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  1. If you a referring to The SAFA blazers .......well I can assure you they have put a lot of pressure on The powers above and constantly do......... in fact The SAFA Secretary and President [ who runs a amateur team ] are just as upset and sick of the situation as you are ................................ but you will find its Sports Scotland are the ones involved in decisions and I believe a compromise was made for some groups being allowed than none at all
  2. All teams in each section play home and away which should take most sections up to Christmas then all being well the League would start in the new year with teams only playing each other once and The Jimmy Marshall Trophy would be played as well [ TBC ]
  3. First set of fixtures now on website http://www.safl.co.uk/index.php?id=all_cup_fixtures. Centenary Trophy will be played within 5 regions [ Glasgow / Renfrewshire / West / Lanarkshire / Argyle to prevent to much travelling
  4. Dated suspension has always been a hit and miss ......player given 2 month suspension over the winter period may miss less games than the player giving a 4 match suspension, or another example over the winter period a player giving a 4 game ban is out longer than the 2 month suspended player......so a I said its been hit and miss for years...
  5. And you bear in mind The SAFL not lost everyone .....so you can apologize again.....as Castlemilk reached the 1/4 finals in 2018/19
  6. At The Scottish Amateur Football League AGM the formation of Divisions for 20/21 was decided : PREMIER DIVISION Barrhead Arkleston, Castlemilk Ams, Easthall Star, Goldenhill, Hillington, Inverclyde, Kings Park Rangers, Motherwell Th, Port Glasgow Ams, Rutherglen. PREMIER DIVISION ONE Busby, Campbelltown Pupils, Carlton YMCA, Glenburn, Dunoon, Glynhill Moorcroft, Lochgilphead Red Star, Neilston, Parkhall, St.Convals. PREMIER DIVISION TWO Arthurlie Juniors [new club ] Baljaffray Ams [ new club ] Cardross Ams, Claremont, Duncanrig FP, Port Glasgow OBU, Strathaven Dynamo, Tarbert. Promotion 2 up and Relegation 2 Down ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND START DATE UNKNOWN
  7. I reckon Suspensions/ fines will still stand In my opinion the problem with null and void is you can't move a team up,if a team in a higher Division folds / leaves [ unless you draw the team from the lower division out a hat ]
  8. Tug - Amateur football will survive but a number of Leagues will fold, Thus regionalisation is the answer in my opinion to prevent as many for doing that. They is a chain of thought from people who use this forum either to read the posts or contribute to a topic of " I'm all right jack " attitude but forgetting when you are in a position [ like me ] you have to look at the whole amateur football game not just your own League, Now it has been said to me the reason I am pushing for regionalisation is because my League [ SAFL ] is losing teams [ all leagues are ] NOT TRUE I have suggesting this format since about 2006 and past presidents/secretaries of The SAFA know that and I was even involved in discussions with leagues about 20 years ago regarding something similar. Its also been put to me that amalgamation of Leagues is the answer to the problem it may well be however I think that is only a temporary solution as it does not answer the travel issues. Saying that all above is insignificant of what some people are going through right now
  9. Nope, I do not know as I was not present
  10. I do not often agree with you "Amateur Footie Fan" but your are right on this...……….. wonder why they did not
  11. Regionalisation is 100% the way forward for one season then create 2 super Divisions after that season. And the remaining teams just continue to play in regions Simple to do for Saturday afternoon football and The SAFA are aware of it [ and have small support within it ] as we put it forward to them back Last September B4 the shut down.
  12. Graham how are you? hope your are keeping well.....the rule I refer to change is player registrations, and only allowed to play once on a Saturday, who is going to give up the chance to play [ if successful ] in the Scottish / West cup latter stages or chasing a League title to then registrar for a summer League assume start date is march, so that's why I mention if some current Leagues who are struggling moved it may be better than a new League starting thus keeping the players and clubs as not everyone could play in Winter Leagues. And as a dinosaur and as you know I have always been very pro active on changes and made a good few happen
  13. A lot of rules changes required within the SAFA and Leagues but possible and that's the easy bit ......I would think Leagues that a struggling could be worth considering [ though after this we could find more are ] Do something about it then......not just talk about it
  14. Well Done to The SAFL Executive suspending all fines due by clubs due to the current situation, as most clubs raise funds from players on match days....good move
  15. The SAFL 3 vs Cent AFL 6 Deserved result, although SAFL missed a penalty the better team won, great performance from The SAFL Goalkeeper
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