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  1. Wright hirpled across the pitch to the dugout after half time on Saturday so I would doubt if he would be fit to play against anybody at the moment.
  2. Hopefully they were indeed inflated stories. All I had to go on earlier was a call from Thirdrock Jnr who had been told of a "riot in the Rock Bowling Club" and called me to find out what I knew. I heard nothing more form him so I assume (and hope) it was much ado about nothing.
  3. Can I refer you to DumbartontheSons' post about an hour ago? The words "credit where credit's due" nullify your comment/question.
  4. 72's my seat number, and of course, when we were founded ............s'ok, I've put my coat on.......
  5. There might be something in my question. Third rock Jnr is at work and called home as he'd heard of a "riot in Rock Bowling Club". Not casting any aspersions yet, but the last time the Arabs were in town, I was told they caused trouble in the RBC. Of course, a lot of the members of the Club will be drowning their sorrows today. Just sayin'.
  6. I've just heard that there is trouble at the Rock Bowling Club. Anybody heard anything?
  7. Dundee United.....taking over from Hibs as the Sons' bitches at the Rock. Don't worry though, I hear Nade might be returning in time for us to play Hibs early next year, and you know how he always loves a goal against Hibs....... Great performance from the Sons today, and I don't want to single out any particular player for MoTM, as they all did well. Well done lads, you've certainly came on leaps and bounds since the Bonnyrigg Rose game. United were good at the passing game, but their shooting boots were missing. Again.
  8. Good article on the Sons' website - top ten moments of 2016. Some good memories in there.
  9. My guess is that they're Bowlers and Rangers supporters, no? It's allowed, I suppose. As stated, their (bowling) club, their rules.
  10. 11th place, you say - in a league of ten teams? Excellent. Well played.
  11. And? That's a huge number of views. Still don't see the funny bit. Can you try and explain it to me?
  12. Don't know if there's any evidence any more, but he used to play in a band called Rank Berry. His stage name is Noodlez. You could look them up and Google rank berry futurefest - you'll see a video from December 2013. He's the one with the specs (hence the Noodlez tag). He's hardly a six year old, as alluded to by the Edinburgh unwashed.
  13. Gentleman, my Airse. Yep, that was me, but the Hivs fans turned it round a bit. It was his 26th birthday, and we had intended to go through to Easter Road. After reckoning up the cost, he told me he'd rather we spent some money in the local pub, and that the cost was unjustifiable to him. I agreed. The Hivs fans twisted it a bit and I bit a few times, but I don't give a f**k. What's your interest on it- you a Hibbee in disguise?
  14. That's what I saw as well, and assumed the little tete-a-tete between the officials at the end was to do with his rage.
  15. Noticed the Lino and Ref in a wee conversation at the end. I just wonder if Houstie said something or other that might have got him in trounle.......
  16. I have to laugh. On the games where we got a single goal, the Scorers are listed instead of the Scorer. Puts a positive spin on what was a dreadful run of results.
  17. It's a wee bit surprising that Scally is more favoured by the Bookie than Murray..
  18. Utterly damning statistics there. We matched Morton for a fair bit of the game, and despite letting in two goals, Martin deserved the MoTM for us. He kept the score respectable. Worrying about Sparky. Well played the Morton fans for their applause, and well done everyone for the minute's silence.
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