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  1. Yes I'm looking for two wins ASAP to avoid any doubt. If the second of those wins comes at home to Partick in front of the cameras then that will be one fun Friday. Indeed
  2. Has the time finally come for us to switch to Summer Football?
  3. Will McGuffie get a game? On the bench for the last two weeks with no game time.
  4. A neighbour is a season ticket holder at Middlesborough. He says he is good and very highly thought of by Woodgate.
  5. He's only a kid remember and Kerr and co need to tell him how they felt first time they were dropped. Not a great place to be but it certainly brings you back down to earth with a bang. He should have been dropped after letting the side down with his silly sending off at QOS. Action Plan You're good- we have other good players too Work extremely hard and make it impossible for the gaffer to have you on the bench Man Up.
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