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  1. That would be a tasty 1 !!
  2. Having never seen sandys play i wouldn’t like to predict a result , hope to see shortlees getting a result thou
  3. You say you were trying like fk to get your game on , quite sure the brand new 4g you booked at greenwood would be playable [emoji848]. As an outsider looking in its obvious you just wanted the joes. Fair play to nf for doing you a favour and all the best come Saturday.
  4. I’ll probably take in lees game. Fancy lees by a couple
  5. Onto this weekends games , struggling to pick a game to watch between the shortlees v castlemilk and tarbolton v glenburn. Both should be a good watch. I think shortlees will win by a couple and tarbolton v glenburn might need a replay
  6. Joes been about a while. Won everything at amateur level more than once. Maybe getting on a bit but as i’ve said before any amateur team would take him. Good player
  7. When is the next round of ties played ?
  8. Agree thats there choice. Still a poor show from 2 decent players jumping ship
  9. So your saying best of luck to two boys who have left your team mid season to go to hurlford and probably no play. Strange!! Anyway , all the best drongan
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