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  1. McMullan out, hope he’s not carrying anything serious
  2. Just watched the highlights back. Two lovely goals yesterday, Mcmullans ball in the build up to the second is absolute sex, as was stantons step over for the first.
  3. Is it not the case that some teams don’t want to get promoted into the league system (I’m not sure of the rationale- but I would imagine it was because of increased levels of compliance etc) Was sure I’d seen something about East Kilbride fielding weakened teams in the play off matches. I’m pretty sure teams like Brora, BSC, East Kilbride etc will be paying comparable wages to Albion Rovers, East Stirling and co. It’s probably less embarrassing to lose to those sort of teams than some of the dross in League 2 or even 1
  4. Can’t be arsed scrolling through the thread to see if he was mentioned- how was Sow yesterday? I’m going to assume garbage
  5. Watching that brings back memories of how exciting a player ciftci was, no matter where he picked up the ball, you always felt he would be able to fashion a chance. The Rangers semi final was another example of that, the guy played completely without fear and was so confident, which could also lead to huge frustration given he selfish he could be. The fact that we went from that performance from that team, to being relegated in the space of a couple of years, is a complete and utter disgrace.
  6. New deal for Butcher apparently, nice wee bit of news for a Friday
  7. He was bang average at best, however you probably have that perception because he was capable of the odd good touch/ ball and scored an absolute screamer against Morton in the playoffs. The game where he lost the rag against Hamilton he was the worst player on the park,
  8. GK: Szromnik RB: Mason CB: Donaldson CB: Quinn LB: Scobbie RW: Loemba CM: Rabbitsch CM: Kuhl LW: Riski ST: Sinema Pongolle ST: Lyng Subs: Zwick, Kawashima, Nicholls, Snjider, Briels, Taggart, Bodul, toshney, Nkoyi f**k me that was difficult to type
  9. A livi fan once told me it was always the second in command who was the brains of the operation- would make sense given the current position of each party.
  10. £200k is still a decent return for someone who came good in league 2 last year and had a handful of starts for the first team- one of which was an absolutely shite display in a home pumping against East Fife. We realistically can’t justify offering any more of those types of contracts to anyone in this league, let alone an unproven 18 year old. No real ill will towards the guy- I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I was an 18 year old linked with an EPL club- but I won’t lose any sleep over it and the club have done what they can, let’s move on.
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