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  1. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    especially from a team that have taken a lot of stick on here
  2. apart from division 1 the leagues are exciting this year, anyone of 3 could win the premier league. league 2a and 2b could come down to the matches between the top 2 teams great finish to the season
  3. convincing wins for whitletts and beith. good luck to medda
  4. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Southside oban shortlees bannockburn
  5. Managment

    bad times for them good times for amatuer football with a more level standard.
  6. Goalkeeper looking for new club

    who you with just now matt
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    2nd whitletts goal was a beauty
  8. heard mick O'Connors old strike partner is on his way to the lees
  9. Scottish Cup 4th round

    hurlford gor a great chance now
  10. Scottish Cup 4th round

    what does it matter if they are a gang or not they obviously play to their strengths which is working for them
  11. Today’s scores 24/11

    good result for galston and tarbolton seem to be doing better which is good.see onthank got beat again after all the praise the team and manager were getting recently
  12. thats not good thought they had turned a corner
  13. didnt see the onthank score coming what happened there
  14. some of them are terrible but they give up their saturdays for £40 is it worth it for the abuse
  15. got to agree refs will always get stuff wrong amatuer football amatuer referee but we need them