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  1. A step in the right direction after today’s result,can see lots of improvement under Mr Wilson.
  2. Why would I go on the mafia bus when I can take the car.I find it funny the mafia think I’m never at any of the matches,mind you we are pish at the moment could find better ways to spend a Saturday and money.By the way you’re the p *** k
  3. You guys don’t need to worry yourselves about this game.Unless Mark Wilson can work miracles with the set of players we have which I doubt it as the experienced players are revolting against him.We are Pish.
  4. Weed them out in January, get his own players in.Lets give the new boss some time to get it right.
  5. This is the best appointment since Ray McKinnon. Mark Wilson has got plenty playing experience under good managers at Celtic and Dundee Utd,so hopefully has learnt a lot from them.He always comes across well on Off the Ball and Sportsound on a Saturday too. Good luck Mark and welcome to the Glebe and lets get the positivity back.
  6. Pish need someone with experience or a wee bit experience at management
  7. Paul Hegarty SOS I've been told. I hope you’re taking this piss.There is better than him out there.
  8. And your a Dunfermline supporter in disguise
  9. So who would the fans like to see get the job. Heres a name to start off with John Hughes
  10. Thank christ Smith is gone,the first decent act the committee have done for a few seasons.The second decent act would be to get somebody with experience.
  11. There is nothing positive about the club at the moment.Football is pish,manager is clueless and the mafia are running the club into the ground.We will be playing the Vics shortly.
  12. You do realise I wrote this during the match you muppet.Just glad the mafia are fine with the club getting run into the ground.Cant believe people are happy we scored 4 goals.If a team scores 4 goals they should be winning the game.Something that we haven’t done for ages.
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