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  1. Ach it’s not folk on here I’m having a go at- more the vocal element of our fan base on Twitter and Facebook- more fool me for paying attention to it. But after 5 years of awfulness in the doldrums I would hope for a little less negativity and a bit more persepective from the fan base generally given where we are- only my opinion though, others may think differently.
  2. Loving the same United fans who say they would be happy finishing tenth this season cry their eyes out after a draw with Aberdeen takes us into the top 6 after a full round of games. Absolutely negatives from today- 3-5-2 doesn’t work as Bolton doesn’t track any further back than the half way line, and we may as well play 3 field mice in place of Harkes Pawlett and Butcher, but our centre half’s were absolutely fine today- I actually thought Edwards was very decent in a no frills way. Benji was excellent. The shape looked much better when we went to 4-4-2 and all the personnel which came on were upgrades- the team that finished the game should start next week, with the exception of Fuchs coming in for Harkes if he is fit. Aberdeen were obviously better than us- but you would expect that, I was surprised by the lack of quality in the final ball on a few occasions from them.
  3. Seen on the pie and bovril Twitter feed there that it’s 12.50. good luck with that one!
  4. I don’t think so, it said PPV on the website but when I clicked on the link for tickets it wasn’t working. on another note, Pav in the S*n today: ’I’ll be staying in Romania until the winter, but maybe in January the chance will come again. I miss United, it’s a club that has a place in my heart and I try to watch every game on tv’ aw for fucksake 😭😭😭😭
  5. It’s pretty common practise amongst Scottish pundits and punters to describe clubs as ‘premiership’ sides, regardless of whether or not they occupy a place in the top division. Similarly, many teams seem to be perceived as ‘lesser’ despite having established themselves in the premiership for a number of years. I’m no different and totally guilty of being influenced by my own biases and preconceptions, and wonder how much my own idea differs to everyone else’s. So put simply, in a totally non scientific manner, who do you perceive as the 12 most ‘premiership‘ teams in Scotland in order of Premiership-ness. I’d go for, 1.Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hearts 5. Hibs 6.Dundee United 7. Motherwell 8. St Mirren 9. Dundee 10. Killie 11. Dunfermline 12. Falkirk What would you change?
  6. Nice of you to let us out long enough to pump you home and away last season. STAY DOON
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dundee-set-say-yes-spfls-21860951.amp Pffffffft
  8. I don’t anywhere say that it’s ‘right’ we get promoted, I’m merely pointing out that the argument that United merit the title and the prize money at the same time as not meriting promotion doesn’t hold water.
  9. Interesting that your chairman and a large proportion of your fans seem to be wholly comfortable that we have earned the right to be crowned champions, as well as claim the prize money that accompanies that honour, but think we shouldn’t be promoted. At least have the self respect to admit your only motivation here is benefitting from the tangerine pound [emoji28]. Btw if we aren’t doing null and void, which isn’t on the table, then how should the prize money be split? On the basis of current league position? If so, Dundee are only 15 points off bottom, how can we be sure they wouldn’t have at least finished in the relegation playoffs?
  10. If I’m being honest, the cancellation of the season seems the most likely option. You can’t just stop time, and as people have said players contracts and the less cut and dry positions of other clubs come in to play. It’s just one of those things that happens in life, people’s health(including that of the coaching and playing staff and their families) is far more important. What I’m more concerned about-as fans of other clubs on here should be- is the loss in revenue that will occur, some very difficult times ahead for Scottish football. I’m in a fortunate position where my job (god willing) should be relatively secure, and can spare some cash. I’m going to cancel my monthly arabzone subscription and pay for a yearly one up front, and try and spend equivalent of a match ticket on stuff that’s produced by the club shop for the time being- either that or just donate. This isn’t something that’s going to just go away- we might be feeling the ramifications of this for decades. I for one blame Stumigoo- all of this escalated as soon as the blogs stopped.
  11. We’ve only had two diddies before him in the last 3 seasons
  12. I’m as pissed off at the team and Neilson as anyone at the moment, but in no universe whatsoever has this season been as bad as the last 3. Under the past two diddies there were times I thought we were never getting out of this shit pit of a league and on our way to becoming a tinpot outfit like Morton or somesuch.
  13. Can only hope some daft mob down south sees how far clear we are and offers him stupid money without interviewing him. If Shankland doesn’t want the f**k out of here in the summer then he truly has no ambition. Hopefully Ashgar actually has a brain in his nut and gives Ogden proper feedback on how pish we’ve been.
  14. Team sheet announcements are starting to give me the same feeling as when Lazlo was in charge.
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