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  1. Spanks must have some amount of accounts every second person is meant to be him I cant keep up
  2. I only heard there was bids from clubs not that players wanted to leave.
  3. Think the pitch will be the least of their worries heard there has been bids for 3 of their top players Currie love and mossie
  4. Who's favourites this year not been following it much.
  5. Is Greg to blame for losses aswell then or has he just came in recently when results have picked up?
  6. Girvan seem to have a good squad be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes now they are picking up results. I've no idea the board must be backing him.
  7. To be fair the team he inherited was a mess from the last management
  8. Looks like things are on the up now at girvan.
  9. Why not points on the board already and grinding results out. I saw the video of their winning goal last week a mad fan behind the goals with his top off was baltic last just shows what it means to them.
  10. I couldn't agree more leave them be its no as if you're paying to watch them.
  11. hoots?? has he not joined the coaching staff at girvan
  12. i would think alot of the fans recently will be outsiders just going along to check out the hype and im no trying to slate darvel
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