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  1. Auchinleck Talbot 2018/19

    Yes. Played for about 60 mins and also scored a goal.
  2. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Could be one of the reasons perhaps why Junior Football has not progressed in general in the West Region the way it should have due to us and them approach.
  3. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Strictly speaking Ayrshire and Central League Associations ceased to exist in 2002 when West of Scotland Junior Football Association came into being.
  4. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Trialists have been and will continue to be available for all games prior to quarter finals as previously and similarly all gates should continue to be shared as per Constitution.
  5. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    As per the West's constitution all Cup gates should have been shared.
  6. West Region AGM outcome

    Details of ground sharing and also availability of certain grounds on certain dates/days were only intimated at last night's meeting, leaving the new Fixture Secretary no option but to take another look at his proposed fixture list allowing him to make any necessary alterations before issuing it. Surely this is better than issuing his original list and than having to change it.
  7. Fixtures 2018/19

    Future of Cup competitions will be decided at West A.G.M. on Wednesday evening.
  8. West Super Saturday

    Many congratulations to Beith on their well earned achievement today. Having read some comments on this read regarding today's game it is very apparent how both sets of supporters can ignore certain things in order to point the finger at the opposition. How good it would be for the game if honesty prevailed.
  9. Another fixture moan

    Any decision on future cup competitions can only be made by all the Clubs at the A.G.M. next month.
  10. Fixtures

    Clubs have the option to agree with oposition and request change of kick-off times.
  11. Fixture man strikes again

    The position of all Cup competitions, excluding the Scotish Junior Cup, will be decided by the Clubs at this year's West A.G.M.. uvs
  12. Fixture man strikes again

    Cup ties have also got to be factored in.
  13. Game off

    Having seen a photo last week of the situation at Craigmark I can confirm the situation is as stated.
  14. Fixture man strikes again

    For your information any such vote I have cast previously or will continue to cast in the future is as per the decision of my Club's committee and not my personal vote.