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  1. Which explains why you bragged about voting for a nationalist party even as it was enacting the vile politics of identity and division via partitioning us from our continental neighbours. I suppose your innate anger and penchant for abuse drew you to the post-2016, Brexit-pursuing, identity-politicking Tories?
  2. Pure whining grievance from a xenophobic supporter of the partitionist UK.
  3. We’ll have none of that foreign, sewage-free muck around here, thank you very much.
  4. Surely Labour MPs should not be in the Labour Party if they want to be in government?
  5. Looking at the good knight’s Wiki list of political views, I can only say it’s a shame the “serious head injury in his early 20s” didn’t off the c**t then. And I’m not being cute. Sir Johnny’s raison d’etre seems to be subscribing to positions which actively fight to deprive others of their rights: from women to homosexuals. Unsurprising that the UK response was to knight the dirty b*****d.
  6. I’d dispute this. He’s a shameless, lying, sick, manipulative c**t. Whether he always was or the disgrace of his term in office turned him into one, I don’t know - but a dirty b*****d he is.
  7. I suppose he also claimed that sick and dying children would be denied treatment if Scotland voted for independence (a lie Great Ormond Street swiftly issued a statement denying) for the right reasons. He’s a sick b*****d. For that alone he should have been disgraced and shamed by every media body in the UK. Instead, they’re still eager to fluff him and wheel him on set whenever a money shot is required.
  8. What would deter him is that this would involve actual work. More likely is he’ll attempt to cast himself as a Churchill-out-of-power: a grand old master occasionally delivering (what he thinks are) scathing bon mots to the media, until it’s time for him to be recalled to glory by the party without any effort on his part.
  9. It seems to be the replacement for “PC gawn mad”, which was always just a euphemism for “anything that stops me being racist/homophobic/transphobic/misogynistic”.
  10. This is the UK, though - the Tory UK to boot. Never underestimate its potential to shit the bed. What’s delicious is that Johnson never seemed to care when he looked a lumbering oaf - he revelled in it as part of the persona. I get the sense that Truss will care deeply every time she humiliates herself and is shown up for the dim-witted, tongue-tied, incompetent ass she is. She’ll be fizzing at every photo opportunity gone wrong, every speech and interview in which (of course unfairly) she’s blindsided and unable to string a sentence together. Johnson knew and played up to the trick he’d pulled off in being able to play the lazy, laughably unprepared clown and get away with it. Truss appears to believe her own fawning PR folk and genuinely thinks she’s a serious heavyweight politico. I hope there is no last minute snafu - Truss as PM, being looked at in stunned disbelief (followed by laughter behind closed doors) by the actual politicians of the world, needs to happen.
  11. Johnson got away with it because there was a cult of personality around his lingering celebrity-comic personality. Truss will be hamstrung here because, whilst she is certainly as talentless as him, she has no personality. Whilst people excused Johnson’s shit-scented waffling as him just being a character and a great British eccentric, Truss’s will have no excuse. Watching her embarrass herself until she’s inevitably punted will just be fucking funny. I hope she pulls a May when she goes, and bubbles at the dispatch box (tears of molten steel, of course).
  12. I particularly liked Truss stuttering her way through one of the debates and then admitting, “I may not have the slickest delivery…”. Fair play: if you speak with all the rhetorical skill of a drunk howler monkey having a stroke, you might as well own it. I cannot wait until this mess is representing the UK on the world stage. Johnson will be delighted at a successor who actually manages to make his waffling, Melchett-esque chuntering look statesmanlike. The Tories really do still seem intent on making the UK a laughingstock.
  13. How many PMs has FM Sturgeon watched come and go (in humiliating fashion) in the strong and stable UK?
  14. Can’t see Pat Carroll’s poor unfortunate soul sailing off into the great blue yonder getting mentioned.
  15. Is this the same p***k who was apoplectic at the thought of UK politicians even working with, never mind being answerable to, the union he opposed? Once again, the hypocrisy of UK Nats knows no bounds - it’s outrageous that anyone should interfere with us in the name of political union, but we should be free to treat those we jolly well own like schoolchildren in the name of political union.
  16. He knows this. It’s pointed out every time the crushing boredom hits him like a sledgehammer and he dutifully copy-pastes the same spittle-flecked rants, hoping that someone, somewhere will pay attention to him.
  17. Playing at winning STEELY bingo, the unctuous little runt.
  18. It’s been pissing me off trying to work out who she reminds me of. Glaikit Celebrity Big Brother reject (known for falling about, tripping over her own feet, and being unable to string a sentence together) Lauren Harries. But Lauren’s politics, if her wacky Twitter is to be believed, are more palatable.
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