you so delusional about your own club? Some teams offered way more money than Pollok had offered but would they disclose everything for tax purposes etc? Not a chance!! So right away the players back is up! Other teams tell you sign to end of season and try pulling the wool over players eyes and giving them longer deals than had been agreed! Now tell me why play Russian roulette with these clubs to go through the stress of trying to get away when u think your deal is ended at the supposed agreed date commencing to be told no you have 3 more years! Or why don't we just put joe blogs on a 5er a week and pay him 100? Don't disclose tax or anything on it and the taxman is then up said players arse chasing for money owed!
  2. Well everyone I would like to genuinely thank you for showing an interest unfortunately not everyone can be happy but that's football. The move to Pollok isn't money motivated at all despite what people think as I could have gone elsewhere if it was all about that, like I said from the beginning it was taking travelling and family into consideration. Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season just not agains us! ️ MTLN
  3. Very true superbigal However I've played this season left back right back defensive midfield and even a turn at sweeper lol!! Start of the season day before our first game 12 players left as there was financial difficulty at qormi, then before games players being accused off of committee members trying to sell games etc a real comedy show and they are 10 months plus behind in payments to players! Try play with all this difficulty and try tell me you would enjoy your job! Last season played central midfield for Zebbug as its what the manager wanted and gave him a return of 10 goals! Also as I've said even when I was at Pollok I won't pick a team just because a few quid more is offered I'll go where I feel is a challenge and feel I will fit in and be wanted most! Enjoyment at this level is most important as well as doing something you love every week kicking a ball and scoring goals! Like I've told all clubs I'll not commit to anyone until I am home also and the interested parties have been informed about this clearly from the beginning! Cheers
  4. After almost 2 great years abroad unfortunately family situation means I'm coming back home and looking to find a team Any interested parties please get me via inbox Cheers
  5. For me a football player gains more experience and passion for football by playing for 3 points every week against men! The under 20 set up limits players to playing against people there own age and this is where the meaningless tag "promising player" comes! For me he's promising if he is playing against first team players who are coming back from an injury or need game time, even playing against junior players via the loan system where he's challenged physically and mentally to secure 3 points to push for a league winners medal or to push away from a relegation fight and even progress in a cup competition! Young players lose games at these youth teams and receive a pat on the back for personal performance which is too soft as it gives them the comfort of oh I played well and my team lost I done my part! There needs to be a competitive edge to them and this is at all levels as ultimately any player worth there salt doesn't want to play and be happy on a personal level on performance yet lost the game! This would give youngsters that competitive edge and hunger to succeed which can only benefit any level of football wether it's domestically or internationally!
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