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  1. Looks like our season is gone now , a few players left and arguably our best player gone back to his parent club,yet no sign of replacements coming in.

    Have Brechin become a really bad club that no one wants to come.

    Another season in the highland league beckons.

  2. 1 hour ago, Citytillidie said:

    Not actually been that bad a bad mistake by Davo and a penalty are all cowdung have had.Apart from that it’s been an even game with maybe city been the better team

    You must be watching a different game from me.If we were the better team which we weren’t  we would have won the game.

  3. On 12/07/2021 at 11:24, Citytillidie said:

    Agreed we should ignore him hopefully one day he’ll disappear from here , that been said it’s frustrating as hell with some of his criticism, I can be quite harsh myself at times but citydiehard clearly ain’t a “die hard” and is just here to troll.

    You’re funny

  4. 6 hours ago, Citytillidie said:

    You ever gonna give it a rest ya clown 🤡.You weren’t even at the game yesterday some Brechin city fan you are

    I’m glad you know every person that goes to the Glebe.Are you part of the mafia..Only clowns 🤡 are the ones that believe Brechin fortunes will change.The new manager did nothing at Hearts Ladies .Craig Levein plays a 4 6 0 and everybody thinks it’s honky dory at the Glebe.

  5. 2 hours ago, Best Team in Angus said:

    CDH with all the changes at Glebe Park I know for a fact that they are looking for new blood with fresh ideas / forward looking people to assist getting the club back on track if you PM your details to me you I will pass them on and you  will be given you chance to help out the City or if you prefer contact them direct via the website. Mon the City

    Tried before but the mafia wouldn’t entertain me.With some of the names on the board now looks like it’s just the same.

  6. 43 minutes ago, gm_1982 said:


    Just because they come through at bigger clubs doesn’t mean they are any good. They were untested - there was many of them last year without a single senior appearance and hadn’t played in front of a crowd before!


    Let’s just hope we are more organised this year.

  7. 3 hours ago, gm_1982 said:


    Such as who? The issue at this stage in previous seasons has been filling the squad with untested kids.


    Untested kids yeh right,coming from bigger clubs they must be good,just couldn’t be bothered playing for the jersey.

  8. 3 hours ago, Cold Feet said:

    I would rather we went into the league cup a few players that are right for the club rather than sign guys who will add nothing over the season. The League is where it is at for us. 

    The League Cup is far too early for most P/T teams and it really will be, as previous years an extension of our pre season. Not great but that's where the prep is at.

    Just hope we don’t sign has-beings as in previous seasons just to make up the numbers.

  9. What a disgrace of a player,hope he gets the book thrown at him.Rangers should release him too.

    Probably cost Brechin their league status,but this all comes back to the board for allowing all these loan signings who really don’t care what the outcome will be as they all go back to their parent clubs after this.

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