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  1. Well after a good win v Lithgae last weekend it's an early start on Saturday away to Jeanfield in Perth 13-30 ko , hopefully we can get another 3pts as February brings 4 crucial home games Sauchie 1st , Broxburn 8th , Penicuik 15th , Boness 22nd then Hill O Beath away 29th , will be a tough ask go through that run of games undefeated but fingers crossed that we can. The lads will have to be on top of their game for everyone of these games starting Saturday . Floodlights should be available for all the home games . Lie Forrit
  2. Today was all about the result and not the performance for me , to many games we have passed teams off the park and walked away with nothing so today i couldn't care less , Lithgae is a hard place to go and win so i will take the result over the performance any day. Btw what a game Ally had . Lie Forrit 🇱🇻
  3. Good luck to the Belters the day , hard game away to Lithgae but these are the places you have to win if you want to challenge for leagues Lie Forrit
  4. Floodlights coming along nicely. 2 weeks ago there were only 8 holes in the ground , some effort.
  5. Derby Day , come on the Big-T Lie Forrit 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻
  6. Nah 3 points for the Belters please 🇱🇻👍
  7. See what I mean Alan , the inbreds are still stirring the shite , must be quiet on the lithgae thread when they are on here 🤬
  8. Funny that no one from musselburgh athletic has mentioned this apart from you ?
  9. Alan it is the inbreds from boness that keep going on about it and im just replying to them.That will be the last time i mention it .
  10. Still not told me who's manager we poached ?
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