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  1. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Rob Roy 2 Petershill 1
  2. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    Any change however for season 20/21 would have to be considered at this year's AGM as promotion/relegation could be affected and therefore Clubs would have to be aware of such implications might have on season 19/20.
  3. West Region Reconstruction?? Again

    League format cannot be changed for next season as per constitution but ppssible changes for subsequent seasons can be considered.
  4. Why Hamilton

    Charge for use of Hampden for Juniors makes it a definite non-starter.
  5. Junior Scottish Cup Final

    As has been stated elsewhere it can only be played at a ground where the Club is prepared to allow us such access.
  6. Junior Cup Final

    No Ayrhire team prepapered to host to the final. So give at a rest.
  7. Junior Cup Final

    Also when calculating official crowd capacity only hard standing areas can be taken into account due to H&S Regs.
  8. Clydebank v Talbot on same date.
  9. Wed 10 April - Clydebank v Talbot
  10. A past criticism in the past has been the the WoS Cup has not been given priority. Now that the Fixture Secretary is trying in some way to raise its profile the criticism still comes. Clubs and supporters have to realise they can't have it both ways.
  11. West of Scotland Cup

    Game has not as yet been called off. Club has only been trying to make alternative arrangements should the need arise.
  12. How's the grounds looking?

    According to reports from Petershill their park is playable this afternoon.
  13. Scottish Junior Cup Final Venue?

    Venue depends on what parks are available with suitable facilities at the time as Clubs are involved in play-offs and close season maintenance.
  14. GAMES ON

    Auchinleck Talbot v Rutherglen Glencairn
  15. At the SJFA AGM in June well over 90% of all Junior Clubs voted in favour of joining the Pyramid.