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  1. The Alarm-Greatest hits live.Just getting myself ready for the Gathering
  2. Snowing here as well.Really quite heavy.Pity i have to go to work
  3. the Alarm-QMU 1987.Fantastic stuff from the 80's
  4. findis89


    Elliot Minor with my eldest daughter on the 1st and the Alarm with Dave Sharp supporting on the 14th November
  5. U2 live in Manchester 2/12/1982. got my hands on a shit load of early live concerts and im working my way through them
  6. U2-live in Glasgow 12/01/1982..Fantastic stuff! edited because i got the date wrong!
  7. findis89


    The Alarm at King Tuts on either the 7th,14th or 21st of November ,not sure what date to do
  8. findis89


    I'm taking my daughter and her friend to this so i'm hoping it's a good night. I'll feel old though when you consider it was 20 years ago when i first went to the Barras
  9. people whos private regi plates are that shit that they have to write what it is suppose to mean underneath it. Seen 1 today that was N412dny. Underneath it said Lyndsey.Now no matter how hard i try i can't see how the f**k she managed to think that it said Lyndsey
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