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  1. There was an advert on many moons ago which had a cartoon hedgehog (I think) singing lines from what Google tells me is a song called “Ma Belle Marguerite”: “Marguerite drink the sun with me”. Anyone remember this or know what it was for? I think some kind of grass growing product...
  2. This is true. The term “unionist” has historically referred to the union between GB and Ireland, not the 1707 Treaty of Union. It’s only really since the lead-up to the independence referendum that opponents of independence took it on themselves (one might imagine cynically, in a bid to link Scottish independence with Irish republicanism and thereby to Irish-up Scottish politics and stir up sectarianism). “Unionist” is therefore a deliberately loaded descriptor of the party and supporters of the union between Scotland and England in general. A more accurate term for conservative backers of the UK state in Scotland would be “c***s”.
  3. So following Dick Brain’s decision to stand down as leader of UKIP, religious fundamentalist Dr Peter Gammons is set to take the reins. To quote Rosemary Woodhouse: this is not a dream. This is really happening! At this point, UKIP have to be in on the joke.
  4. I would hope so. However, when the UK began breaking up in the 20s, I think the Irish peers remained and were just not replaced.
  5. The Govester’s first step in pressing the case for union (just not European union - he hates those wops and frogs).
  6. There was a crackpot American woman, Helen Kramer, who claimed that she was Loraine Allison, the only first class child to die in the Titanic sinking (along with her parents; bizarrely, the baby brother, Trevor, was saved by his nanny, who took him into a lifeboat in circumstances that still defy explanation. It’s presumed the parents didn’t know this and remained on the ship hunting for him, thereby inadvertently condemning themselves and Loraine to an icy death). Anyway, this nutter not only claimed that she was Loraine, but that she had been rescued by none other than the ship’s designer, Thomas Andrews, who also secretly survived and started living under the assumed name “Mr Hyde”. He supposedly raised her in obscurity in the Midwest whilst being paid to keep quiet by J Bruce Ismay - apparently so that he wouldn’t reveal the ship’s design flaws at either Inquiry. Obviously, Helen Kramer is now dead. The Allison family naturally dismissed her as a fortune hunter and had nothing to do with her, despite her maintaining her bizarre story until her death. I believe her granddaughter still keeps up the charade, despite DNA tests since having disproved any connection between Kramer and the Allison family.
  7. “Werther's and the feeling That you never will forget When one who loves you says to you You're someone very special too.” Twee, nauseating pish.
  8. The “party of business” doesn’t seem to have done much to protect or even enlighten businesses across the UK as to what they can expect from Brexit. I suppose the ones who are currently benefitting (and who will do so in future) are the spivs who support Johnson’s crew and are hoping to win big from the wipeout of so many rival businesses.
  9. Evening TIMES: the life and soul of Glaaaasgooow
  10. “So I think we should give them a choice. We hold referendums in all three devolved nations and say: ‘Look, devolution’s not working. The English can’t continue bankrolling you if you’re just going to set fire to the money in a misguided effort to make yourselves look better than us. Either you abandon this sophomoric pretence of independence and throw in your lot with us or you become separate sovereign states, entirely responsible for your own affairs.’“ Can we have this far-right racist front and centre of Better Together (but not with filthy Europeans) 2, please?
  11. She ate herself What’s this about Jackie Baillie?
  12. I could be wrong, but I recall reading that if a member state vetoes the accession of a new member (has this actually ever happened?) it has to make valid arguments for doing so and these need to be accepted by the other members. “We don’t want to allow the people in one of our territories to get democratic ideas” wouldn’t cut it.
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