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  1. Looking like our shite team going to be saved from relegation yet again with the pyramid play offs in doubt.What a joke the SFA are.
  2. Well that was abysmal again,another player sent off our discipline is costing us.I thought Paton and MCCabe were good appointments how wrong I was there are pish and don’t have a clue.I afraid it’s bye bye Brechin.The board have a lot to answer for letting the club go down hill so fast.
  3. I actually fear for Brechin future can’t seem to get out of the downward spiral we are in.Next the we will know is the for sale sign going up outside the Glebe.
  4. 2 nil down already defence is shite
  5. I’m liking that Paton recognises that we need experienced players to help the youngsters and very good ones he has brought in so far,just a pity the season won’t get finished.Here’s a thing how come the previous manager didn’t bring in experienced players.
  6. A lot of people saying alot of work being done behind the scenes(where is the proof, have yet to see anything being done) and wait till January so Paton can get his own choice of players (well January will be too late).
  7. Game off and to make matters worse Albion win today
  8. You see that’s the thing about the Mafia sticking up for the guff management/committee when clearly they have failed the last 3 years and why has the transition taken so long to happen.You seem to be in the know so perhaps you can shed some light
  9. Still think the management and committee should be held accountable for the disastrous way the club has been run the past 3 to 4 years.It’s funny how the mafia kicked up a fuss when managers were doing a shite job yet they don’t when it’s the board or the committee they say nothing.
  10. Absolute pish today,same shit every week,when will the board be held accountable.To put an inexperienced player/manger on a 3 year deal is a joke..As I’ve said before the board want us to fail and go into the lower leagues but why?.Do they have a hidden agenda that they are not telling us.
  11. His Dad passed away recently Explains why he’s not there.If he reads this i pass on my condolences.
  12. If Paton and MCCabe do well will they be given the job.
  13. Wish they would hurry up I would gladly open it for him.
  14. The slippery slope continues, can someone please rescue us before it’s too late
  15. It’s hard to get onto the committee if you are not part of the mafia/establishment
  16. I did try and warn you guys in previous seasons about the board.They don’t give a fcuk about Brechin now and we will be in the doldrums before we know it.The committee need to take a long hard look at themselves they are destroying the club just glad some of the mafia are realising it too now.
  17. What I don’t get is with Marc Wilson being an ex defender , our defence and defensive set up is shite, thought it would be better.
  18. Manager Wilson in his note on the city website that the results against the bigger teams doesn’t matter but the performance does.PISH. Good results and performances breeds confidence which is severely lacking at City.13 goals in two games is bloody awful.I fear another long season ahead,thank god we can’t go the the glebe.
  19. Is McMinn related to the manager that he hasn’t been dropped for today’s game
  20. You don’t like the truth be told about the mighty shitty
  21. Lewis McMin you are shite,you are letting the team down tonight.
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