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  1. I’d say more the lad who grassed on the kid who ran the dodgy tuck shop. And everyone who used it. And his friends.
  2. I don’t know how to explain this in any other way - but Murray physically looks like someone who joined the Tory Youth in secondary school, in the same way that Matt Hancock and Michael Gove do.
  3. In the SNP’s Scotland, even kids can enjoy Chanel suits. Back under Labour we were all in rags.
  4. Those bloody CULTISTS haven’t been blessed with the light of the one true flag nor the glory of servitude to the imperial state nor the worshipful presence of the divinely appointed monarch! If only they would spare five minutes to listen to the TRUTH.
  5. *Looks up from above the mangled wreck of a dashboard*
  6. That sleekit rat’s creep towards the poop deck is a good barometer for when the rising North Atlantic is threatening the bow.
  7. Or perhaps he was only in Durham for directions on how to get away from Durham?
  8. Ah, I see he’s going for the “Caledon Hockley defence”. That makes him untouchable, Shirley?
  9. I’ve always wondered why the SNP don’t tear into the Tories (eg at FMQs) for being spineless puppets to their paymasters in London. It seems an obvious line of attack to point out they’re not a real party and are basically serfs to their superiors, and yet I can’t recall Sturgeon (or Salmond) ever even hinting at the fact of Carlaw‘s or his predecessors’ cravenness.
  10. Tominey, Daley, Platell, Oakeshott, Pearson, Phillips, Hartley-Brewer...the monstrous regimen(t) of right-wing women journalists is never ending. I thought for a second you were listing the line-up for the next edition and genuinely wasn’t shocked at it.
  11. It’s easy to blame social media. Sure, it doesn’t help - but if people are too thick to develop any sort of filter or critical faculties that cause them to question the virtual diarrhoea that’s part of all our lives now, it’s they that are to blame. Do we blame the puddle for being lapped up or the puddle-drinker for getting down on all fours and slurping away?
  12. I could have sworn Malcolm Offord was but Google says not. If anyone can find me a Tory MP called Malcolm to explain who I’m thinking of, I’ll give you a dog turd to throw at him...?
  13. No, he’s not. Confused him with Malcolm Offord (who is a Tory MP and also a thundering c**t).
  14. In related news, Brexit supporting businessman Malcolm Gifford, who welcomes the setting up of borders with Europe (and now between GB and NI) has launched a new “vote no borders” campaign and is recruiting bands to create and sing a jolly “no borders” ditty. Confusion continues to rein amongst the schizophrenic attitude of Britishers towards the concept of borders. A c**t acts like a c**t.
  15. The Scottish Little Englanders are now telling the EU that Scotland doesn’t want independence, because the EU Commission President dared acknowledge that Scotland doesn’t want independence from her organisation and could conceivably rejoin. No, I don’t understand their “no borders! We love union” hatred of borders and union with Europe either.
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