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  1. Disappointing with that signing,thought it might of been a decent signing.
  2. Very disappointing that we didn’t manage to go straight back up but Being honest we were shite in the big games and Kirk was clueless with his tactics.So another season in the Highland League, won’t be long before the money runs out and the for sale sign goes up at the Glebe though.
  3. Only 3 against a lesser team Strathspey today is not good enough,when Fraserburgh,Buckie and Brora are scoring twice as much against the same teams.Just hope we can get better players in for next season and a decent coach.
  4. Might work against the lesser teams but it doesn’t against the better teams as it’s been proven by our loses.
  5. Changing a winning team again Mr Kirk is a muppett.No wonder the players can’t get consistentcy to their game.
  6. Well Mr Kirk you are clueless ,stop tinkering with the team,5 changes again today ,no wonder the team can’t get any consistency.Maybe you should stick to coaching the school boys seems to be more your level.
  7. Well that was shite,nothing has really changed since the last regime.Mr Kirk is clueless when we are losing games and we really are scraping the barrell when we have to get the Vics keeper on loan.Maybe Mr Kirk wanted to get beat tonight so we could concentrate on the league.
  8. Oh dear game off,frozen pitch did someone forget to put the covers down
  9. Ah well another season on the highland league thanks to a useless team selection by Kirk always knew he was the wrong appointment.Need to get a decent keeper for next season and play more attacking football as our goal difference is shite compared to the other top sides.
  10. Is that the best reply you got and obviously the truth hurts.Heard no one want to come and play for what was once a great club.
  11. Nil nil at half time, really poor , should be beating these teams ,worrying that no players came in in January to freshen up the squad,will just drop down the league now.
  12. Looks like our season is gone now , a few players left and arguably our best player gone back to his parent club,yet no sign of replacements coming in. Have Brechin become a really bad club that no one wants to come. Another season in the highland league beckons.
  13. After Mondays debacle and getting beat so far today,Brechin on the slippery slope now.Mr Kirk got his tactics wrong again.
  14. Andy Kirk is going down in my estimation,keeps changing the team even though we are winning.Losing too many sloppy goals too,he talks a good game in his comments but his tactics are shite.
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