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  1. Ayr Reserves 1 down against Hibs after an early pen. Ayr team: McAdams; Jeanes, Holding, Musonda, Bilham; Ashford, Viviani, Hewitt, Dolan, Maguire, McKenzie.
  2. Mitch Megginson of Cove receives two consecutive yellow cards within the same minute for dissent and is off
  3. I would like to think that the above is a load of codswallop. A step in the wrong direction for me.
  4. Manager didn't want him and I believe let him go to train up home and hopefully find a new club.
  5. He played as a fullback / wingback at Chesterfield played ok. To be fair he was better at Chesterfield than any game he played for Ayr. But never a regular in the team mainly used as cover.
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