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  1. Seen this game today, st.patricks 2.0 up before sendings off colville had a good 10minutes early 2nd half but couldnt get a goal. Usual colville, when they are winning they are all laughs and jokes and been nice with the ref but when getting beat they lose all discipline, i know they will argue about wanting to win and hate losing but 1 was for 2 bookings fair enough but to get another player and coach sent off for abusing the ref isnt good enough. Handshakes at the end of the game but well deserved win by the hone team but as you say a long hard season.
  2. See all the folk calling hurlford cheats for paying players, see half the team that won yous the scottish and league, they used to get paid by hurlford, i doubt every member of current h.t team get paid.
  3. Even of southside did turn up it would have been comfortable for colville, seen southside a couple of times and not been too impressed the big boy patterson upfront is good although you would expect that.
  4. Its a choice im sure he will regret and his team mates will surely be upset he went for a cap instead of a quarter final. I think oban and gowdie will be close aswell im going for a replay.
  5. St patricks if thats the one who is playing, doesnt say he is suspended on website
  6. Surely a player wouldnt leave his club in a quarter final of the scottish to play a game for scotland? I know i wouldnt but im not good enough to have that choice lol
  7. Its monday 23rd and wednesday 25th. Bannockburn v shortlees on the monday other q/f on the wedneaday
  8. Best player in shortlees history? Lol ive only heard of them the last 2 seasons and its due to the clowns on here. I take it they win the ayrshire prem every year anf the scottish?
  9. How did the bridgewater and st patricks game go? Replay next week was it a good game anyone know? Good result for gowdie and bannockburn
  10. What i dont understand is, if both teams wanted the game on and bridgewater have said they wanted the game on, why didnt they play it? A powercut? C'mon surely having a shower isnt what stopped the game going ahead. Im not buying that along with the bridgewater team having a free week pencilled in and not anticapating being in the scottish cup along with the wedding the change of parks and the links to st.ants i feel this game was never going to go ahead but thats just me looking from the outside and should be a good game this week. But if having a shower was the main reason then thats alot of crap.
  11. Im sure the bridgewater boys were on this after putting pennies out, maybe they could clear it up? Anyway not really further forward to seeing who will be in the semi draw, good win by bannockburn and a draw with shortlees/thorn and sandies/goldenhill. Bannockburn going thru last 2 games by replay are they scraping thru or dont know when they are beat? Shortlees and thorn should be a good replay as should sandies gowdie
  12. If this is all true and they get found out, and im sure the guys at st.patricks will be all over this, then im afraid they get kicked out. It might be hard to prove power cut or you could just go up and ask a neighbouring house if there was a power cut. There is no way you can just chance your luck and be so stupid to call a game off and say a power cut that is why we must trust bridgewater on this one.
  13. Does it say anywhere in the rule book there must be electricity to supply showers? Surely the game should have went ahead and the lads could have washed up later on or do they need power for other reasons? Genuine question. Its a bit dodgy cancelling a game because players are at a wedding ok a league game but not quarters of the scottish when all eyes are on them. Im sure if found guilty they can be elimanated which is a shame as good young team.
  14. Were bannockburn missing lots of playersyesterday? Im sure they will go through next week as for gowdie and sandys i think gowdie will win to set up a good game vs oban in the quarter. I think shortlees and thorn is tie of the quarters and evenly matched. St.patricks to beat bridgewater by the odd goal. When is the semi final draw or has it been done?
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