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  1. Perhaps if we had a manager/coach that knew what he was doing I might stop moaning but at the moment Smythe is just like Dodds CLUELESS.
  2. Well well well Smythe signs another defender , just like Mr Dodds overloading the squad with defenders.We need a decent coach that knows we need attackers not defenders.
  3. Smythe you are as bad as Dodds,piss off back to Dundee,get a decent manager in.Think I will stay in my submarine from now oin as that was diabolical today.
  4. You were the one with the tinted glasses on as I was there
  5. I know more about football than you do about grass.!!!!!
  6. That's a great signing if he stays fit What a shite signing,Mr Smythe is worse than Dodds for signings.Overloaded with defenders and noir enough strikers now that Hendry is away back to his club.We need more attack minded signings.
  7. The only good thing about us today was Stenhousemuir getting beat.
  8. Nothing will happen because the committee are wanting to run the club to the ground,get relegated then eventually will have to merge with Montrose .Glebe Park will be sold for housing development. Watch this space.
  9. We are now equal bottom,that will be the committee happy now.By the way we were shocking today,Smyth is just as clueless as Dodds,we need a coach who can coach the players.
  10. Smyth is as bad as Dodds,another dud appointment by the committee. Relegation here we come.
  11. Smyth is just as bad as Dodds,can't motivate the players at all.Bloody poor today, Division 2 here we come.
  12. Smyth is just as bad as Dodds.Another dud appointment by the committee , its like they want the team to fail and get relegated.Show some ambition and getbin a decent manager that will get the players,playing again because at the moment they are just going through the motions.
  13. Another abysmal performance.Barry Smith is the wrong choice as a replacement for Dodds.That is two shite appointments by the committee,do they want us relegated into the bottom tier,it looks that way.The committee need to have ambition and appoint a decent manager who knows how to get the best out of the crap players we have.
  14. Same shite,just with a different manager.How Brennan is still no1 goalie is beyond me time to give O'Neil a game.
  15. Back to our usual shite.How Brennan is still our no 1 goalie god knows.Time to give O'Neil a chance.Smyth needs to get his act together .
  16. I hope Mr Dodds was watching this Brechin team,on how it was set up and how Mr Smyth and Campbell were coaching from the sidelines and how the players reacted to the coaching.A totally different side just hope it continues.
  17. According to the Courier,Barry Smith is favourite for the job.Bloody hope not a centre half same as Dodds and his defensive tactics,plus he couldn't cut it at Raith Rovers please tell me the committee have better aspirations than Barry Smith.
  18. Yet there is still one idiot shouting and moaning We still got beat so no improvement as yet.
  19. Thank feck he's gone.Well done to the committee for doing the right thing.Now let's get a decent manager in and get the good times and fans back at the Glebe.
  20. Dodds get tae fcuk,you've embarrassed this club long enough,come on committee surely you must be embarrassed now grow a pair of balls and get him out,before its too late.Let a new manager get time to save us from relegation because that's where we are heading.
  21. Another abysmal result today,Christ knows why I still go and watch the pathetic tactics by Mr Dodds.Committee has no balls,surely they can see the support is dwindling big time with Mr Dodds at the helm.Maybe if nobody went they would then sack him.
  22. Hopefully Arbroath pump us and Dodds gets sacked.
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