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  1. I see QT Scotland favourite and Moneyweek editor Merryn Somerset-Webb, known for calling for Farage to be knighted, is busily talking down Scotland’s chance of independence because economics (we’re too poor, you know). She’s a financial expert, a real realist, and so takes the equally expert economic arguments from SLab (don’t laugh) very seriously indeed. This is the same Merryn Somerset-Webb who, on being presented with the dire economic prognostications for her fetishised Brexit (she was a NO DEALer) on an episode of QT, bleated, “what price democracy?” You couldn’t mark some of these creatures’ necks with a blowtorch. Unsurprisingly she’s hawking tickets for the not-at-all-Trump-University-sounding “Moneyweek Wealth Summit”. Absolutely everything wrong with the UK’s direction of 1980s-style disaster capitalism and speculation, summed up in one spiv.
  2. I’m a bit baffled by the particular UKNat mindset which holds that: 1. The EU is bad and evil (especially next to the glorious and equitable Blighty) and we should have nothing to do with it. 2. Oh no - if independent we’ll never be allowed into the EU (and that’s bad!) so forget about leaving the UK. Which is it? Is not getting into the EU bad, because the EU is worth joining, or is the EU not worth getting into anyway, because it is bad? Or are some UKNats by now so utterly mindfucked that literally everything is bad except the UK? EU bad! Not being in the EU (if independent) bad! UK is perfect either way and always will be!
  3. Useful for when UKNats claim that no one ever says we are too wee, too poor, or too stupid. But this solidifies a point I’ve long made: neither England nor the English are in any way to blame for Scotland’s minor place in the UK (or on the world stage). The fault lies squarely with self-hating Scots like the caller in that clip.
  4. It’s painfully transparent - they can see the below as easily as anyone else. They can also see the unfolding shit show of Brexit. Yet at all costs they want to relive their glory days of 2014 by simply pretending that nothing has changed. In fact, they’re still trying to ignore the existence of Brexit in order to disregard the democratic choice of a referendum - “we shouldn’t even be thinking about one because nothing has changed since 2014. Pay no attention to that UK isolationism behind the curtain!” Also because a significant number of them are craven c***s.
  5. No, I don’t think I will. In fact, every time you or any Brexiteer has the sheer brass to demand answers on anything, I’ll be happy to remind you of your utter hypocrisy. Because, after all, you blindly voted for major constitutional change based on not even a spot of ink on a scrap of a page of a white paper. And in Scotland, you were a tiny minority.
  6. What status quo, though? Brexit Britain is still a work in … regress?
  7. You speak for a minority of Brexit-loving Scots. I don’t see any case being made for Brexit Britain.
  8. That’s not what I asked: I asked if you had evidence that £350 million saved from our EU contributions was now going to the NHS. If not, then it appears we’ll still waiting on that particular flavour of jam being delivered from your Brexiteer leaders - and further that you’re quite willing to vote for promises of “jam tomorrow” pasted on the side of a bus (which would rather make any attempts on your part to demand answers ahead of a vote look laughable).
  9. Is the NHS currently getting £250 million more from the post-gross amount or is this jam still coming tomorrow?
  10. So you think the voters of England and Wales are abnormal for not wincing at this but voting for it?
  11. A country that’s split down the middle? Not in my glorious and united UK.
  12. Are you implying that she’s playing the royals (with whom you appear to be obsessed) like fiddles? Or is “tartan gonks” intended as a xenophobic slur?
  13. Why didn’t she curtsey?! Big Arlene would not only have curtsied - she’d have licked the old bat’s boots, kissed the hem of her coat, and slit her own wrists so that Her Majesty could have bathed in the blood of a royalist martyr!
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