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  1. 3 songs in 60 minutes get a grip, sorry I forgot that Berwick fans drowned us out.......thats right none of your fans sang f**k all. League was already won and we played our fringe players rather than the team of winners that will be playing in league 1 next season. A good result for Berwick considering they will struggle to get out of league 2, enjoy it as much as we enjoy promotion. Mon the Fife.
  2. As a lot of our business is already done at EF I would love to see Kyle Wilkie resigned depending on him getting back into fulltime. After that trying to keep Kelly, Kerr, Insall on loan which will be hard and giving Coote a full season on loan with us as I do think he could be a good player with some more game time. Either way Gary and the board will have targets for anyone they cant keep, gonna be an interesting window no matter what happens.
  3. Should be a great game as both teams are needing the points, Ef to win the League and Clyde to challenge for it should we fall apart (not that I think we will but you never know) so its not going to be easy for either team. I fancy a EF win going on current form but its a tough place for us to get results, on the other hand with the chance of tying the league up early and a good away support we should get a result. Lets make the club proud and bring as many fans as we can. Mon the Fife!!!!
  4. Well done the Fifers a great performance today against a Montrose team who looked out of it after 10 minutes. 3 important points and now a chance to win it all next week against an out of form Clyde. Mon the Fife!!!
  5. Just like to thank the Berwick team for handing us a great chance to win the league when we visit Cldye next week......Well done Berwick and Clyde fans I hope you at least put up a fight next week. Mon the Fife!!!!
  6. An important 3 points today and the scoreline could of been 4 or 5 for us if not for Fleming making some great saves especially since his howler gave us the win. Ref was inconsistent throughout the game and bought fouls from both sides and at times clearly didnt have a clue lol. A great atmosphere at Gayfield from the fifers who did the team proud today. Roll on next week......Mon The Fife!!!!
  7. If your taking time away from your family, travelling to Elgin/Annan, so away up to 12hours on a saturday and spending £70 on your saturday for your teams tactics being to bore the other team I would seriously consider spending the money in other ways or with the family mentioned and the start of post. Its league 2, surely you have to have a go at other teams.... So The Spider thinks that clubs dont deserve fans like us...you mean fans who travel to every game they can and dont miss home games or attend club quizes, buy merchandise and in general tey to bring as many people as we can to games. So with all of that I think we are entitled to an opinion... This kid has no input apart from to troll someone who follows his team everywhere. I forgot that Spider is clearly an informed dedicated fan who is never disappointed with team selection ever. I can see the point of Sa1nts original post, who wants to spend money, family time and personal time to watch a team setup not to lose, if your team travels with that mentality then any win is luck or a mistake from the opponent but I am sure that Spider will disagree being the fount of knowledge he is. Clearly Spider has nothing better to do than troll other people as a cry for help......do you need some pals Spider or maybe you could actually input something we find interesting you keyboard warrior.
  8. Gutted that I missed the Albion game but looking forward to watching QP get beat by East Fife this weekend. Looking at QP's recent form I am expecting a 2 or 3-0 this weekend if we can start the same way we have the last few games. I know Gary will have the boys focused and not complacent so that give everything to every remaining game. Mon the Fife!!
  9. For those that got the supporters bus congrats on making it home in one piece, I think the driver must of been on a promise lmao!!
  10. Great result for us today at Elgin, well worth the journey. For as much as Elgin were not their usual selves they kept my nerves jangling until the final whistle, ref wasn't the best and gave poor decisions against both teams anlong with a linesman who seemed to only have turned up to get paid as I dont think he made more than 2 decisions the whole game. Elgin fans were great considering the result so fair play to them for creating a good atmosphere. Roll on next week and hopefully another 3 points against Annan.
  11. So let's get this started. A huge game for us this week against a tough opponent, Elgin's home form is nothing to be sniffed at and this is going to be a tough game for the East Fife boys. Hopefully Gary will take last weeks loss to heart and have us set up properly. I am hoping for 3 points and believe the boys can do it so Mon the Fife.
  12. Although East Fife were the better team it took way too long for them to actually step up. Most of the first half was like watching a Sunday League team play with far too many long balls and poor clearances. Once they had woken up we dominated Stirling who were lucky to finish with 11 on the park. Ref was shocking and shat so many clear decisions including 2 clear red cards, his assistants were not much better giving many decisions the wrong way. If I didn't know better I would of guessed they had a bet on to finish with everyone still on the park. Apart from all of that EF battled to get a deserved 3 points and more importantly WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE....MON THE FIFE!!!!
  13. Good game, rubbish officials as usual and 3 point's. Great to see Fash and Jamie on the scoresheet again, also really good to see Coote get a start. Come on the Fife!!!!
  14. Everyone wishes they were Kyle at the moment, the boy is on fire and pulls the strings for EF. 2-0 Austin and Insall with assists from Wilkie. If we can get a few freekicks in the right area's I would fancy more goals like the one we scored at Montrose.
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