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  1. You will address the Blimp by its proper title, you little bollocks!
  2. Went six months leading up to/following surgery and haven’t gone back to drinking regularly (though on the rare occasion I do, it’s still all-night binges...). Not missed weekend drinking, haven’t missed casual booze, and haven’t missed a few drinks with meals - I actually find the thought of boozing a bit of a chore now. I have to say, though, I’ve noticed no upswing in fitness levels and don’t *feel* any healthier than I did before. No significant weight loss either, though I’ve always hovered around 10-11 stone, so probably shouldn’t expect any.
  3. Nope - that’s still you: the old racist bigot who claims he just hates those gosh-darn Brexiters, but ... uh ... will vote for them and support them because rule Britannia, by jingo. Your principles, in so far as they exist, appear to be whatever will earn you the approval of people who think you’re an unsavoury gimp (and by this I mean your adoptive countrymen, not everyone on this forum).
  4. Seems only fair. He’s been making Scotland sick for long enough.
  5. You. Voted. For. Brexit. Having voted in a referendum based on nothing more than wet dreams and lies from dodgy spivs, you have about as much right to demand answers before a referendum as Fred West did in demanding to know whether his garden would be put back in order when the polis started digging.
  6. I’m fairly sure “vile, verminous c**t” is part of the “Desirable” list on the Person Specification Criteria you find when applying to be a Tory MP. Just as “duplicitous, scheming prostitute” is an “Essential” quality sought in Lib Dem applicants and “nothing” is “Essential” if you want to be Keir Starmer (meeting the “less than nothing” listed as “Desirable” is what scooped him the leadership).
  7. Couldn’t help notice that the 10am fluff this morning gave an interview to a toffee nosed Tory member of what was introduced as the Union “Taskforce”, who was given time to declare that we wouldn’t have a currency or an army without the glories of UK nationalism. The presenter ended by saying, “I’m sure if they (independence advocates) were here they’d say something different”. How’s that for balance!
  8. Zero sympathy, I’m afraid. It’s hard to sympathise with someone complaining about being served up a dish of hot shite when, with brown-smeared lips and faecal breath, they insist on remaining in the restaurant for more.
  9. Why does he always look like Wallace, worried that he might have inadvertently followed through on a crafty fart during a dinner party at Downton Abbey?
  10. MOAR NATIONALISM! It seems clear that Starmer thinks going Tory light will win back the red wall racists. The problem he has is that Labour will be never seen as being quite as racist and nationalist as the Tories and UKIP. If support for Labour rises in its old English heartlands (they’ve given up on Scotland, at least) if will be because the Tories lose it, not because Labour win it.
  11. What do pro-UK Brexiteers have to do with it?
  12. To be fairer, the UK’s dictatorial bullying of member nations has been out there for all to see for far longer. And yet you’re still begging for more of it, like a submissive BDSM aficionado bent double and pleading to be used as a human ashtray.
  13. Be silent! Her Majesty the Queen pisses pure vaccine in a magnificent red, white, and blue jet. Boris Johnson sweats the stuff from every fleshy pore.
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