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  1. Hope we get a home win. This'll be my last game for three weeks and I hope we sword this dross.
  2. Changed your mind about Lorenzo yet - did you have any close relatives at the game today, BR? Lorenzo was there, y'know
  3. Would that be him shouts Come on Dumbartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!! every couple of minutes? Whilst it'd be irritating standing (or sitting) beside him, you cannae fault the bloke's commitment.
  4. IIRC We had 12,500 at the Killie game, and 10,000 at the Partick game.
  5. I sent you a pm SoAB, to show you how to do a pm.
  6. Slim to Buckley's chance, Albundy. The budget might be all spent. More chance of you selling some shoes than a Nade type coming to us again.
  7. Ach, I'm too much of an optimist TBH and that's a fair point you make. i don't want us to drop down. But I don't want us just to stay up on the last day. I really hope we can turn it round and if it means getting another Nade-type player to do it then great. Aitken is no doubt struggling a bit, just like Alan Adamson was. It's possible that he is just out of his depth at this level. I also recall the wise words of an old work colleague called Jim Leishman - cousin to that Jim Leishman - who said that sometimes, to get the confidence back in a team, you need to go down and start winning again, which will also bring the crowds back. I hope he's wrong, but I'm more inclined to agree with him, despite my optimism.
  8. Comment 1 :- very cleverly put. Comment 2:- After so many years of following our Club, I'd say you know plenty, IMHO.
  9. We've reverted to type. If Stevie Aitken survives his shoogly coat peg, we'll go on a run with 5 games to go and stay up by the skin of our teeth, like last year. We were very poor today.
  10. Wasn't a great performance today. I actually thought Pettigrew played pretty well, and if anyone was to be awarded MoTM I think I I would have given it to him. But there wasn't a MoTM today, I noticed. The team played a bit better when the three subs came on. Thomson once again spent a bit of time doing the Nish, and I think Fleming needs another shot up top, along with the Don. Why not, as nothing else seems to be working. Shoogly peg time for Stevie Aitken's coat, if we don't get some results soon.
  11. If you want Mark Brown, I'm sure we can do a deal with you. There's a decent player in there somewhere.
  12. Alloa will regress. St.Mirren will progress. Morton to continue with their poor record against Saints.Sons to finish eighth (slightly off-topic but wishful thinking). Good luck to him, in what could be a difficult managerial position. I doubt though, that he'll make such a ham fist of it as his two predecessors.
  13. Are you not getting him mixed up with Colin McNair?
  14. Did you take your two sons to the game today? I only ask because I saw two kids about the age of yours getting out of a car near the mini-roundabout around 300 yards from the ground and thought they might be yours. A man and woman were with them. Idly curious, that's all?
  15. I was happy with a point, but it was a missed opportunity against a team who left their scoring touch at home. Frustrated as f**k at Thomson early doors as he did a Russell/Nish every time a player went near him, although tbf he wised up as the game went on. Sparky deserved his MoTM and played pretty well, as did Pettigrew. Stevo was great with some of his touches but I felt he could have rattled some more shots in when he was at the edge of the box, rather than passing which tbf he was pretty accurate with most of the time. Having only seen us against the Arabs and Queens, I can't comment much about our overall performance so far, other than to say that I'm happy enough that I've seen us take good points off two teams that will inevitably be in the top 4 at the end of season. A pity that Tom Walsh spoiled the day at New St. Mirren Park though.............
  16. In the end we only had Dobbie to contend with. And he thankfully left his shooting boots at home today.
  17. I'm sure they will. It's a real shame about the awful backdrop in that photograph. And where exactly is "Specially Street" near Ibrox? I can't find it on Google Maps.
  18. Last time I checked, the expression on Sutton's face is the same one that's on The Naitch's avatar (Morton fan, IIRC)
  19. Apparently he manages a Junior team, but I'm unsure which one. One of my Morton-following work colleagues told me this. i have no idea what he does for full time employment. Perhaps he's moved on from my earlier comment and maybe now he resets stolen cars nowadays........ ETA-his Wiki page gives no clues as to what he does.
  20. Likewise. We don't win against you very often so I obviously hope we get three points, not you. That comment above could easily be made by our fans too!
  21. What a fantastic gesture. I hope you get a bumper crowd for this game.
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