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  1. Glenburn appear to be the sticky wicket for Shortlees at the moment. Glenburn worthy winners in my opinion, Glenburn for me just lack that little bit of consistently for me, which is surprising as the have all the attributes to be a top, top side and be competing on all levels.
  2. Aye I’m Duffy, dearie me. Lol. Wish I was as young as him that’s for sure.
  3. What games are you guys taking in this Saturday? I’m off to watch Glenburn v Shortlees. Always a good game between them, could be another belter.
  4. Seems folk are on here just to stir the shite now. It will probably be end of the month at the next disciplinary when it gets properly ironed out. And as for the boy Forbes running around boasting about it, i was talking to his brother in law Duffy who plays with Crosshouse and says the boy hasn’t been going around boasting about it, infact he says he’s not even spoke about it. Amazing how stories appear out of thin air. Lol.
  5. Best of luck to all teams, especially the Ayrshire teams.
  6. What a crock of shit, was you at game? What Crosshouse player threw a punch in the game? Catrine centre half threw 2 punches at the Crosshouse striker, referee seen it and sent him off. Ref then went to restart the game and Catrine number 10 punches the centre half for Crosshouse, then the uproar started.
  7. Certainly not blinkered, I’m saying what I saw. I’ve had my say. And a good thing you didn’t take your nephew as not a nice thing to see.
  8. I haven’t seen any player on here from either side boasting about throwing punches unless I’ve missed something? I tend to go and watch Shortlees playing but their game against Glenburn was off, I know a few of the older Waverley players and keep an eye out for their results. I’m only saying what I witnessed today and that’s not being blinkered to Waverley. That’s what happened.
  9. I’m not affiliated to either team, I went along to watch as I knew it would be a good game. Crosshouse defended themselves when set upon by manager, players, committee members and fans. From what I gather Crosshouse didn’t enter their changing room until police arrived as the whole Catrine tribe were hanging around the changing room incase of anymore incidents took place. As previously stated it’s not the first occasion this has happened regarding Catrine. It will all come down to what’s in the referees report before any action takes place.
  10. Was also at the game, absolutely shocking. Catrine deserve the book thrown at them, Catrine manager committee and fans attacking Crosshouse players, I saw the boy run on the park to split up 3 players on one. The ref sent off the sweeper off for throwing punches, went to restart the game and Catrine number 10 then side swipes the Crosshouse centre half with a punch. They’ve got previous for this against mossblown not so long ago. Disgrace to Ayrshire amateur football.
  11. I feel for Galston, they were always a well drilled side under Bexy and co, with a fantastic set up. I said a few weeks ago that i fear they could go down this season, hopefully im wrong!
  12. True, it was a woman referee, you know what woman are like, probably told her to go home and do the dishes lol.
  13. Yes, he should possibly conduct himself better, but at the moment in time i doubt he is going to be thinking about a game 2 months down the line. Possibly he has said something to the ref which resulted in him receiving a suspension when the douglas player hasn't.
  14. Heard its the 1st of September, not sure if that is confirmed though.
  15. Impressive result, considering they had just beaten Mauchline 10-3 on saturday. Who got the Goals for Waverley?
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