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  1. Not losing your mind, soul and social life the the perilous all consuming darkness that is the football manager franchise.
  2. After leading Annan to three consecutive promotions they've sacked me after two relegations... ungrateful b*****ds.
  3. Didnt see that hahahaha I've been up for nearly 20 hours I should probably go to bed im losing it Apologies to you and Calum.
  4. Do you think he'll be any good at guarding the walls? Also transfer thread for this pish.
  5. Boyd scoring... these Killie fans really are nuts. I thought it was just the one at first.
  6. My dads over 50's five a side team are better than St Mirren.
  7. Ive got plenty here you go. And I'm the same person just a new personality running the person.
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