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  1. We couldn't play because of the wind. We always struggle on a windy day. Martin was the only player who handled the wind well. His bye-kicks were pretty good most of the time. Nade and Nuttall looked disinterested. I think they managed to get no more than five touches of the ball between them. WTF were we thinking in the first half, shooting into the wind, with only Berba up front? Fleming was the man to bring on, not Nade. I think Nade's second spell with us hasn't been good. All other results around us didn't help. The Utd v Utd game on Alba was as good a reason as any for shutting down the Alba station.What a pile of shite.
  2. Rankine did a similar thing. At one of the games I stewarded at during Clydebank's time at Boaghead, when asked how we (the Sons) were doing, his reply was "Dumbarton are winning 3-1". A real fan would've said "we" we're winning 3-1. Wilson's no fan.
  3. I'm not impressed by the shops in town. Much depends on what Mrs Montalbano wants to shop for. The coffee shop that The Moonster speaks of is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone.
  4. Sorry Bob, I have to disagree with you on this occasion. Thisrle allocation is what? Maybe 1,000? Rangers allocation - circa 48,000 or so? Ergo, 48,000 surely can drown out 1,000, no.? = Atmosphere dead if Rangers winning. Unless the Thistle are winning with ten minutes to go of course. Then it would be 5,000 v 1,000 singing. Cracking atmosphere? I don't agree with you, I'm afraid... I do agree it could be a great game, potentially.
  5. Surely all you'd need to do would be to send Grampa Fraser along to keep the other Ranters occupied?
  6. Most people called Bridie are likely to be past the stage of getting called "burds".
  7. Is Kirkaldy not in Fife? I'm sure we turned Raith over a couple of times, but geography isn't my strong point.
  8. Excellent, well-balance, reasonable and impartial post there, Irvine Buddy. A lot of people could learn from you. Too much seethe on here over next to nothing. The way the two teams have been playing of late, a draw was a reasonable outcome. Why can't we all just move on?
  9. Your family is well-known for being utterly classless.. A single finger gets the message over better.
  10. I don't think three or four points will be enough. Everyone at our end of the league will be scrapping like mad for every point they can get. Hopefully by the time we get to play Falkirk and the Arabs, their respective positions in the top four will be decided and they can send out the kids for a run, giving us a chance to capitalise.
  11. That was a pretty enjoyable game today (yesterday, actually) and if either team had nicked it by 1-0, I would have been unsurprised. For us, I think it was hard to single out one player for MoTM. Despite being a bit depleted of strikers, we did pretty well. The lad McRorie had a good game, IMO, and I met his father prior to the game. Top bloke. Like others, I agree the ref was terrible.
  12. 96-98 version for me, and any variation of the top with two black and one gold band, including the one with the diagonal bands. It's at age thing for us of a certain vintage.....
  13. Thank you. I sincerely hope that good luck isn't required though, and we can hopefully win on merit.
  14. Well, since I'm about a hundred and thirty twelve years old, I can remember that year (just!) - I actually have a cut-out from the Glasgow Herald with the table from that year, proudly displayed on the wall at work. We are top (alphabetically, I presume), you are a poor second. If goal difference had been a deciding factor, you wouldn't have a half-title to claim! Been mainly lurking in the Championship Forum of late, getting it tight from certain Hivs fans. Long story, too long to tell.
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