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  1. Agreed - they need to work up momentum for independence from Johnson and co, and you don’t get that from periods of acceptance and waiting. One would hope that they’ve something up their sleeves re the end of January being England and Wales’ enforced Brexit - but I suspect there isn’t really a game plan here.
  2. You’re not part of the silent majority, and thus can’t really speak for them. You’re part of the extreme, rabid anti-Scottish BritNat force. Like your brethren in Northern Ireland, you’re an embarrassment to most folk in Scotland and England (when the reasonable English folk even notice you).
  3. Blackford is fat, but his cuntitude is dwarfed by Johnson - sorry, jaunty-jolly old Boris.
  4. On the contrary, the more loudly and visibly the dear leader of your blessed fatherland opposes Scotland the better. It’ll never make a difference to the Scottish little Englanders, but it will certainly help turn soft “Nos” away from UK nationalism.
  5. Didn’t the fat c**t make a personal promise to “die in a ditch” rather than delay Brexit beyond Halloween 2019? Why is he still alive?
  6. Something the Yes campaign has never been good at is attacking. Unionists need to be confronted over GERS figures seemingly indicating that Scotland is a poor, dependent place within the UK, and questioned as to why they think this is a good thing.
  7. I’m trying to work out whether this desperation to make “Snippers” a thing is more precious, hilarious, or tragic. Despite no doubt being tickled by how frightfully clever it is, it’s not going to be a thing. Even the far right Twitter lot haven’t bothered (maybe it’s gone over Jill and Alistair McConnachie’s permaseething heads).
  8. Fucking foreigners! Fucking EU! We want to take back control - we never asked for political union! We demand our sovereignty! We will not be told what to do! They need us more than we need them. Fucking Sturgeon trying to break up our political union! How dare she seek sovereignty for her nation! The Scots must be told what to do! They need us more than we need them!
  9. The BritNats need to be battered with this at every opportunity. They cannot get away with simultaneously claiming that post-Brexit UK will trade freely and gloriously with the EU and that if Scotland chooses the EU over the UK, it will mean huge barriers to trade with the former.
  10. Whilst I agree Corbyn was a useless twat, what you’re arguing for here is pure populism under a different banner. Your own contempt for these working class former Labour voters is pretty clear: you appear to think they’re idiots who need Union Jacks (or St George’s Crosses) plastered about by grinning, inane c***s like Boris, but not Boris. If these folk don’t hold “modern, liberal, urbane views” then the last thing they we should want for them is another populist messenger giving them an idiot’s guide to policy. If they want easy answers, and it appears they do, then I see no reason to encourage that kind of stupidity by encouraging Labour to ape the new populism of the Tories. That isn’t educating voters; it’s taking advantage of what you apparently see as their stupidity by having an equally mendacious BritNat populist in a red rosette stoking their prejudices. The sad thing is you’re probably bang on.
  11. In England it seems they haven’t got “more conservative”, they’ve simply got more and more intolerant of anyone funny-coloured or spouting foreign. This election was about GETTING BREXIT DUN, and the oldsters didn’t give a f**k about conservatism, liberalism, or anything other than finally having their racism enabled by a populist gobshite.
  12. Much to the teary incomprehension of the NornIron-esque extremes of the UKOKers. I’ll never understand how it doesn’t dawn on the more rabid fanatics of the UK (in both Scotland and Northern Ireland) that to the reasonable majority in England, they are utter crackpots (when they’re considered at all). The more braying devotion they cry out to the fatherland, the more they’re laughed at (or avoided) by its inhabitants.
  13. Can this form part of the next Better Together campaign? The more “No” is revealed as attempting to make Scotland a minor region of Britain and not a nation deserving of any kind of national recognition the better. We don’t want BritNats getting away with pretending they believe in any kind of union of nations (or, more ridiculously, “equals”) again. We need this kind of craven hatred of Scottish national identity front and centre of UKOK.
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