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  1. Maybe a certain committee member who sold his company for millions ,gave some to Brechin.
  2. The local junior side have made more signings and they don’t have a start date yet
  3. Really excited with all the new signings,cracking squad we have got.
  4. The usual pish from Brechin,get rid of most of the players and it will be a last minute dash to get the dross of freed players from other clubs.Going to be along season again.
  5. Ha ha ha , I think it’s brilliant at what has happened to this club, I did/have been warning you lot for the last couple of years about the committee/mafia and I have been proven right.Brechin will be no longer a club at the end of the season.
  6. So far we have signed one unfit/overweight forward.Where has the so called fighting fund went to
  7. Disappointed that we have resigned someone who is overweight and unfit and getting too old.Hope any other signings we get are going to be of use.Or the so called fighting fund was/is a waste of time.
  8. Mid- Links wants to know why we have went from a well run club and standard of football was good to a shit run club that is struggling with debt and the standard of football is shite.The blame lies with the committee and their silence is worrying.
  9. So the club want the fans to dig deep for the fighting fund what a joke.Mr Ferguson and Co have run the club into the ground.Looks like the club is finished, be as well and amalgate with the Vics.
  10. Something has to be done.The committee has/is running the club into the ground,I hope they are proud of themselves.Im afraid Highland League beckons for us,if this happens the club is finished.
  11. I wonder if Wilson will bring in his own players in January as the ones he has just now are useless
  12. A step in the right direction after today’s result,can see lots of improvement under Mr Wilson.
  13. Why would I go on the mafia bus when I can take the car.I find it funny the mafia think I’m never at any of the matches,mind you we are pish at the moment could find better ways to spend a Saturday and money.By the way you’re the p *** k
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