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  1. I find it quite surprising. Usually he prefers to champion open racism, xenophobia, Europhobia, and Islamophobia. The thin veil is very new.
  2. Vocalising hatred of your fellow Scots won’t make your glorious masters down south think any more highly of you. If anything, I suspect a nationalist like Johnson (a proponent of taking back control from political unions) probably has more respect for Sturgeon, on an ideological level, than the self-hating, cringing Little British Witchells who can’t degrade themselves or their despised countrymen enough in their desperate bid to be liked.
  3. “Scots are too stupid to govern themselves”.
  4. I have some toenail clippings he can vote for, if ‘better than Willie Rennie” is where his bar’s set.
  5. (Lisa Nandy claiming we have no right to even seek to ask for a referendum makes me deeply pleased to have seen her rinsed earlier and nodding sagely at the wisdom of being eviscerated.) Fair play to Michelle Dewberry agreeing we have a right to choose, although its bizarre that she’s complaining she doesn’t understand Scotland’s plan for the future when she literally stood for the Brexit party, whose plan for leaving the EU began and ended with ... *checks notes* racism, flag-eating and eventual ... profit?
  6. And I’m out. Seeing that hideous old bag of wind clapping its claws in front of the camera and nodding at everything anti-Scottish (after comparing Scotland to whichever te’bly quaint English village sharted it out) makes me heartily glad it looked like it was only weeks or months away from exploding in a shower of guts, bile, and strands of grey.
  7. BritNat in the “audience” lost the argument before she even opened her gob to spout the usual craven cliches about “neverendum” and “divisiveness”. c**t has writing pasted up on her wall and thought it acceptable to show that ti the world. I was just waiting until the far-right Anne Widdicombe clone got its chance to rant; the grey head was shaking about like a mountain lion mauling a baboon the moment Kate Forbes even appeared on screen.
  8. Caved and started watching. Lisa Nandy is hard to watch. Awkward as f**k to see her scolded by an angry gammon and just sit there, nodding sympathetically whilst she’s told how crap and whinging she is as human being. You can almost see the media training: “don’t ever dare tell anyone they’re c***s publicly - just nod and try and look like you’re listening and that you care”.
  9. I’d add to that they also need a presentable, preferably celebrity, leader. Unfortunately, that’s what voters in England seem to want of their parties: “characters”, preferably good old British eccentrics.
  10. If it helps, Twitter appears already to have dubbed them “the Dung Beatles”.
  11. How has this arsehole managed to retain his position? Have the Lib Dems across the board entirely given up even pretending to be a thing? You have to wonder what the three behind him think they even are, in terms of anything resembling even a branch office of an actual political party. Hopefully, the Greens having a more prominent role this parliament will help flush the remnants of this squalid little fringe group down the bog. Whether the BBC accepts that they are no longer a thing in Scottish politics remains to be seen...
  12. If #3 - cosying up to Johnson and his Europhobic freaks - trumped actually welcoming a prospective, EU-friendly country, at that point I (as a pro-EU person) would be happy to see the institution told to f**k off, and embrace EFTA instead with no view to rejoining the EU. I don’t think it’ll happen, though. Similarly, I’d be less inclined towards the EU if they refuse to be positive towards Scotland purely to tacitly endorse Spain’s constitution.
  13. Which should make you, as someone who loves decisions being made elsewhere without Edinburgh’s input, the EU’s biggest fan.
  14. My guess would be gastrointestinal reflux from an evening spent surreptitiously downing the dregs left at the bottom of the glasses of those he was serving at the golf club.
  15. Obviously you wanted no opt-outs for parts of Britain which voted Brexit, because you want everyone to hate those Frenchies and Krauts equally.
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