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  1. Well that’s a thick waste of skin like you out of the running, thankfully.
  2. Saw that. She was all over twitter blaming Brexit and it was immediately noticeable that any mention of Brexit had been cut. Was there ever any doubt that the BBC would do anything other than their lords and masters ordered? “Brexit” is now unmentionable by all dwelling in Tory pockets.
  3. Secretaries of State for Scotland are useful in demonstrating the the BritNat ideal of Scotland in the UK: subservient, asking for (and getting) nothing, and utterly docile. These nodding dog puppets therefore show the ultimate British vision for Scotland - a nodding dog, puppet region.
  4. I think the only sexual pleasure Widdicombe has ever experienced was when she found her granny bloomers moist the morning of the Brexit vote results. Unfortunately it didn’t bring on a fatal stroke, and so the disgusting fossil lives - if you can call it living - on to spread hatred against … who is it today? Blacks? Gays? Europeans? Single mothers? Women who have had abortions?
  5. A better shark-jumping moment was that time you were caught sharing tweets from far-right extremists who were subsequently banned from Twitter.
  6. Uh, yes it does. You literally don’t want Ireland to exist as an independent state, like a psychotic Victorian imperialist.
  7. They’ve also been pipped to the post by James Cameron, who filmed a re-enactment of Neill’s departure before it even happened.
  8. And already swanning back to the BBC. First gig QT Thursday. At least they’re making him start at the bottom and work his way up.
  9. The fact that you expend so much hatred for a place in which you don’t live and barely any for the hard-right, isolationist, nationalist state you do really ramps up your xenophobia.
  10. One of them is fair enough. Voting for the nothing isn’t it.
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