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  1. After Aug 9th will it be allowed tho ? What's the difference from now till then that's the point I wis making Hopefully should be o.k from 9 August but have to await confirmation from SFA
  2. Official scorers from referee -- Og; Samson; Boylan
  3. Stephen Wilson was there last night and was training
  4. Forecast currently shows we could get some rain. Better to be safe
  5. I assume that as discipline etc in the Premiership is dealt with by the SFA and not the WOSFL this will be a matter for the SFA Compliance Officer.
  6. It is not planned to live stream any more games in the foreseeable future as per SFA rules.
  7. Nice to know that not everyone goes out of their way to have a go at the Club
  8. If you have a combination of both the higher figure applies, hence 500.
  9. I believe if you have a combination of both the higher figure applies.
  10. Admission to Penicuik game is by ticket only available solely to home supporters. Details for Clydebank game will be issued in the near future.
  11. Sorry to hear Robert leaving. He has been a tremendous servant to the Club over many years and I wish him all the best for the future.
  12. Unless there has been a change in SFA rules any Club participating in the play-offs must be licensed. As Clubs who have currently applied to be licensed won't have their applications finalised until SFA A.G.M. which at present is due at the end of June would not be eligible to participate in this year's play-offs.
  13. Is it still the case that all competitions have to be completed before the European Championships start in mid June?
  14. Sorry to disappoint you but official testing showed that levels were just below 400 lux and therefore well exceeding required levels.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you but official testing showed that levels were just below 400 lux and therefore well exceeding required levels.
  16. I can assure everyone that Auchinleck Talbot's withdrawal from the WOSFL for this season had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with licensing.
  17. I would assume that the WOSFL, in line with SPFL recent actions, will now be fully investigating that correct Covid protocols have been fully followed following the call offs of today's 2 games or am I expecting too much?.
  18. Some people seem to think vaccination will be done in a very short time and the problem will be resolved but the process will take months rather than weeks before any changes will take effect according to the experts.
  19. Best wishes John for a full and speedy recovery. Very disappointing that he along with colleagues has had to take this stand but has had the courage to back up his principals and beliefs. Huge loss not only to Beith but to football in general.
  20. At least my comments are being supported with more details of non-compliance coming to light. I have made by point and will now leave the thread but will watch to see if non-compliance continues to be overlooked by some clubs while being allowed to do as they please. You will also note that unlike some I have never resorted to name calling to make my point.
  21. Not having a pop at anyone and I always welcome constructive criticism and it should always be welcomed. However most tended to just want to criticise. Is it not also the case that the boot might be on the other foot now as far as some people are concerned?.
  22. From discussion with a local authority if a limited number at a time is allowed to use a dressing room, the room must be fully cleaned before next number should be allowed to access. Interesting comment that IMG is doing a great job when not ensuring correct procedures are being followed and not taking action when not being met. So much for duty of care to players, managers etc.
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