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  1. Surely the glenburn score must b a misprint !!15-2 surely not
  2. Is it maybe that the scotland manager thinks there is better players from different teams?
  3. Playing within his comfort zone. I’ve always said players should play at the highest level possible for as long as possible. Hate seeing players not pushing themselves especially players with the talent of keir
  4. Didn’t “smash it” at the junior level very long
  5. Should be a cracker. Fancy hurlford to win by a few but would love to see a drongan shock
  6. Think keano is a bit better than most average amateur players
  7. Second best for much of the game. A shadow of the team they were in previous years
  8. Watched the game , the young tarbolton boy who got the goals was superb.
  9. So whats your predictions then mr know it all ?
  10. Knowing tucker he prob got 1 chance
  11. Tarbolton blew a 3-1 lead with 5 mins left to draw 3-3. Mossblown won 2-0 against a poor heathside time
  12. Quite sure 99.9 % of ayrshire amateur fans will be happy with that result ! Well done glenburn , enjoy your night [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
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