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  1. I can see that viewpoint - as long as it’s loudly and consistently pointed out that our input amounts to pissing into the wind, because the UK isn’t a union and Scotland has no national voice (or at least only one that can be completely ignored) within it. It’s the SNP’s job, ultimately, as Scotland’s “national party”, to show up the national unacceptability of this. To do otherwise is to play Westminster and its parties’ game, when they should be using the English Parliament (and all its ignorance of individual nationhood, pantomime bullshit, and endemic corruption) as a vehicle to increase support for Scottish independence.
  2. Aye, it’s a strange one. On the one hand, we can have SNP MPs they’re questioning, say, UK defence spending. On the other, all they should actually be doing is asking, “why can my entire nation’s democratically-expressed view on defence and everything else in this place be ignored?”
  3. Tories who have been unfortunate not to enjoy the cosy media relationships, friendships, and finance-world links of the party proper.
  4. That’s a bit bizarre. I thought Leaders Debates were for … you know … party leaders. Does Starmer just not care enough about Scotland to bother, or is he not confident enough in his policies to defend them up here?
  5. What has Sarwar got to do with it? He’s not Labour’s leader and he’s nothing to do with policy or Labour’s hopes in the GE.
  6. It makes them if anything the Tory Party of ten years ago.
  7. I assume he neglected to mention that this is the house:
  8. I’m assuming the reason they didn’t put “latest” before “plan” is entirely down to spacing issues.
  9. It’s a gamble on the UK’s part, for sure - it could go either way, depending on the strength of feeling in Scotland and how it’s expressed. They’re banking on winding up a minority of Indy supporters into doing or saying something aggressive (or which can be portrayed as aggressive), and hoping to then blacken the whole idea Scottish independence. The UK is of course the oppressor in the current situation (and I use that word advisedly). Its leaders are hoping for a situation in which it can become instead the victim - which will be easier if Scots don’t make an issue of Westminster denying us every single democratic route to a referendum. The UK wants to normalise denying Scotland democracy and then scream victim when any of us cry foul about it.
  10. I’ve said for a while now this is what the UK establishment (of which Starmer is desperate to be seen as key) wants: they want to block every legal and democratic route to Scotland deciding on its own future in the hope that the Indy movement will disgrace itself and can be safely put in the “dangerous crackpot” bin. See what little shit-stains like Cole-Hampton and Murdo Fraser do: provoke, goad, and shit-stir so that they can then sit back and play the victim when people react? That’s the UK’s secret weapon, on a bigger scale, for demeaning Scottish democracy.
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