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  1. Lee Clark WTF ? Who writes this dross? He would never be considered. So far this season. Blyth Spartans currently BOTTOM of the English 6th tier Pl 11 W 0 D 2 L 9 F 4 A 25 Pts 2
  2. My sources say dive. Anyone confirm or deny? Smith doesn't dive now does he?
  3. I think he'll do well for you and I really hope he does. Decent boy didn't get too many opportunities when we got promoted but that's football. Good luck to him.
  4. If that was the case I don't suppose "we" could do anything about it due to the stature of PTFC. He's proved he can get a wee team like ours out of the Scottish third tier where "you lot" may well be headed so he could be a useful acquisition. Just don't offer Mr Caldwell in exchange
  5. Don't think the bonus points have been added to Morton East Fife
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