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  1. Oh dear our unbeaten run didn’t last very long.Rothes exposed us last week and Fraserburgh never got out of second gear.Wonder how long Kirk should last.
  2. Well well well just like Rangers last night we can’t beat a team with ten men,piss poor.Mr Kirk and Levein clueless on the sidelines.
  3. All the so called fans getting excited winning our first 2 games against shite teams,just wait until we play the better teams and we will see us struggle.
  4. You must be watching a different game from me.If we were the better team which we weren’t we would have won the game.
  5. We really are shite 2 nil down to Cowdungbeath and it’s only half-time.
  6. Same shit as last year,lose first goal and collapse,be lucky if we finish in top half of highland league
  7. I’m glad you know every person that goes to the Glebe.Are you part of the mafia..Only clowns are the ones that believe Brechin fortunes will change.The new manager did nothing at Hearts Ladies .Craig Levein plays a 4 6 0 and everybody thinks it’s honky dory at the Glebe.
  8. Tried before but the mafia wouldn’t entertain me.With some of the names on the board now looks like it’s just the same.
  9. Groundhog Day again,only 13 players no sub goalie and 1 nil down already.So much for a change for the better.
  10. Let’s just hope we are more organised this year.
  11. Untested kids yeh right,coming from bigger clubs they must be good,just couldn’t be bothered playing for the jersey.
  12. Just hope we don’t sign has-beings as in previous seasons just to make up the numbers.
  13. Do we have enough players for the game on Saturday
  14. Now that the new management team have settled in,is there any signings imminent
  15. At the moment we are the laughing stock of Scottish football,hopefully at Monday’s EGM everything will be a lot clearer.Time for a new start .
  16. What a disgrace of a player,hope he gets the book thrown at him.Rangers should release him too. Probably cost Brechin their league status,but this all comes back to the board for allowing all these loan signings who really don’t care what the outcome will be as they all go back to their parent clubs after this.
  17. A sad day tomorrow when our club dies
  18. The new people mentioned to be co opted on doesn’t give me much hope for the future.
  19. I’ve tried to warn you guys for a couple of seasons now on how pish our once proud team are and how bad the club is run.I take no great delight that I have been proven correct.Once we get relegated we will find it hard to bounce back up.It’s a sad day that the town of Brechin will have not semi professional team now.Goodbye Brechin City.
  20. Looking like our shite team going to be saved from relegation yet again with the pyramid play offs in doubt.What a joke the SFA are.
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