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  1. But Vince there's been games you've chosen not to attend? What makes this any different?
  2. If you're excited then that's good, you'll enjoy the game. Some of us couldn't care less.
  3. He wanted first team football yes. He wasn't happy being a sub so rejected our offer. How is Tommy 'absolute failure in the senior ranks' Coyne getting on?
  4. No shit. A full house doesn't make it a big game. Our 'big' games are against yourself, Dumbo and Livi. This is not a big game in any way.
  5. What's your big team Wasp? I'm going Rangers. Typical patronising view. A 'big' game is what you deem a big game to be. League winners v Elgin and Forfar, promotion v Brechin, play off v Brechin and the Pars. These are 'big' game. Not fucking Sevco in December.
  6. You should be winning by 3/4. Their squad is garbage, failed SFL player after another.
  7. Sadly I can't afford to travel from Aberdeen every week so I pick and choose games. I have chosen to miss those game and I'm going to Starks instead. Thanks though.
  8. Come on, you're better than that. Once again no one is saying they don't want us to be successful, no one is saying they aren't bothered. Every week we turn up wanting us to win.
  9. For someone like yourself it's more than a hobby - absoltely it is. No one is denying that. To someone who attends a game once a week it's still part of our life but we chose to go to the games. We make conscious decisions to keep going back - regardless if we get humped, disagree with signings, lose our best players. We keep going back for no real rantionale reason. We are winning about 8 games a calendar year at the minute, it's not an enjoyable experience but we keep going back. There's no explaining why.You're saying we should strive to be better but at the same time fans, like myself, get shot down for being (what's perceived as) negative when we have poor results or players are playing poorly. People reply with we are punching above our weight, the players are doing their best ect ect. I've never just accepted anything and always strived to achieve more. You just can't win. It's like Hibs quest for the Scottish Cup. The chase is the exciting part. Every season knowing the wait has been so long. When they actually win it it will be fantastic for them but they will start the next season's Scottish Cup campaign without that feeling of chasing a pot of gold.
  10. I don't but so what if people do? It's their choice and opinion. Does it make them less of a fan no? The uber fan mentality means nothing.
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