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  1. No East Region Champion either although that obviously doesn't affect the SCC. West Region are still discussing the issue and will make their decision known to Clubs in due course.
  2. As football including training is banned until 10 June at present no decision can be expected until further advice is issued.
  3. Once again the idiots of this world wreak havoc as if it wasn't difficult enough for clubs at this time.
  4. Everyone should be aware that although the West Region's season has been brought to a premature closure no official decision has been made yet as to the official closing position of the leagues and this will be discussed by the Management Committee in the near future.
  5. A very sad loss to his family, Pollok F.C and Scottish Junior Football in general. R.I.P. My very good friend.
  6. I think I can safely say that Talbot, with a very experienced committee, will take everything into consideration very carefully when making their decision and will inform their supporters before going public as has been their practice in the past. Let's hope that puts this to rest.
  7. Why does everyone want to know about Talbot?. Is everyone so infatuated about them that they don't ask about other Clubs?
  8. Original Scottish Junior Cup is in the museum at Hampden Park.
  9. Is that the floodlights that the council have had to contribute a large sum towards? Think you will find if you want to check your facts that most of the necessary funding was raised through the Club and the Beechwood Regeneration Committee. Further checks will show that most if not all of the Clubs who have now got new 4G facilities, incl new grounds, and/or floodlights, not only in the West Region, have all been supported by the local authorities.
  10. Doesn't seem really viable as councils shut down council owned parks during the summer and Clubs with grass surfaces usually have to close parks for 4-6 weeks for annual maintance work.
  11. The reason a West Region meeting was called on Tuesday 24 March was to provide face to face feedback to the Clubs following the further PWG discussions due to be held the previous day. However due to the present coronavirus situation regarding gatherings etc it was felt prudent to cancel the meeting and the Region's Clubs will now be updated at the earliest opportunity on Tuesday 24th by other means. It was considered essential that the Clubs had to have any such information from the PWG discussions made available to them before proceeding further otherwise the Region was failing in it's duties to the Clubs.
  12. As the West Region General Meeting originally planned for Tuesday 24 March has been cancelled due to the current coronavirus situation arrangements have been made for all Member Clubs to receive feedback from Monday's PWG Meeting later this year n Tuesday.
  13. Confirmed rule does not exist but this was a misapprehension by Regions.
  14. No agreement is required by the away team to play underfloodlights.
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