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  1. If Clubs want to be licensed this will be one of the effects with midweek games being posted and such fixtures will have to be fulfilled. Clubs complain about the Junior Grade not being professional but when we try to move on the complaints start. All associations above the Junior Grade in the pyramid have midweek fixtures so let's move on and try to become more professional and not stuck in the dark old days.
  2. As Kennie has already explained he is trying to ensure that league fixtures are completed as far as possible by mid April as this would have to be the practice should we join the pyramid. Therefore he is not trying to assist any club only trying his best to do the job to which he was elected by the member clubs.
  3. Appointment of Match Officials is handled by the Referees Dept.
  4. Don't see why we should disclose any team information which might benefit Arbroath in their preparations.
  5. Kick-off has now been re-arranged and agreed as 1.45p.m..
  6. Unfortunately not all Councils are prepared to assist Clubs in their efforts to install floodlights.
  7. Decision to continue with the Sectional Cup was made by the Clubs who wanted this competition to continue not the Management Committee.
  8. Camelon v Auchinleck Talbot
  9. Cup Final venues are decided in advance of knowing who the finalists will be. At the start of 2018/19 season Clubs were asked to state any interest in hosting a final and to make an appropriate submission. Venues for the foreseeable future will be considered on this basis and suitability of grounds to host a final.
  10. Final is at Beechwood Park, Auchinleck
  11. Chis

    Matt Speirs

    As a mark of respect there will be a minute's silence at all West Region games this weekend.
  12. Payment was made in recognition of Scottish Junior Cup success and it is E.A.C's practice to recognise the success in the Scottish Junior Cup of any Club in their district.
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