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  1. If I’m being honest, the cancellation of the season seems the most likely option. You can’t just stop time, and as people have said players contracts and the less cut and dry positions of other clubs come in to play. It’s just one of those things that happens in life, people’s health(including that of the coaching and playing staff and their families) is far more important. What I’m more concerned about-as fans of other clubs on here should be- is the loss in revenue that will occur, some very difficult times ahead for Scottish football. I’m in a fortunate position where my job (god willing) should be relatively secure, and can spare some cash. I’m going to cancel my monthly arabzone subscription and pay for a yearly one up front, and try and spend equivalent of a match ticket on stuff that’s produced by the club shop for the time being- either that or just donate. This isn’t something that’s going to just go away- we might be feeling the ramifications of this for decades. I for one blame Stumigoo- all of this escalated as soon as the blogs stopped.
  2. We’ve only had two diddies before him in the last 3 seasons
  3. I’m as pissed off at the team and Neilson as anyone at the moment, but in no universe whatsoever has this season been as bad as the last 3. Under the past two diddies there were times I thought we were never getting out of this shit pit of a league and on our way to becoming a tinpot outfit like Morton or somesuch.
  4. Can only hope some daft mob down south sees how far clear we are and offers him stupid money without interviewing him. If Shankland doesn’t want the f**k out of here in the summer then he truly has no ambition. Hopefully Ashgar actually has a brain in his nut and gives Ogden proper feedback on how pish we’ve been.
  5. Team sheet announcements are starting to give me the same feeling as when Lazlo was in charge.
  6. Hope to be proven wrong but I think United’s starting line up has given me Coronavirus
  7. Twinkle was right all along. Get Neilson to f**k
  8. I thought the pars were having a bit of a resurgence, has the mood turned already?
  9. There’s a reserves game on tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what comes of that .
  10. After we pumped Sevco at Ibrox in the 2014 cup semi final, me and my mate were getting the subway back from the game and chatting through the goals. A middle aged h** sat next to us in silence, then at the first stop stood up, looked at us and said ‘a can’t listen to you c***s’ and got off and moved down to another carriage. Topped off an already wonderful day- to be fair most of the other Newco fans next to us found it pretty funny as well.
  11. Thought that was an entertaining game of football in difficult conditions, that we just about edged. Two instances of brilliant quality for the goals. What I liked about Bingham was that he knew to get the ball into strikers feet around the edge of the box on occasion, which we barely did at all last week. He does it twice this week and we get two goals from it. Great effort from everyone tonight and we coped with the pressure well. Although he should probably have done better with the goal, Connelly was MOTM for me- played like a man possessed. Impressed by Smith again and I think we are a totally different team with Appere, adds so much physicality in the last 3rd. For me going forward this season the starting 11 should be the one we had on the pitch just after Powers and Pawlett came off for McMullan and Harkes. Gives the right balance of pace and potency upfront and sturdiness and creativity in midfield, also leaves us a pretty strong bench with Pawlett, Glass, Sporle, Powers and Reynolds all on it. As for Caley, unlucky, played some decent stuff but they reminded me of us from previous seasons; their squad just isn’t strong enough- I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where James Keatings was one of my teams main goal threats ever again. A fun stat I learned off of Arabzone commentary was that Shankland is now our highest ever scorer against ICT...after 3 games! Got me wondering how many other teams he might achieve this against, Patrick Thistle and Morton maybe?
  12. If Caley win this and their games in hand the gap would be 9 points
  13. I didn’t mention Pawlett and I’m not a fan of him and don’t think Neilson should be immune from criticism, but there’s a certain section of our support who aren’t happy unless they’re complaining and can’t wait to go in on Neilson at any opportunity.
  14. Some United fans on here must have been awfully bored when we were winning for all those months- not a fucking peep from them then, and certainly not any praise for Neilsons decision making. As for the lauding of Goodwillie by a considerable number of fans on Twitter- disgusting.
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