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  1. Praise not due today maybe if we won they might have gotten it.Maybe thats why the crowds are poor because they are not bothered but I am I pay my money to watch them so I can express my opinion,obviously some people don't like it.
  2. Well that was a slight improvement from last week, although there still seems to be something missing its just a pity that it takes a player from another club for that bit of spark,another point is good but still bottom of the league.
  3. Maybe if we get the ball on the deck play a bit of free flowing football might have a chance of winning this one.
  4. Praise will be given when it is deserved at the moment I can't see any positives.Can't believe people are happy after winning a game,we are still bottom of the league and it doesn't look like we will move from there,if we do I will be the first to praise the team.
  5. Happy to get 3 points will be happier when we can play the free flowing football of past season but can't see it under Dodds and the dwindling crowds at the Glebe seem to agree with me.Looking forward to visiting Links Park next season if Montrose don't get promotion.
  6. 2 poor teams out there today not a lot of football on show with both teams just wanting to kick lumps out of each other.It will be a long time before we see nice free flowing football at the glebe with Dodds in charge.Everybody seems to think Dodds will not be sacked so I think we will be relegated and shows lack of ambition by the board if this happens.
  7. Forfar to thrash us and hopefully Dodds gets sacked
  8. I am just expressing my opinion on what I have seen this season so far,unless we improve I can see us in a relegation fight but I do hope we improve so that we are at the top of the table where we belong.
  9. Maybe we have been spoilt in seasons past,I can see us struggling for a few seasons now maybe a spell in the bottom division too
  10. Does anybody know if we practise penalties at training because we keep missing them.Also we should be beating teams like Stenhousemuir,are McCormack and Perry not fully fit yet because Dodds should be on the sideline doing his job as he is too old to play.
  11. More improvement yesterday.Hopefully keep everyone fit and free from suspension and see how we play against the better teams
  12. Premiership Most. Aberdeen Least Celtic Championship Most. Falkirk Least. Raith Rovers 1st Division Most. Brechin Least. Cowdenbeath 2nd Division Most Arbroath Least Clyde Highland League Most Cove Least Wick
  13. Ha ha ha let's all laugh at Peterheid.Our first win of the season onwards and upwards for us now
  14. Peterheid must be shitting themselves with the mighty city coming up this weekend
  15. I have a feeling the committee will stick with Dodds and we will be relegated.
  16. How long do we give Dodds though,if we give him another 9-10 games and we don't improve then I think it will be too late To stay in this division.Relegation here we come.As for attendances they have generally been poor for years.
  17. We have been poor so far this season.If the board have ambition how long do they give Dodds or will they take relegation because that's what will happen.
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