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  1. Would be interesting to see how this Looks This year I know the SAFL are down to 29 Clubs a drop of 5 from last year [ but only 2 folded ]
  2. Centenary Trophy 2019/20 1/4 Finals - Update St.Joseph's -V- Barrhead Arky / FC Argyll / Parkhall Ams Goldenhill -V- Hillington Motherwell Th -V- Houston Utd Inverclyde -V- Lochgilhead Red Star
  3. Gavin - [ I think that's your name] midweek games are a big issue for all Leagues at the end of season as is travelling, the SAFA were inundated with calls at the end of the season with Leagues Unfilled fixtures. Surely when you see 2 of your Leagues clubs fold before the season has started has to be concerning for all, especially when one of the clubs has been going for over 40 years Dougie I agree with several of your points and I would say money is a factor ok, not the real issue but definitely a issue the proposals I have mentioned in my post is meant to be a starting point for debate within The SAFA and could be tweaked to include what Dougie is saying and others opinions.
  4. Tug, we at the SAFL had a meeting with the office bearers of The SAFA and one of the proposals we put forward was for the current Saturday afternoon Leagues to become regionalised in other words The SAFL is allocated a region say for example Inverclyde / Dumbarton and all clubs in that area play under our jurisdiction, same with The Cally they for example are allocated region like East Kilbride / Motherwell/ Hamilton area and clubs new or existing play under that banner, all Leagues would still run their own cup competition's within that region and the Scottish and West would be as normal These proposals only apply to Saturday afternoon football at first but if successful could be adopted by all, After the 1st Season in operation the top 2 from each region would form 2 super Leagues Benefits would be local travel which is a big cost and allow each League/ Region to speak with Local councils in they region re pitch hire.[ at the moment some Leagues have about 4/ 5 councils to do this ] We also would scrape the rule preventing players from playing either Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. The SAFA at the last meeting was sitting with £375.000 [ plus £25,00 from the excellent sponsorship deal announced today ] some of this could be used to assist Leagues/ Regions to support clubs with costs. But sadly we did not get support from The Executive committee though we were informed the constitution avenue is open to all.
  5. Was at the SAFA council meeting last week at was reported club membership is more or less the same as this time last year, with the over 35's seeing a increase in teams also only the one league down
  6. Sure do never played on it, but did watch a few games their was one of the best surroundings for an amateur park in The SAFL [ cant say much good about the changing facilities right enough lol ]
  7. Gunner and LIJ yeah I sure remember the 11 divisions, as I spent every Saturday night doing the fixtures then every Sunday taken calls to give the fixtures out [ before the internet ] and I was a hackney owner/ driver in Glasgow at the time ……...cost me a fortune in wages lol.... Yes it is a worry what is happening to Scotland oldest League and most successful, [ west / Scottish winners ] we even had a meeting with The SAFA office bearers to put forward suggestions to prevent Leagues going under, which if our proposals were considered would stop completely this annual movement of clubs, but after a 30 minute meeting we were later told that the executive committee had no reason to support the proposals which would only effect Saturday afternoon Leagues.
  8. Yes it was seeded,the Top 7 teams in the premier were placed in the first 7 sections in the order they finished last season [ St joseph's finished top and were placed in section 1 and so on down the Division.] and the argyle clubs were placed in Section 8 altogether the only part that was not a draw, [ in the past it was felt they were to many games for the Argyll clubs to play and try and finish before the season ended, this season we are starting a week earlier and they are fewer teams in Premier 1 and Premier 2 ]
  9. KM1991 Not sure why I bother to reply to you post, however I will make it clear to others users your post is a totally false accusation …..it was a draw and NOT ONE SECTION is the same as last year, yes they may be one or two sections with two teams in the same section as last year but that can happen in a DRAW but none "Identical" And Crazy Feet Alba Th have taken a year out.
  10. SAFL 2019/20 - CENTENARY TROPHY DRAW Section 1 Kings Park Rangers,Port Glas Ams, St.Joseph Section 2 Carlton YM, Cardross, Goldenhill ,Port Glas OBU Section 3 Duncanrig FP, Easthall Star, Motherwell Th Section 4 Busby, Glenburn, Glynhill, Inverclyde Section 5 Barrhead Arky, FC Argyle, Parkhall Section 6 Hillington, Neilston, Rutherglen, St.Convals, Section 7 Castlemilk, Claremont, Houston, Starthaven Section 8 Campbeltown Pupils, Dunoon, Lochgilhead, Tarbert 1/4 FINALS SEMI FINALS 1. Winner Section 1 -V- Winner Section 5 Winner Tie 1 -V- Winner Tie 3 2. Winner Section 2 -V- Winner Section 6 Winner Tie 2 -V- Winner Tie 4 3. Winner Section 3 -V- Winner Section 7 4. Winner Section 4 -V- Winner Section 8 Ties to be listed from Saturday 10th August 2019
  11. Touched a raw nerve there Amateur Footie fan..... And I did look @ Rothesay last listed fixture and its was the 13th of April but that was 16 game season [ I do understand that the games were more likely spread out over the season ] ….this Division is a 28 games season and I am sure you can work out that based on last seasons you have not got enough Saturdays left ps And here I was thinking private messaging was exactly that..... pps I have not a problem with the Cally set up good luck to them [ it was the change of the promotion / relegation mid season ]
  12. Your right there …..it will be June for one or two especially Rothesay Brandane…… is that better not really sure
  13. Do not see any acknowledge of being wrong with the twisted " SAFL will fix it fur the president team " post ……...which was put 100% right by NIKRY Strange how you did not question the eligibility of your League moving the goal posts of promotion / relegation half through a season …. Oh and these are the sort of delights another league Match Secretary and clubs can look forward to next season
  14. please read my post again and you will see I said NO TEAMS FOLDED THIS SEASON, EKRR were lost before the season started and are still going as a club like EKYM The others were 2 /3 seasons ago with some of the names you mention tossed out the League The point I am clearly making is the Set up the problem and maybe that's why your League is reverting back to two separate divisions Not for one minute am I suggesting that The SAFL set up is the answer but less teams do fold compared to those that have the Div 1a/ Div 1b set up
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